Bon Jovi: Vampires vs Vampires

Ok, I have never seen Twilight.  Just like I've never seen any of the Harry Potter movies (You can close your mouth, all saga's ended for me with Star Wars) or Lord of The Rings (although I did see the animated version of 'The Hobbit' in high school).  I don't get the whole thing about Vampires being awesomely sexy.  My thoughts on Vampires include holy water and wooden spike to the heart will kill them.  And silver.  And don't forget the garlic.

So for those of you that have seen these series, here a read for you.

By Ryan McKee
Posted Jul 9th 2011 12:00PM

John Carpenter, whose new movie 'The Ward' opens this weekend, has been terrifying audiences since the 1970s with such classics as 'Halloween,' 'The Thing' and 'Christine.'

His 1998 film 'Vampires,' though, may have arrived around a decade too early. The current 'Twilight'-inspired vampire craze would likely have shot the film well past its $20 million box office take. While it occurs in a much darker world than Stephenie Meyer's depiction of sparkly vampires, it should still interest Twi-hards.

Why? The 'Vampires' series is about various vampire hunters who track and kill evil bloodsuckers. Edward Cullen and his like-minded "vegetarian" family do much the same thing in the first three installments of 'The Twilight Saga.'

Carpenter and Meyer should think about joining the two series a la 'Alien vs. Predator' or 'Freddy vs. Jason.' Were that to happen, these are the hunters from 'Vampires' -- 'Vampires: Los Muertos' and 'Vampires: The Turning' -- that the Cullens should team with to take down the evil Volturi.

Jack Crow
Played by the delightfully disgruntled James Woods, Jack Crow is lead hunter in the first installment and a hard-nosed veteran of taking down the pale-skins. He's knowledgeable, fearless, an expert tracker, his crossbow skills are sick, and he speaks with a great grumble that makes you want to follow him into the dangerous night. Also, he has a lot of experience decapitating vampires, which is the only way to kill them in the 'Twilight' world.

Anthony Montoya
It is unclear how Daniel Baldwin got cast in a role with an obviously Hispanic name, but the character still makes the All-Star team. Montoya is Crow's best friend and fellow hunter. Spoiler alert! Stop reading if you don't want the ending of 'Vampires' revealed. Anyway, Montoya is turning into a vampire and Crow lets him go, promising to hunt him down later. Maybe he doesn't, though, and Montoya turns into a vegetarian vampire with hunting skills.

Derek Bliss
The leader of a rag-tag group of vampire hunters that travel down to Mexico in 'Vampires: Los Muertos,' Bliss is played by none other than Jon Bon Jovi. The obvious first argument to include him is that it's Jon Bon Jovi and he's awesome to have in a film (as long as he doesn't have to carry the lead). Second, the man has skills fighting vampires in the daytime because he meets a powerful day-walker named Una south of the border.

Natasha Gregson Wagner plays a vampiress who has found a treatment for her affliction. This allows her to walk among humans during the day, and she joins Derek Bliss's team of hunters. She's already onboard with the vampire-on-vampire violence, and if 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse' taught us anything, it really helps to have vampires to fight vampires.

An American tourist on vacation in Thailand, Connor (Colin Egglesfield) becomes the hero of 'Vampires: The Turning' when vampires kidnap his wife, Amanda. It is unclear whether John Carpenter had anything to do with this sequel, especially since it's more of a martial arts / horror film. Despite that, the movie is part of the series and it helps to have an expert in Muay Thai, which Conner is, on the team. After all, he goes from knowing nothing about vampires to beating them within 24 hours. Just think what he could do with some experience under his black belt.

Bon Jovi: Happy Saturday

Here is a treat from me to you.

Back in 1988 when New Jersey came out Jon, Richie & David went on Westwood One Radio and did an hour show with call in and chit chat, it was syndicated all over the country (I remember listening to it on Z-100 in NYC I think it was on at like 11 PM on Sunday nights).

 Remember this is when they were still young and carefree (and drunk or high on "80's drugs"), so lots of laughs and jokes about Sake.

So I have 2 versions of that audio, the Lossless FLAC files and the itunes friendly MP3 versions.

The FLAC files are HERE (they should be all uploaded at 12:30 PM EST)


Part 2 has a great acoustic version of Diamond Ring.  Since it didn't make New Jersey.

Bon Jovi: Bucharest

With an impressive production and an army of people doing it every concert to be held in the best conditions, the band Bon Jovi prepares to concerts, Sunday, in Constitution Square in Bucharest.
concert, long awaited by the public in Romania, will take place on a stage 54 feet wide and 25 feet deep. power plant exceeds 15,000 watts of sound, over 500 people working in event production, considered "musical show of the Year" in Romania, writes Mediafax .

Organizers say for the concert on Sunday, before they sold 50,000 tickets. See what bands will perform in the opening Bon Jovi in concert opening band Bon Jovi will play Romanian troops QuantiQ and stillborn. 

Public access is permitted as of 16:00, the concert set to conclude at around 23.00. Romanian Gendarmerie has announced that over 450 policemen will ensure public order in this concert. Thus, the police will ensure public order in the carrying out of the concert, but also tracks the arrival and departure of participants, according to Wednesday. 

Access routes in Constitution Square Public access will be through two access points - Liberty Avenue, side Way September 13th Avenue and Liberty Avenue from the United Nations. Also, the vehicles will access via the access point of Unirii Boulevard - Square Queen Mary, meaning from Union Square, only by security firm with pass issued by the organizer. To avoid any mishaps and situations likely to disturb public peace, Gendarmerie participants recommend this concert to follow the directions in law enforcement, to show patience and avoid involvement in conflict of any kind. 

Also, spectators should respect the measures adopted by the organizer (hours of access to prohibited items, etc.). 

And if they witness committing antisocial acts of nature will request the help of crew gendarmes. 

Furthermore, participants at the event Gendarmerie are advised to pay particular attention to goods and personal items (handbags, purses, luggage) and avoid as much as possible to have sight of valuables that may attract attention. 

concert tickets prices 479.3 lei (VIP ), 372.8 lei (Tribune), 186.4 lei (Normal Circle) and can be purchased from the Event and online www.eventim.ro network. Golden Circle Tickets in the area have been exhausted. 

touring with Bon Jovi "The Circle", launched in February 2010, was declared the most profitable kind of musical project of last year. Bon Jovi will perform for the first time in Romania.


Bon Jovi: Memphis! in London!?

It could happen next year, but those pesky Olympics are getting in the way.

Alistair Foster, Showbusiness Correspondent
8 Jul 2011

Memphis, the Broadway smash hit co-written by Bon Jovi keyboard player David Bryan, could be on its way to the West End next year.

The star, 49, is seeking a theatre to house his rock '*' roll show, which last year won four Tony awards, including best musical.

After taking £50million at the box office in Broadway, it is set to begin a tour of the US and Bryan would like the production to move to one of London's larger venues.

But his efforts are being affected by next summer's Olympics, which he fears could overshadow any new production that opens then.

He said: "The next logical step for us is the West End, which would be an honour for us. But the Olympics are making it tricky, as ideally we'd like to open in the summer.

"We're touring the US for most of the next year and then we'd like to come over, but it seems that would be pretty bad timing. We're considering what we can do."

Memphis, set in 1962, tells of a white radio DJ who starts playing black music before falling for a young black


Bon Jovi: Video of the band arriving in Turkey


 In case that video disappears

Bon Jovi: More on Turkey

Thanks Lisa

Translation services courtesy of Google.

I guess the rest of the band didn't come with???  (No they did, I think)

Thursday July 7, 2011
The legendary rock band Bon Jovi's lead singer Jon Bon Jovi, the group's "Greatest Hits Tour" will be in Istanbul for the concert came to Turkey tomorrow. Purple Concert organized by the concert took place, and prices ranging from 75 pounds to 550 tickets are sold through ticket.

ISTANBUL - AA - Legendary rock band Bon Jovi's lead singer Jon Bon Jovi, the group's "Greatest Hits Tour" will be in Istanbul tomorrow for the concert came to Turkey. 

a special plane at 18.00 in the Sabiha Gokcen International Airport, Jon Bon descending Jovi, greeted fans at the apron off the plane descending. Later, the General Aviation Terminal, Jon Bon Jovi, who, after the completion of transactions with a special tool through a terminal exit from the area's fans were waiting for him. 

Back in November published "Bon Jovi Greatest Hits" album, which is number one worldwide group, "Greatest Hits Tour "scope will give a concert tomorrow in Istanbul, Turk Telekom Arena.
18 years later, which will meet again tomorrow with fans of Bon Jovi's concert will be on stage before and Şebnem Ferah Redd. 

Purple Concert held and organized by the concert tickets ranging in price from 75 to 550 pounds , are sold through ticket. 

The Group, under the same tour, as well as Turkey, America, Canada and Europe, will give concerts in several countries. 

Grammy-winning group, 125 million albums sold worldwide made ​​lights. More than 50 concerts in more than 2 thousand 700, giving the audience, reaching over 35 million Bon Jovi, in 2006 in England by the UK Music Hall of Fame honors. Group, the British Q magazine in 2004, "prepared on All-Time Top 50 Group", ranking 14 took place. 

Group in 2004, the American Music Awards honored with a Lifetime Award, the World Music Awards in 2005, more than 100 million album sales worldwide because of the Diamond Award.

Jon Bon Jovi fans waiting at the airport opened a placard.

Bon Jovi: Bon Jovi playing second İstanbul gig in 18 years

07 July 2011, Thursday / TODAY’S ZAMAN, İSTANBUL

Bon Jovi

İstanbul rock ‘n’ roll fans are entering the “final countdown” for their long-awaited live date with kings of the rock world, Bon Jovi.

Visiting Turkey for the first time in 18 years, the world superstars -- famous for mega hits as “Livin’ On a Prayer,” “Always,” “It’s My Life” and “You Give Love a Bad Name” -- are set to take to İstanbul’s Türk Telekom Arena stage at 8:30 p.m. on Friday evening as part of their Greatest Hits 2011 Tour.

Having kicked off the European leg of the tour in Zagreb on June 8, the group will continue on from İstanbul to Romania, Germany, Switzerland, Greece, Austria and Spain, wrapping up their summer tour with a concert in Lisbon on July 31.

With the Türk Telekom Arena doors opening at 3 p.m., ticket holders should get there early to see supporting act Turkish rock band Redd perform at 5:45 p.m. followed by a performance from a special guest, rock star Şebnam Ferah, at 7 p.m.

A band of unwavering international appeal whose music transcends both cultural differences and generations, Bon Jovi has been flying the flag for American rock ‘n’ roll for close to 30 years now, selling over 130 million records across the globe. Their 2010 Circle Tour was the highest grossing concert tour of 2010 according to Billboard’s annual countdown of the top 25 concert tours. Bon Jovi last performed in Turkey in September 1993 at İstanbul’s İnönü Stadium.

BTW Jon has made it to Turkey:
Photo from Bon Jovi, Turkey


Bon Jovi: Jon Interview

Nothing recent, its new to me thought I would share.

Non Jovi: Thanks!


Over the last 2 days several thousand people have hit this blog.  I feel like Derek Jeter right now. 

Thank you so much for checking out my corner of the net. 

So many people to thank, but I don't know your names only your IP addresses.  :)

So thank you again and stop by soon.



Bon Jovi: Jon Recovering in Iceland?

Once again I don't speak Icelandic.

Thanks to Google Translate.

American rock singer Jon Bon Jovi is on Iceland. He dwells in a tower suite at the Hotel City with his family, according to sources Fréttablaðið. Bon Jovi came to the country this weekend, but he recently underwent surgery on the knee and to stay in the country for a week while he recovers. He snæddi lunch at the restaurant silver Mid City at noon yesterday and attracted considerable attention matargesta. Sources Fréttablaðið reportedly after was heard out Bon Jovi had eaten of silver has commissioned numerous tables. The restaurant will be because this meeting tonight and tomorrow, but otherwise, no doubt, but people hoping to be able to beat the sight of god.

On the fifth time yesterday was Jon Bon Jovi stroll out of Icelandic children accompanied by an unknown person. He was reportedly in attendance, "dressed as an Icelander" in jeans, a gray shirt and big sunglasses Flen.

Jon Bon Jovi is 49 years old and one of the most popular singer in America. He is married æskuástinni, Doro Theu Hurley and they have four children, the Stephanie Rose, Jesse James Louis, Jacob Hurley, and Romeo Jon. His band, Bon Jovi, formed in 1983 and has sold more than 130 million albums worldwide. The band is best known for slagarana It's My Life and Livin 'on a Prayer and You Give Love a Bad Name, but they sound a ófáum Icelandic dads in transit varies trúbadora.

And there's proof, these woman had their picture taken with him:

Childhood girlfriends gobbling Beta and Bjorn met Klara rock god Jon Bon Jovi During last Saturday was, as he sat there and got the refreshments. Newcastle relaxed now in this country but he is recovering from knee surgery. The friends talked with the striker and had to let you take their picture with him.

Bon Jovi: Talks about the Dublin shows

Just saw this one today. I hope Jon's Egoectomy went well (LOL).

Superstar Bon Jovi is fired up for Irish shows
EVERGREEN rocker Jon Bon Jovi is all fired up for his Irish shows next week.

The Livin' On A Prayer heartthrob singer tells Remix: "We're happy in our skins. It's not like I wake up in the morning and think, 'I gotta look 25 again.'

"I've never worried about the world passing us by. We've never tried to keep up with changing trends in music. We've always stuck to what we love to do and it paid off because that's what the fans want too."


During our conversation, Jon Bon Jovi joked about his sex god image.

"I'm just a three minute man," he laughed."Who am I gonna satisfy? Me!"

He once refused to perform for the Pope at the Vatican's annual concert because he's a lapsed Catholic.

"I would have felt funny doing it," Jon says. "I'm a devout recovering Catholic. I've got a lot of hang-ups about it. And I couldn't imagine me singing Livin' On A Prayer next to the Pope."

Bon Jovi's show at Dublin's RDS is sold out for next Wednesday, but limited tickets are still available for Thursday night's performance.

Happy Fourth of July

To all my Fellow Americans Happy Fourth of July!

For the Richie girls:

Here are some pictures culled from various sources:


Bon Jovi: There may be more to the Brazillian than meets the eye.

Disclaimer: The News of the World is like the British version of the National Enquirer.  Sordid, seedy reporting.

But here's their scoop:

Look who gives love a bad name

By Mazher Mahmood
July 3, 2011

Seedy sideline. . . Mitri on escort agency website
THE girlfriend of Bon Jovi rocker Richie Sambora is a £1,000-an-hour tart who peddles cocaine, we can reveal.

Just days after the guitarist was pictured with sultry Yasmin Mitri, she purred to our reporter: "I really like sex. I'm Brazilian - of course I like sex."

In the same clingy silver dress she wore for her night out in London with Sambora, who has battled drug addiction, she described her use of cocaine and how she could provide it.

Mitri said: "I like coke. I started doing it five months ago. It's £50 a gram. You have to order two grams. If you order some now, it'll be twenty minutes."

The model and actress has appeared on the covers of Cosmopolitan and Maxim and played a hooker in Danny Dyer film Pimp.

Life mirrored art when our man arrived at her plush home in west London after booking her through the Girls From Paradise escort agency.

Using the name Genevive, Mitri is described as "a professional published model" with a 32DD-22-34 figure who charges £1,000 an hour or £5,000 for the whole night.

After ushering our man to her tastefully decorated basement flat she poured him a glass of wine before cosying up to him on a cream leather sofa. Within minutes Mitri, who came to the UK two years ago, began name-dropping her famous lover.

She said: "My boyfriend is a famous musician. Do you know Bon Jovi band? Richie Sambora" I've been with him for over a year and a half. He lives in LA but we speak to each other all the time and he sends me presents."

Sambora has amassed a £40million fortune from hits including Livin' On A Prayer and You Give Love A Bad Name. Trilingual Mitri - she speaks English, Portuguese and Italian - met him at a party for Pimp at London's Mandarin Oriental hotel.

She said: "Richie came up and asked me the time. It was a silly chat-up line and I had no idea who he was. I'd never heard any of his music.

"He looked hot though and came and sat next to me and we got on really well. I went back to his room with my friend. He asked me to stay the night with him but I refused."

However, Sambora asked a flunky to get her number and rang to ask for a date. Mitri said: "We met up and he introduced me to Jon Bon Jovi and all the band.

" Back in his hotel room, Richie and I drank four bottles of champagne and I had sex with him.

"It was great and he was a good lover. He started calling and texting me all the time and our relationship became really close."

Mitri said Sambora had flown her to her native Brazil to watch his band play and has regularly visited her in London. Showing recent emails from the 51-year-old guitarist, Mitri bragged: "He's crazy about me."

After counting her £1,000 payment, the vice girl offered our man a lesbian show, saying: "It depends on the girl really but I like girls."

In her bedroom, Mitri perched on her white satin duvet and began to peel off her dress. Our man made his excuses and, as he left, glimpsed a hand-written card from Sambora on a basket of scented candles which read: "Yasmin, you're the best."

Looks like the guitarist's been strung along...

Here's some video of their first date, courtesy of Garry Marshal (LOL):

Bon Jovi Widget