Bon Jovi: inportant Information about Lisbon

From Sigrid


No queue is allowed now. Local security does not let all the fans to gather at the gates now (there are about 25 of them).

For fans arriving today - fans have scheduled shifts throughout the day and will wait for you with the list until 20:30 local time at the main entrance by the tall green posts (by the guard). After 20:30 no one will be allowed to stay there. A copy of the list will remain there, but no one will be allowed to stay there, so if you arrive after 20:30, write your full name and the list will be read in the morning to make sure everybody are in order.

The queue will continue at 6:00 am tomorrow, Sunday, the day of the show. Everybody on the list must come back at 6:00 am on the day of the show, the list will be read to make sure all listed fans are there.

Note - Police might close the street and in that case, fans will be waiting in the street entrance until 20:30, and will try to leave a copy of the list there. I'll update here if this happens and will give every datail I have so you can find them more easily.

Please take under consideration that this park is located in the outskirts of Lisbon, far from the city center. Fans did not have any problems and everyone were nice, but please don't arrive there alone at night.

I'll keep you updated.

Please direct ppl to this post in your facebook and twitter, so all fans who plan to arrive today will know the information.

Thanks, and keep safe!!

Bon Jovi: Pictures from San Sebastian - Anoeta

Richie & Bobby are playing very similarly colored guitars, different bodies though....

Bon Jovi: Happy (Boot Leg) Saturday

Happy Saturday!

Today I bring you a show I missed, as I was a piss poor college student at the time.  I wish I had been there it was a kick ass show with an amazing set list.

This was from the These Days Tour September 10, 1995 at the Sun Dome in Tampa, FL.

The set list:

1. Rockin' In The Free World
2. Hey God
3. Livin' On A Prayer
4. You Give Love A Bad Name
5. Keep The Faith
6. These Days
7. Lie To Me
8. Someday I'll Be Saturday Night
9. Something For The Pain
10. Because The Night & Damned
11. Blaze of Glory
12. Lay Your Hands On Me
13. I'll Sleep When I'm Dead & Papa Was A Rolling Stone
14. Bad Medicine
15. Shout
16. Bad Medicine (Reprise)
17. Always
18. Wanted Dead Or Alive
19. Blood On Blood
20. With A Little Help From My Friends
21. With A Little Help From My Friends(Reprise)
22. Runaway
23. This Ain't A Love Song

 I'm in the process of uploading all the songs right now, so if it's not there please check back later.
They are all there now  :)

Click here for the MP3's

Happy (Boot Leg) Saturday

Edit, I reuploaded Blaze & Rockin' in the free world

Rockin in the Free World

Blaze of Glory

These are on megaupload.  When I re-uped to Media Fire they wouldn't download.  :(

But Megaupload will work.  :)

If it doesn't let me know.

Bon Jovi: This Ain't A Love Song

For my friend Lisa who's been BEGGING for this from the first shows.

The sound quality is not great but it's a start:


Bon Jovi: Celebrating 25 Years of Slippery When Wet

The 25th Anniversary of Slippery When Wet occurs this August 18th.

So I was wondering if you would share your favorite Slippery When Wet Memories and no you didn't have to be alive then to have the

I'm going to cut this off on August 14th, so I can have a few days to assemble your thoughts.

If you don't speak English, well quite frankly I don't speak/write it well either, but I have google translate and will be happy to use any responces.

Just fill in the forms below anything with a * before it is required.

And thanks for your help!

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Bon Jovi: The Hair Is Shorter, but the Career Goes On and On

Thanks @Serpephone

Jon Bon Jovi performs on July 27, 2011, in Barcelona, Spain. (Jordi Vidal/Redferns/Getty Images)

Aug. 1, 2011

The first topic that arises in an interview with Jon Bon Jovi -- if the interviewer is female -- is, of course, the hair. The music must wait.

The story of the singer's iconically feathery mane leads back to Bon Jovi's father, a marine turned hairstylist. "He created it," Bon Jovi said in an interview with ABC News' Lara Spencer.

Bon Jovi, 49, went on to make an important distinction: "[My hair] was very famous, but you know what? Bono had a mullet. I never had a mullet. Mel Gibson had a mullet. … I was Cousin It. I just had a big ball of hair. … Fortunately I still have it. … There's no weave in there, baby."

Bon Jovi Digs Deep for the Homeless Watch Video
The rock superstar was being escorted by five police motorcycles from Newark, N.J., to New York City. He had been in Newark fulfilling his role as the only celebrity on President Obama's White House Council for Community Solutions, something he prides himself on almost as much as his roots in the Garden State.

"New Jersey shaped who and what I am. Growing up in Jersey gave you all the advantages of New York, but you were in its shadow. Anyone who's come from here will tell you that same story. … It dates back to Sinatra. Anybody -- Jerry Lewis, Abbott and Costello -- they all had to fight for what they did, and this is where they came from," Bon Jovi said.

Bon Jovi, the band, is beginning the European leg of its "Circle" tour following 16 months of concerts throughout the United States. After three decades, they are still thrilling fans and selling out arenas with their 1980s' anthems like "You Give Love a Bad Name."

The tour was the top-grossing tour of 2010, bringing in more than $200 million and easily outselling some of the biggest current names in music. It has been more successful than the tours of Kanye West, Katy Perry and Justin Bieber put together.

"Yeah, that's not even the same league," Bon Jovi said.

He explained longevity in the music business via an analogy: "Everyone else is here for what we call a cup of coffee. … When you become Billy Joel and Elton John, or U2" -- or Bon Jovi -- "then you sit around and you're enjoying dessert."

Bon Jovi said he has always been this confident. Now it's backed up by numbers. When he was starting out and hoping for his first break, it was backed up by sheer determination -- and a catchy rock song.

"I went to a radio station on Long Island in 1982, and thank goodness for me, it was so new that there was no receptionist. So the DJ opened up his booth, and took my tape and listened to it and thought it was a hit song," he said.

He had sent the tape -- containing the song "Runaway" -- to record companies for nearly a year, with no response. "This guy was on the air at a new station, and he loved music. So he answered the door when a kid knocked on it."

The band has stuck together through each other's good times -- like keyboardist David Bryan winning a Tony in 2010 for the musical "Memphis" -- and stumbles. The day of the interview, Bon Jovi was going to see guitarist Richie Sambora, who had just been released from rehab.

Bon Jovi likened the relationship to brotherhood. "It's a very close relationship when you're in a band for that many years. … You've experienced things together that you didn't experience with your own siblings or your spouse. You've lived in a cocoon that only the other members of that organization have lived in," he said.

Bon Jovi Has Streamlined Hair and Clothes

Still, brothers can fight and go years without speaking. Further explaining the band's success, Bon Jovi switched his analogy to football. "Everybody has the same dream. Everybody believed. Everybody still followed the quarterback, and, you know, knew what integral role they were playing within the team."

Bon Jovi's personal life has had the successful longevity his music has. He's been married for 22 years to his high school sweetheart, Dorothea. They have four kids, including a daughter who is off to college in the fall. She's just about the same age her dad was when he started singing hits like "Livin' on a Prayer" and "Wanted Dead or Alive," which still get standing ovations today.

With his 50th birthday a few months away, Bon Jovi has been expanding his efforts beyond the rock star lifestyle. The White House council is one example. His Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation has helped build hundreds of houses for poor families, and he frequently performs at charity events for organizations such as the New York Police Department.

After 30 years in and out of hotel rooms, Bon Jovi has learned to streamline. This applies to his famous hair, now much shorter, as well as his clothing.

"I carry one bag -- [fewer] than everyone else in the band ever did. … I'm a guy. Guys will take one pair of jeans, five T-shirts and three pair of socks and that'll get you by for 10 weeks. When I'm on stage, I hope they're washing these jeans once a week, because that's about it!"

Bon Jovi: Richie's guitar broke in Athens....

So, Richie's playing the opening chords of 'Bad Name" in Athens and then, BOOM yeah the guitar's not working right.

The crowd didn't even seem to notice:

Bon Jovi: The day we've been dreading is almost here....

San Sebastian tonight.  And after this Lisbon.

Break out the Kleenex and Xanax.

They're here. The 'Open Air Tour' Bon Jovi Americans landed tonight at the San Sebastian Estadio de Anoeta. The tour with his repertoire of classic promises to be a party

Date: Today, Fri.
Location: Estadio Anoeta, Donostia.
Opening doors: 6:00 p.m.
The Rebels: 19:30.
Rulo and the smuggler: 20.30 h.
Bon Jovi: 9:45 p.m..
Price: from 20 euros.
Bon Jovi (1984)
7800 ° Fahrenheit (1985)
Slippery When Wet (1986)
New Jersey (1988)
Keep The Faith (1992)
Crossroad (1994). Compilation + 2 new songs.
These Days (1995)
Crush (2000)
Bounce (2002)
Have A Nice Day (2005)
Lost Highway (2007)
The Circle (2009)
Greatest Hits (2010) Compilation + 4 new songs.

The 'Stadium Rock' returns tonight at Donostia, it seems that no rain! With Bon Jovi, one of the great symbols of the USA more typically melodic rock. It will be the sixth summer of the last seven Anoeta Stadium becomes mega rocker outdoor enclosure, and the success of the public will be repeated with an entry that exceed, in length, three-quarters of capacity.

There are first announced a doublet state rock as an appetizer with The Rebels and Rulo and the smuggler, the latter, the new solo project of the former singer of rock cantabro urban flight and just released her debut CD signals Smoke.

And starting at 21.45 hours, the great feast Bon Jovi in ​​principle with a set list full of classics (no new album to present) and a long concert, which in many cities has reached the 3 hours!

The European leg of world tour 'Open Air' tour kicked off June 8 in Zagreb before 40,000 fans who filled the Maksimir Stadium. The code has since been varied in each city and the group seems to ignore the requests of the public. According to the developer, are 97 songs that the video equipment has had to schedule in case you play at a concert.

The tour is a candy to his followers. The 'Open Air Tour' provides support for "'Greatest Hits' compilation CD with four new tracks recorded for the occasion (' What Do You Got? ',' The More Things Change ',' No Apologies', 'This Is Love ',' This Is Live ') Bon Jovi released a few months ago. As described by the leader himself, "these songs have stood the test of time and remind us where we came from, while keeping an eye on the future ". It is therefore a very successful tour in Europe and will the stadiums and large outdoor enclosures of 23 cities with a total of 24 concerts. A journey nearly over, the only missing the stops San Sebastian (the only state of the tour date near Barcelona, ​​in which yesterday acted Olympic Stadium) and Lisbon on Sunday.

Therefore, about half of the attendees who come to the site come from outside San Sebastian Gipuzkoa. A hearing is expected plural in both age and aesthetic. Because if anything defines Bon Jovi is his ability to find songs and choruses for all ages, a formula that still works after nearly three decades of activity. In that sense, the group collects numbers are dizzying: Over 125 million records sold and 2,700 concerts in over 50 countries with 35 million fans. A band that has been selling cyclically and without complex shaping their sound and image to reach as many people as possible.

The 'light' to 'mainstream'

Bon Jovi The tour started in the 80's, when the group, with Jon Bon Jovi (vocals), Richie Sambora (guitar), David Bryan (keyboards), Alec John Such (bass) and Tico Torres (drums) burst onto the market U.S. with a debut in the orbit and colorful heavy metal image and youthful hair salon. The proposal was so 'light' coming even those who did not like the heavy. He also caught many followers the leader himself by his physical appearance, a spunky rubiales of chest hair back then (the fashion of shaving had not arrived yet).

In those 80 years the New Jersey quintet went on to become top of the AOR, heavy cutting unit sound better suited to FM and the 'hits' radiables, love songs, preferably. The case is signed by a succession of balls. Especially on albums like "Slippery When Wet 'and' New Jersey '. Of those 80's are round and catchy rock choruses such as 'Runaway', 'You Give Love A Bad Name', 'Livin' On A Prayer "" Wanted Dead Or Alive ',' Lay Your Hands On Me "or" Bad Medicine ', all of undeniable commercial hook and a nice heavy style that created a school.

With the change came 90. Carded hair disappear and the group seeks a more serious and if possible to reach more audiences, cleverly conforming to the new trends in the music market. The sound mutates into softer, often close to U2 or Bruce Springsteen to a lesser extent, with more mellow ballads (some even tacky), epic rock, country approach to the disk and counted in some songs of a generally strong.

Led a gamble with that much of his audience to turn their back heavy since 'Keep The Faith' (1992), but also earned them new audiences, especially women, and not lose its status as stadium band. Reduced quartet officially in 1994 after the departure of bassist Alec John Such (replaced since then by Hugh McDonald in a collaborator) and the fact that in the 90 and the new millennium have released albums usually uneven and less fortunate ( 'These Days' or' Bounce 'are among the most expendable of their catalog), Bon Jovi has retained the popular appeal, in part thanks to its proven effectiveness in singles impact of billing:' Keep The Faith ',' Always', 'It, s My Life', 'Have A Nice Day' or 'We Were not Born To Follow' and the group have performed commendably still at the top nearly 30 years later, thanks to its ability to accommodate new audiences without losing their melodic imprint.

Of course, after a very active last decade, announced a break of several years after finishing the tour and see what his next musical movements. So far it seems that these are the last concert of Bon Jovi in ​​a while.


Bon Jovi: Slapping down the film cliches

Oh c'mon.  Get a sense of humor lady.

I want to slap Jon, not one, not twice but 92 times, for every "It's Alright" in Who Says You Can't Go Home.

She didn't hit him that hard.

(I'm not in any way condoning Domestic Violence, but IT'S A FUCKING MOVIE!!!)

Katherine Heigl slaps Jon Bon Jovi in the trailer for New Year's Eve not once, but twice. This regular face-slapping in films bolsters the cliche that men are always mistreating their women

Amy Fleming
guardian.co.uk, Thursday 28 July 2011 21.01 BST

Jon Bon Jovi and Katherine Heigl in the New Year’s Eve trailer.

This week saw the release of the trailer for the most star-studded movie of the year, possibly ever – New Year's Eve. The romcom's cast includes (among many, many others) Hilary Swank, Sarah Jessica Parker, Halle Berry, Michelle Pfeiffer, Ashton Kutcher, Ludacris and Lea Michelle from Glee.

The plot seems harmlessly sugary – various people, whose lives are entwined in some way, are having seasonal crisies, and then, unexpectedly, lovely and inspiring things happen. The trailer ends with Robert De Niro intoning: "Nothing beats New York on New Year's Eve."

But one thing tastes sour. In the NYE trailer, Katherine Heigl slaps Jon Bon Jovi (yes, they're in the movie, too) hard and fast round the face, not once, but twice. It is meant to be a funny moment, but not everyone is impressed.

"When will movies stop showing women slapping men in a way that is either funny, cute, or sexy?" wrote one incensed commenter on the blogosphere. She has a point. From When Harry Met Sally's "fuck you" slap, to Andie MacDowell repeatedly smacking Bill Murray's cheek in Groundhog Day, men being struck by their love interest is a cinematic staple.

But that doesn't mean it is not a seriously irritating one, portraying women as hysterical and weak. (Scarlett O'Hara in Gone With the Wind being a classic example. Ashley barely flinches when she hits him, but strongly and silently exits left.)

It's even more grating when, as in the NYE trailer, the slap is played for laughs. Firstly, it makes a joke out of women hitting men (which is a form of domestic violence), and the second joke is that women make such a bad job of being violent because they're so weak. And, infuriatingly, it bolsters the cliche that those cheeky men are always mistreating their women.

As anyone who witnessed Wendi Deng defending her husband from a shaving cream assault would know, real women pack a punch.

Does this annoy you too, or is it just harmless fun? What other romcom cliches infuriate you?

If I photo shop the back of my head into this picture and cover up Katherine Heigl would that be the most awesome Holiday Card ever?

"He said he wouldn't stop playing Who Says... So I slapped him, 96 times."

Bon Jovi: Rolling Stone Spain review.... Yeah its what you'd expect.

I think to work at Rolling Stone they give you a list of acts you must & must not like, Bon Jovi is on the must not like list.

This was translated by Google so some of it doesn't make a lot of sense, but you get the gist.

Bon Jovi is redeemed in Barcelona with a three-hour recital

The band returns to New Jersey Richie Sambora in great shape and extends in a loop of endless encores. By Sandra Astor

Bon Jovi, yesterday in Barcelona.Did a pact with the devil to not aging? (Photo: Country, Job Vermeulen)

Concert: Bon Jovi. 
 Estadio Olimpico Lluis Companys (Barcelona). 
 20 to 90 euros. 
 41,000 people (there was no fill)
Expectation prior to the enactment of the Americans in the Olympic Stadium after the debate in Spanish last visit (last year) at the Teatro Circo Price in Madrid ( read here the chronicle ).There, last November offered an exclusive direct fleeting 75 minutes that managed the feat of pissing off even his most ardent fans , who branded the promotional event for "scam" up.
It is true that this was a special case and the actions included in this tour Open Air 2011 happened last night in Barcelona, ​​the last before a hiatus that will move away from the sand for a long time and deserved much-fancied it juicy consistent with the price of tickets. And so it was 180 minutes of greatest hits. Last night at the Olympic Stadium was a long walk for three decades that have gestated timeless classics , but have neglected to turn the freshness of the early years to come boldly to the radio formula In their most recent compositions. They were all that were, nor were they all are (not listening to hurts Runaway ) , but you know, it never rains to everyone's taste, and even more in a repertoire that varies with each performance.
Another of the great enigmas to the group's seventh visit to Barcelona was the presence or absence of virtuosoRichie Sambora . The musician joined a few months ago in rehab for the third time due to problems with alcohol , but the group flag placed by that of "the show must go on" and sought a replacement to continue the established dates. The guitarist was reinstated in time to intervene in the proceedings and Spanish snatch, con the characteristic display of themselves, and the prominence to Pelaz white smile of the singer.Sambora was shown smiling, recovered and in good shape: double strapped to his neck and flirting with the talk box (a device that can change the sound of the instrument with the mouth) is so fond.
They had not spent even 10 minutes of the stipulated time when nostalgic 40 and 50 living with younger generations in the stage of DEFLORATION It's my life began a timid boo. P oco real rocker and many children running around the track. He did not fill the stadium, but she looked comfortable enough when one aspect, setting the clock to 22:00 (15 minutes later), the group opened repertoire Raise your hands .
Jon Bon Jovi showed up wearing a lion tamer style jacket for a red that shines through the three large screens attached to a semicircular building covering the entire stage. Throughout the show, screens projected images of the band, bright collages and messages calling for the mobilization, peace and freedom, even could see the portraits of President Obama and Bob Dylan , among others, with the motto "inspire ".
Accompanying the usual Tico Torres (drums) and David Bryan (keyboards), Hugh McDonald's also essential to the low and Bobby Bandiera on rhythm guitar. They all had their brief moment of glory at the mercy of the singer, who sought and shared with them a mixture of versions which led the start of Bad medicine : from Not Fade Away , Buddy Holly, to celebrad√≠simo Vertigo , U2. The accused direct an alarming lack of pace in precisely the acoustic beats later. They were the longest minutes and dull night. They had dropped two large,You give love a bad name right from the start, and It's my life celebrated as if the song banner of a Global Training Soccer l, but if there is something going on Bon Jovi's singles: there was still time to remember I'll be there for you in two very acoustic and cheered, Have a nice day and Keep the faith .
The clouds held their threat of rain in the dark sky Barcelona after 11 pm. A cold incomprehensible to the season that we are tentatively beginning to enter among the attendees. No memory for Amy Winehouse , but word of thanks to public support for 30 long years professed. Jon showed his routine manual stretching of arms and seductive poses that characterize and cause hives to his detractors. His forte is not the dancing (especially when you shake the maracas and tambourine), but well kept up for the dimensions that his voice without crack or tune over 26 songs. even dared to sing in Spanish chorus Bed of roses anchored in a bath of crowd in the center of the runway, where agreed by two bridges that connected with the stage.
It is very foolish to say that past successes are those who keep alive the band live , you just have to calculate the decibel level among the attendees at the first notes of Wanted dead or alive , with Richie wore the cowboy hat, or of We got it going on the penultimate studio album, Lost Highway . It did not sound any of the singles from his latest unpublished Greatest hits , but neither were they missed.
Drew to a close with Something to believe in after midnight. Singer's costume change to meet the first encore of the concert, which eventually adding two more in a spiral of false goodbyes. Three times they said goodbye before returning to pick up instruments to play a total of six subjects. The last two, the perfect balladAlways and too easy to post I love this town to finish. Before the respectable had gone mad by singingLivin 'on a prayer like the first time.
Constant target for criticism (some deserved, some not so), it is difficult at this point to dispose of Bon Jovi rock label harmless to everyone, but as we heard last night: a band playing for three hours worth, at least one respect.

Bon Jovi Widget