Bon Jovi: Play By Play Abbreviations

If you're like me you look at some of the songs they don't play every night and go HUH??? So here's a List through Today. If there is a better abbreviation let me know and I'll update this list. I'll update it as they add new songs to the set lists.

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*********************7/17/11 Lie To Me & Spanish Harlem by Ben E King were played in Udine******************

******************* 7/16/2011 Mannheim got I Get a Rush & Duffy's Mercy (they played this is Zurich as well on 7/14 *****************

********* 6/30/2011 U2's Vertigo was performed in Dublin night 2*********

***************6/29/11 Gloria Originally recorded by THEM (Van Morrison's band, very Irish) was played on day 1 of Dublin. (BTW Bon Jovi has performed this in the past check out the 1995 Red Bank Christmas show recording during Bad Medicine just like today).********************

*************6/19/2011 Fans in Denmark heard a cover of Tenth Avenue Freeze Out in honor of the passing of Clarence Clemons, originally recorded by Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band******************

**************6/12/2011  HERE I AM ROCK YOU LIKE A HURRICANE (by the Scorpions) was played in Munich today.  Kick ass!!****************

***********6/10/2011 Bells of Freedom, Bounce, and Undivided were played today.  They have been added.******************

*****ITEOTWAWKI It's the end of the world as we know it by REM since we all survived the "Rapture" on 5/21/11 has been added********

****5/7/11  So You Want to Be a Rock N Roll Star a song Jon has played at his Jon Bon Jovi & Friends shows was played at the Mohegan Sun tonight so it has been added as RNRS****

**UPDATED 2/21/2011 Rocking in the Free World (Neil Young) added **

**UPDATED 2/19/2011 Dancing in the Street was played in Montreal added **

**UPDATED 2/12/2011 In anticipation of This is Love This is Life & The More Things Change being played (as they were performed in Soundcheck today) they have been added. I am in the process of Color Coding the songs by album, please be patient. Thanks for checking this out**


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