Bon Jovi: Happy (Bootleg) Saturday

So This picture was taken April 17th, 2010 in Tampa Florida by me.

Today's track (I'm not giving you the whole show since I don't have any idea how long this break is going to be and need to pace myself and since SOME OF YOU {not mentioning any names but you know who you are and you're both bossy ladies originally from New Yawk} are insistent that I do this every week) is the song that was being performed when the above picture was taken.

So The Happy Saturday Track of the day is Bad Medicine from The Circle Tour Live in at the St Pete Times Forum in Tampa, FL April 17th, 2010.

The Jukebox song that was played was Roadhouse Blues.  Which is also included.

Highlights of this song, Jon says he's going to rename the band Rice Krispies since they snap crackle & pop

And everybody from New Jersey moved to Tampa anyway.


And Happy Saturday!


Bon Jovi: New Album?

According to my twitter friends Jon posted a video on facebook today. And that a new album may be on it's way?

I can't confirm.  But around 6 pm I'll have the video for those of you that don't have facebook.

Isn't this what bonjovi.com is for? 

Here's the video for those of you that don't use Facebook.

Bon Jovi: Jon's geography gaffe.

Croatian Times

Rock star Jon Bon Jovi has failed to pass a kind of a geography exam when he told journalists in Dubrovnik this was his first visit to Croatia.

"It is beautiful here. This is my first time in Croatia. People and architecture have pleasantly surprised me," Jon Bon Jovi told RTL television. However, he had forgotten that he had a concert in Croatian capital Zagreb in June this year. Or he did not know Zagreb was Croatia, too.

Jon Bon Jovi is staying for a holiday in the ancient town of Dubrovnik in southern Croatia.

Bon Jovi: More Jon on Vacation in Croatia


Bon Jovi: Jon in Croatia

Thanks again Danna.


Basically the article says the family was sight seeing and he refused autographs or pictures with fans.

He needs to stop comparing himself to Tom Cruise because Tom will sign or pose anywhere (as long as you're polite at least that's what I've heard) 


Bon Jovi: Exclusive Pics! Jon Bon Jovi Wraps Up Circle Tour & Heads Home To The Garden State!

Only if the Garden State is Montenegro as we've now learned. 

We read a lot about Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and Britney Spears going on tours, but there’s one band that outsells them all. And that’s Bon Jovi. The fans of these boys from Jersey are rabid and will never stop following Jon, Richie and company no matter what. And the reason that Bon Jovi can outsell Bieber and his ilk on tickets is their fans are in their 40s and upwards, (mostly) have jobs and money and can afford to go. Bieber’s fans have to beg their parents for the cash, consent and a chaperone.

This latest tour for Bon Jovi was their most successful yet. They grossed over $200 million around the world. And what’s really amazing is the fans just want the same songs. Over and over. So basically Bon Jovi doesn’t have to write any new music. They barely have to practice. They just travel the world, in a Blaze of Glory and make a sh** ton of cash. Nice life if you can get it!

 Other people head to Reno, Jon heads to Montenegro. 

Bon Jovi: Screw the Hampton's Montenegro is where its at (allegedly)

Allegedly, Jon is in Kotor, Montenegro.  The people in this video are so small, it could be him.

Kotor, Montenegro is a UN World Heritage Site per Wikipedia

Thanks @stephjovi I hope your wish comes true MEMPHIS!/LONDON 2012!

Thanks @Danna__ for this video

Thanks @yoopergirl89 for the info on the boat.  Anyone have $439,643.00 laying around so we could rent it for a week http://www.ypigroup.com/yacht-mary-jean-ii-charter-3004540.htm

Bon Jovi: Video killed the radio star

Bon Jovi: Jon on ABC (w/Youtube video for people outside the US)

Uploaded video to youtube in case you can't watch it outside the US

Nothing new. Jon tells the same stories, Lara Spencer gushes about his hair, they say he's turning 50 this year which is incorrect (he'll be 50 in 2012, while yes he's under 365 days from his 50th birthday it's not in 2011 [pet peeve])

I wish they would have talked more about the charity work and less about his hair.


Bon Jovi: video of jon on gma

Bon Jovi: Any Other Day

One of my favorites off Lost Highway, but something's missing.

A Violin maybe?

Bon Jovi: Bon Jovi confirmation of the successful

Ooh pictures.

More than 55 000 people filled tonight Parque da Bela Vista in Lisbon. The reason: back to see and hear Bon Jovi have already announced to stop at least the next two years. Lisbon was the city chosen by the American band to end their "Circle Tour" and the Portuguese from the four corners of the country, along with some Spanish, not missed a call to cheer Jon Bon Jovi always in good shape (it looks like not age), an energetic Tico Torres on his drums and David Bryan also brighten the night with second voices that did not go unnoticed. High Note also that Richie Sambora, despite having recently left a rehab, for alcohol and drugs, re-boot applause with his unmistakable style of hat to the cowboy . At about 21h20 comes a Jon Bon Jovi dressed in red coat and the excitement begins with the opening theme, "Raise Your Hands', 1986. Hands and arms remained so for many hours in the air to show enthusiasm and that almost 30 years of music cause. 'You Give Love a Bad Name', 'It's My Life', 'In These Arms',' Bad Medicine ',' (It's Hard) Letting You Go ',' I'll Be There For You ',' I'll Sleep When I'm Dead ',' Have a Nice Day 'and' Keep the Faith 'are themes that have already achieved a status of such recognition to ensure that the audience sings from beginning to end. And this time was no exception.

The great value of this show Bon Jovi also became the stage, topped by a giant screen, half moon-shaped, allowing everyone could enjoy the performance of boys. Just some unfortunate delay between the picture and sound which led to some moments a bit schizophrenic, especially at times when the Tico Torres gave his all in just a little battery and then heard the beats. In these almost three hours concert there was also, of course, some dead moments. 'When We Were Beautiful ", the last album, or' Who Says You Can not Go Home ', broke the rhythm a bit but still no budge. And there was still time for a version of 'Pretty Woman' by Roy Orbison, and "Twist and Shout ', the Isley Brothers, who closed the night.

The encore can tell that it was almost the second part of the concert. Even with Jon to sigh 'Are you guys Trying to kill me? ", The applause did not stop and came more successes. 'These Days',' Wanted Dead or Alive ',' I Believe ',' This Is not A Love Song ',' Livin 'on a Prayer', 'Always' and' I Love This Town ', marked the memories, mainly of 90 years. She just lacks the 'Bed of Roses' but by this time ... already lie down somewhere and after so much applause, no one can complain about anything ... Daniela Azevedo

Photos: Vanessa Krithinas

Bon Jovi: Bon Jovi Lisbon gives a strong "goodbye"

LISBON, Aug 1 (EFE) .- Bon Jovi last night ended his tour in Lisbon marathon with an endless night of classic rock orchestrated by their leader, who almost 30 years after taking the stage, it is difficult to pull down it.

"Is that I can not have some fun?" Jon Bon Jovi asked, smiling after scoring a disproportionate hips, dancing of apologizing to those who still are surprised to see him in top form for almost 50 years.

And the singer and his companions Richie Sambora, Tico Torres and David Bryan, the most famous rockers from New Jersey, again demonstrated the fervor of his eternal youth in this last show before taking a break of two years.

But he then came up with homework well done.

The band rocked for nearly three hours devoted to 60,000 spectators who walked three encores, extra beats in hits like "Keep the faith" and a dramatic beginning of its award-winning a cappella "Livin 'on a Prayer."

For the dedicated fans offered surprises, some expected songs like "Any other day," and the general public until the cows met their "hits" more recognized.

"Raise your hands" opened a prelude included "Lost Highway" and some almost forgotten song of his first album as "Get Ready", as the singer recalled.

But only the hymn "It's my life", which has united generations of parents and children in one of the most successful tours of the trajectory of the band managed to raise the tide of arms covering the Lisbon Bela Vista Park.

The night temperature shot up even more from "Bad Medicine," the first single from their fourth album "New Jersey", who managed to start the soul rock guitarist Richie Sambora and eighties sound of the keyboards of David Bryan .

Songs like "These Days" paid tribute to the legacy of the nineties the group and "Have a nice day" was the best representative of the period of 2000, when the group went to his more commercial pop rock.

By the encore, when the clock struck two hours, the group tamed the crowd with a string of classic ballads like "This Is not A Love Song" or "I'll be there for you", which starred Jon concentrated and loaded with a dose of drama.

Nor lacked emotion to reach its viewers that pampered with care. Let them sing, I was screaming and jumping, and even proudly showed them his love for Portugal when he dared to tangle in a Portuguese flag.

Their playful nature also lit up the night when he was a passionate boy interrupted the classic metal of "Bad Medicine" for versions without hesitation and with grace the legendary song from the movie "Pretty Women".

Unpredictable again after almost thirty years in the limelight, the group topped the finale to the tune of "Twist and Shout" by the Beatles, he left his followers as smiling as they left the stage.
That put the casualty toll to an end "The Circle World Tour", starting a tour that began in February 2010 in the United States and Canada, followed by European capitals such as "Open Air".

The long journey has given itself more than any other throughout his career, in terms of number of concerts and total revenue.

The group dared to break the record of 21 concerts in London in a single month, held by Prince and Michael Jackson also sought to overcome before his death.

In addition, Bon Jovi managed to be the musical world's most collected in 2010, ahead of AC / DC and the Irish group U2, is not yet known figures of 2011.

The golden age is recognized by the group leader himself in various interviews, in which Bon Jovi defines these times as "older", but "wiser."


Bon Jovi: This Ain't A Love Song....


Bon Jovi: ICYMI The audio Stream on YouTube

In Case You Missed it onYou Tube Recorded and uploaded the songs from the Audio Stream including Get Ready.

Now to go back to your scheduled post tour tears.

Bon Jovi:Not a live stream but close enough!

Has no ticket to go see Bon Jovi?
Commercial Radio thought of you! From 20h Sunday follow the live broadcast of the Parque da Bela Vista, with the team of Commercial Radio. We will broadcast the concert and the first half of Klepht hours of Bon Jovi on stage.

- July 31,
Parque da Bela Vista Part 1: Klepht and Red Lizzard

The Commercial Radio presents ... Bon Jovi in a single concert in Parque da Bela Vista!

Among the successes on a journey, with two-decade career and more than 120 million albums sold worldwide.

Best Of Now Available
Information at www. bonjovi.com /

Parque da Bela Vista (31 JULY 2011)
* ENTRY EURO 55.00

Diamond Ring Experience, coordinated by Bon Jovi Tours, includes:

1.Acesso the 'pre-show party' with:
a. VIP Catering
b. Music, where you can listen to your favorite hits from the band
c. The various offerings, including autographed items and limited edition items (subject to the availability in stock) 2. 'Red Carpet VIP Experience': a. Unique entry b. VIP parking with shuttle c. VIP toilet area d. Bars VIP area during the show e. Entering the room before the scheduled opening doors (access only to 'pre-show party') 3.Merchadising VIP: a. Canvas bag exclusively for buyers of this ticket b. Programete tour of unique, autographed by the band c. Spend Memorial (and limited edition) of the Tour, consistent with lanyard.

Fnac, Worten, CTT ( WWW.CTT.PT ),
El Corte Inglés, Abreu, ABEP AGENCY,
and Ticketline (BOOKINGS: 707 234 234 And WWW.TICKETLINE.PT ).

Go public transport for Bela Vista

The rails will provide two special careers, with Peter Cross Street exit, located between the roundabout and exit the enclosure da Bela Vista. A career as a destination is the Eastern Railway Station Square and stop at the airport. The special has another career as a destination Bethlehem, with stops in Entre-Campos, Marquis of Pombal, Mouse, Star and Calvary. Tickets for the special bus can be purchased inside the bus, and the 1.75 value of the trip?. The special bus 7 Colinas card accept Travel and Living, but are not allowed to pass.
Metropolitano de Lisboa will extend the service on the Green Line and Red, with the last train station to go on da Bela Vista, in both directions, at 1:15 a.m.. The Metro will also enhance the frequency of trains, with passages every 7 minutes.

The CP offers an especially intercity train to Porto and Rome station exit / Areeiro, located at Avenida Miguel Contreiras Frey (near Avenida Gago Coutinho), about 15 minutes walk from Parque da Bela Vista. The special part of the train station Roma / Areeiro at 1:15 a.m., with stops at the stations of the East, West Bengal, Junction, Pombal, Coimbra-B, Aveiro, Espinho, Gaia and Porto Campanhã arrival at at 4:25 AM. The special train tickets can be purchased at the box office of the CP in the ATM, in travel agencies or in netTICKET . Whatever you choose public transportation, we advise you to buy your return ticket in advance to avoid long lines .

Bon Jovi: Set Your DVR's

Thanks for the heads up Kris.

The other day ABC (American Broadcasting Company) did a story allegedly for Nightline on Jon (the story is HERE btw ICYMI)

Well tomorrow Morning on Good Morning America they are going to run this interview.

Check your local listings for when GMA is on in your area.

Bon Jovi: Lisbon Rumors

From @Anjelicaaaaa on Twitter:

Anjelicaaaaa Anjelica
Ok hi! We were supposed to go in at 15:00, yeah that didnt happen. Also: there's a big fan action for I Believe. Thousands of sheets!

So hopefully, they'll get I Believe tonight.

Bon Jovi: Romeo & Juliet

This is the entire portion of the song (a Dire Straits cover) that was played as an intro to Always.  Just Jon & Bobby.

And then the song about a stalker.  LMAO

Ok here's both songs together:

Bon Jovi: More Lisbon

Go on tour two years ago and now want to quit for the same period. So tonight's concert at the Bela Vista Park in Lisbon, will be the last chance to see Bon Jovi live. At least for a while ...

By: Sofia Canelas de Castro

The leader of the band want to record a solo album and also seems to bet on the film, recently after filming 'New Year's Eve', in which opposite Sarah Jessica Parker, Jessica Biel and Ashton Kutcher. "It will be a good live show. Moreover, the band comes in the spirit of end of tour," said Alvaro Covões CM, of New. Everything is About 55 000 people - the tickets are almost sold out - will confirm you from 21h15, for over two and a half hour concert.

Before, as of 19:30, performances by the Red Lizzard and Klepth.

A central and two lateral screen will help you see better every step of Bon Jovi's stage set in the Parque da Bela Vista

The stage began to be mounted on the last Wednesday and will have a giant screen in the background, and other two sides. At the front, 800 people will occupy the Diamond Ring (tickets at 250 euros), and a second space front, the Golden Ring (85 euros), over six thousand fit. Entries normal cost 55 euros.
Since the return of Richie Sambora on tour in early June - after the guitarist has been in rehabilitation - the Bon Jovi have sold out stadiums wherever they go and show themselves in excellent shape.

In the latter concert, the American band show in Lisbon because it has rivaled the legendary U2 revenue performances. Only in 2010, with the tour cycle, Bon Jovi invoiced 120 million euros in more profitable world tour this year.

Last minute recommendation of the prosecutor: "It was good that came out of the room all at the same time to avoid flooding in the main entrance."

Bon Jovi: More on Lisbon

Organizers expect 55,000 spectators at Parque da Bela Vista. 

Group plays on Sunday (31) and then will not show 'for a few years'.

The band Bon Jovi closes Sunday (31) in Lisbon their European tour with a show that will be the last before the break in his career, announced earlier this year . The group of New Jersey will present the Portuguese public hits album "The Ultimate Collection", his second and most recent compilation album, released in 2010.

The show organizers expect an attendance of 55 thousand spectators at the Bela Vista Park, the same location as in 2008 received 90 thousand people on his last performance in the country, within the programming of the Lusitanian edition of the festival Rock in Rio

Bon Jovi performs on Wednesday (27) in Barcelona, ​​Spain (Reuters)

Some of the fans of Bon Jovi have already anticipated the likely long queues and camp Friday at the gates of the park. The band will try not to disappoint his admirers Portuguese and meet the expectations of a closing farewell tour that sounds like the announcement in January that it will stop playing "for a few years."

The long holiday tour will come after one of the most intense and profitable of his career. Even the band's frontman, Jon Bon Jovi, acknowledged in several interviews that caused the surprise of many people see them reach the 100 million in revenue in 2010.

But the group keeps in shape with more than 125 million records sold, 2,700 shows in 50 countries. Although the ranges, the third in his career, the singer himself, who turns 50 in 2012, said he was proud of the persistence of the group, which is "like family" and has no date for his retirement.

Bon Jovi: I lied a Review from San Sebastian

Bon Jovi Rock sweeps San Sebastian.

 [Photo: DV]
Bon Jovi Rock sweeps San Sebastian Arturo Garcia | 30/07/2011 

An audience of all ages enjoyed the concert of Bon Jovi. Anoeta filled to follow the popular rock band.

Bon Jovi Rock sweeps San Sebastian
The concert by Bon Jovi has made ​​pictures for the recurdo . Bon Jovi discharged on Friday night with fireworks over the stadium Anoeta his collection of hits to the delight of his dedicated audience. The quartet led by vocalist guaperas Jon Bon Jovi and guitarist Richie Sambora returned to San Sebastian for the third time since his first visit 22 years ago and after almost a decade since the second.

Bon Jovi reviewed his history with an emphasis on hits from his successful stage between the mid-eighties and early nineties, when the heavy spun neat pop rock to a conventional hair salon for all ages, as commercial as cash. The successful formula has led today to be the most profitable group live and recorded higher profits with their tours, up from U2 , Springsteen or the Rolling Stones , to name three major who went through Anoeta before.

Each and every one of their leaders ( Bono , the 'Boss' and Jagger ) unabashedly emulates any Jon Bon Jovi during the concert which featured extensive Bon Jovi , over two hours, although the proposal who more links with current approaches is someone like Bryan Adams , led to paroxysms of crowded public giants. Video introduction.

The audience gave Bon Jovi
At the edge of the top ten in the evening, Bon Jovi stormed the stage after the video projection of a futuristic way of introduction which screened at the monumental high-resolution screen (750,000 pixels) in a half circle, like a kind eyeball, and located at the back of the musicians.

Between the insanity of a public that almost filled the stadium in San Sebastian, Bon Jovi chained almost at a stroke at the first stage of the concert many themes of great commercial punch as the intense ' Raise Your Hand ',' Wild in the Streets ' ' Born To Be My Baby 'or the more recent " We Were not Born To Follow '.

From a scenic point of view, the show of Bon Jovi is halfway between the more focused approach in the music of 'Boss' or through the Stones to the bigness of the Irish. If the structures that protect members of the band at this Open Air Tour were identical to those of the Stones , the use of screens and visual montage is at the service of songs, as does Springsteen , which end in the stratospheric himself spent Bono and company.

The big moment of the concert of Bon Jovi
Having milestones like ' It's My Life ', with the peculiar chirping guttural Sambora the micro (the same as 'Livin' on a Prayer '), came one of the key moments in the central part of the concert: the extensive interpretation of the popular' Bad Medicine ', which engaged with' Hot Legs 'by Rod Stewart . With the top of the scenic structure simulating the lights of a jukebox disc machine was where Jon Bon Jovi took the opportunity to joke and play with the public, among other moments of the evening of Bon Jovi .

Jovi , smiling, friendly and smiling all the time, took the stage wearing a leather jacket instead of the usual red jacket, changed his jacket several times and hung up the guitar in many other passages of the concert, alternating acoustic and electric , one of the most noted and celebrated occasions was during the MINISET ballads, the main trick of Bon Jovi when around half of the concert, the diva moved to the top of the circular walkway located on the front lawn to stage. They played with a rapt audience ' I'll Be There For You 'and accompanied by Sambora showing off the six strings.

Bon Jovi's connection with his home state of New Jersey (NJ) finished off the scene with the presence and guitar accompaniment Bobby Bandiera , buddy NJ clan with Southside Johnny (who was right), Steve Van Zandt or own 'Boss' .

Bon Jovi, encores to conclude

The presence of Bandiera has been less anecdotal than it can be assumed as a second guitar in the service of a quartet of glitz, since he, along with substitute Sambora , Phil X ( Rob Zombie, Alice Cooper, Triumph ), who was in charge of supplying Richie during his sudden relapse that led him back to a detox clinic in April and in full American tour.

It reinstated Sambora in June for the European leg of the tour is on its glittering riffs and the thunderous beating of drums and dramatic Tico Torres which supports most of the ostentatious punch of rock songs from the show. Sambora was especially striking in the implementation during the final stretch before the encores. After the catchy " Someday I'll Be Saturday Night ', the band pressed to think hard and hit a arreón in the home straight with strong' Have A Nice Day 'and' Keep The Faith 'with the maracas and Jon Sambora showing off the taps at full speed. The issue ended in apotheosis piroctecnia full screen explosive bursting at full fire.

Bon Jovi topped the party in the encore with a round tip that had its highlights in the rock cowboy gunslinger ' Wanted Dead or Alive , "with Sambora guitar recovering the cumbersome two masts, and chanted until exhaustion Livin 'on a prayer , one of his biggest hits, with explosion of lights and the entire stadium in unison Sebastian humming the chorus of the piece.

Bon Jovi: Break out the Xanax, the Prozac and the booze the day we've all dreaded is here....

Some of the most loyal group of rock estadounidensei have already anticipated the predictable lines and camped from Friday at the park gates, so that no obstacle preventing them from being in the front row of the concert

The leader of the band Bon Jovi in ​​his presentation in Dubai | AP

The American rock band Bon Jovi on Sunday closed their European tour in Lisbon "Open Air" with a concert that will be the last before a break in his career, after nearly thirty years on stage.

After the last two concerts intensive Spanish in Barcelona and San Sebastian, New Jersey's band will give away your audience a battery of hits inspired by "The Ultimate Collection", his second collection and final album released in 2010.

Organizers said they hoped their actions some 55,000 attendees at the Bela Vista Park, the same venue that hosted in 2008 to 90,000 in his final performance in this country, within the festival "Rock in Rio".

According to the developer "Everything is New", to try to lead the tide of supporters, the authorities put in place lisboetas Sunday special two bus lines and two direct trains to Porto, the second largest city.

Some of the most faithful of Bon Jovi have already anticipated the predictable lines and camped from Friday at the park gates, so that no obstacle preventing them from being in the front row of the concert.

Americans try not to disappoint the devotion Portuguese and meet the expectations of an end of tour that sounds like "goodbye" by the announcement of the group in January, that will take a break of two years.

The long vacation will arrive after one of the most intense and lucrative tours of his career, thanks to the machine shows a collection of music and fiction, armed with visual projections and effects on stage.

The same group's leader, Jon Bon Jovi, acknowledged in interviews that causes surprise to many to see those guys with hairy rock metal style of the eighties to reach 100 million euros of revenue in 2010.

But the group keeps in shape with over 125 million records sold, 2,700 concerts in fifty countries and a Grammy in 2005 for best duet with the song "Who Says You Can not Go Home?".

None of the stages completed without great success. If its beginning started with a golden eighties "hits" and "Livin 'on Prayer", the nineties approached their music to rock gently with your album "These Days".

Since 2000 the band was renewed in image and sound with a commercial twist to the pop rock and dance harvested recognizable anthems like "It's My Life", which links loudly to fans of all ages.

Despite the brackets announced in his career, third in his musical life, the singer himself, who turns 50 years next March, pleaded proud of the persistence of the group, which is "like family" and has no withdrawal date end.

Bon Jovi: Final notes from San Sebastian

The band consumed 35 kilos of bream before the concert

Turned 'round' the Bon Jovi concert last Friday at Anoeta Stadium. 40,000 people full communion between the group and people, and even accompanied the weather after a week to forget. The city was filled with supporters of the American star. Full hotel and hospitality also benefited from the influx of people.

The musicians arrived at half past five in the afternoon. Before the concert, the group and the rest of the 140 people who make the company enjoyed a catering prepared for them, among other meats included 35 kilos of sea bream and prawns fishmonger market Sotero San Martín Ivan was delighted to attend the group.

The stage was prepared to welcome the VIPs invited by the organization that had a great time, not only for the concert, also the buffet served by the Group of Jesus Bokado Santamaria and Jose Mari Pikabea. Aware of all the stage managing director Alfonso Benito: "An event of this facility required to have well prepared." Alfonso Iñigo Andoni Argomaniz and Arzallus of Getin greeted the guests.

At 'home' were representatives of the Royal Society with President Jokin Aperribay to the head. Not for this man to make arrangements by phone, I suppose now focused on recruiting players.
He was accompanied by vice president of the Real, Mikel Ubarretxena, the manager Iñaki Otegui, not given to attending events, and the director of marketing Larzabal Begoña. All of them involved in preparing the season that begins in two weeks.

Also in the sports world, the president of the Federation Cup Guipuzcoa, Juan Luis Larrea, who had a long talk with Aperribay, the honorary president of Gipuzkoa Basket, Miguel Santos; Arzallus Nekane counselor, and coach who came with Sito Alonso friends, although he preferred to see the show from the stands, as the CEO of El Diario Basque David Martinez. Esnaola Pedro, president of the Chamber of Gipuzkoa, with his wife Rosa Antón, and Xabier Iturbe, president of Kutxa, with his wife Agurtzane Insausti.

The political world were present President Borja Semper Gipuzkoa PP with his wife, Councilwoman Naiara Sampedro, who is also mayor Itxaso Denis, the director of Donostia Tourism, Manu Narvaez and Festak Donostia director, María Jesús Torres. From Biarritz, it was his deputy mayor Michel Poyets with the travel agent and the ballplayer Abeberry Sasun Erik Irastorza. Mikel Erentxun and chatted Loquillo, who was accompanied by his son, the future promises a basketball Gipuzkoa. Joseph was also Mari Aizega of Basque Culinary Center, Juan Mari Arzak and his daughter Marta, head of education department of the Guggenheim Museum. There were also Miguel Martin, director of the Jazz Festival wanting rental, Iñigo Galatas, Ramón Santamaría, Clan of the firm with his wife Imelda Kilroy Bengoa and Iñaki Santamaria Susana Bokado with his wife and his nephew Aitor Goikoetxea.

José Ignacio Leiñena, represented the firm Coca Cola, and Santi Ramon Illarramendi Neria and his wife Mar Legarda company Heineken. They welcomed the success of the concert business components Getin: Javier Ramon manager, Ane Vadillo, Virginia Garate, and Amaia Ruin. Organizers and guests left the concert delighted by the spectacular view.

The group rested at the Hotel Maria Cristina and yesterday left for Lisbon, close the tour of 144 concerts.

Bon Jovi Widget