Bon Jovi:Interview with Richie in Chicago

With everything going on in the world this morning, here's a Richie interview to brighten your day. (thanks Amit for the find)

If you can's see the video click: http://cbsrchi.cbsradio.com/global/video/popup/pop_playerLaunch.asp?vt1=v&clipFormat=flv&clipId1=5647469&at1=Entertainment - Interview&h1=Tanya Interviews Richie Sambora&flvUri=&partnerclipid=


I uploaded it to youtube in case some of you fans over seas can't see it.

Thoughts and prayers to everyone in Japan and in the Pacific.


Bon Jovi: Jon at the White House Community Solutions meeting

Jon looks great in a suit.  Yet somehow he looks awkward too.  (he's the guy at the front table with all the hair LOL)



Bon Jovi: Students get backstage pass for Bon Jovi set up

Dateline Chicago....

March 8, 2011 (CHICAGO) (WLS) -- Some University of Illinois students went behind the scenes with Bon Jovi's crew Tuesday.

The lucky students gathered at Chicago's United Center for an insider's look as the tour loaded its equipment and built the stage from the ground up.

The opportunity gave students a chance to learn about careers related to music tour production, such as lighting, set design and video.

Bon Jovi performs Tuesday and Wednesday at the United Center. On Wednesday Chicago band "The West Side Winders" will open for the rock band

Why does Rock and school remind me of Van Halen's Hot For Teacher video?

I'm signing up for the Bon Jovi backstage sex ed classes. You bitches all know you're signing up too!

Bon Jovi: Fields of Fire

I still don't understand why this never made a real release (it was a B-side on These Days).

The sad thing is I don't know if Jon could sing like this anymore.


Bon Jovi: The Circle Tour Movie

If you have some time to spare I located this through extensive google searches.


9.81 GB.  Make sure you have plenty of free space on your hard drive for this bad boy.

I'm only downloading the 2nd part.  I'm not paying to download it.  I have patience (*whistles GnR style). 

Good luck, and happy Downloading.

Bon Jovi: Let's give David some love....

Ok, here's the video of In These Arms from Friday night:

But let's go back a little further.... let's jump in the time machine back to 1985.  To Tokyo Japan and this little clip.  If you have the special edition of Bon Jovi (the first album) you may have heard the live version of Runaway and noticed David stops playing and restarts the song 3 times.  This video shows why.

Bon Jovi: Audio Bootleg from Mohegan Sun

Thanks to the always awesome Amit (aka @tigrs99) for the heads up on this one.


These are .flac files, which do not play in itunes, so I have converted them to the more compressed and therefore not as good quality MP3:


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