Bon Jovi: BOVI! BOVI!!

A little gossip bit from Page Six on the NYPD Gala Thursday Night.

Respected interviewer Charlie Rose got tongue-tied by Jon Bon Jovi in front of hundreds at the New York City Police Foundation's 40th anniversary gala -- twice calling him "Jon Bovi." Onstage introducing the rocker, who was about to perform with the NYPD band at the Waldorf on Thursday, Rose repeatedly mangled his name, leaving the star roaring with laughter. Rose also got a laugh from the audience, especially as Chevy Chase stood up at his table, punched the air and chanted, "Bovi, Bovi." The event, which honored Ronald Perelman for his support of the NYPD, was chaired by Commissioner Ray Kelly and attended by a host of The Finest, along with Regis Philbin, Kyle MacLachlan, Jimmy Buffett, Steve Guttenberg, Christine Quinn & Michael Douglas. After playing with the band, with Kelly and Perelman on drums, Bovi -- ahem -- Bon Jovi told us, "They were great. If they ever want to give up their day jobs they could play with me anywhere."

Uh oh Tico....  (I'm kidding.... but is Jon???)

I also wonder if roaring with laughter meant Jon was laughing BUT did the laughter reach his eyes????

Bon Jovi: Jon on the Natural side of Music

Pandora internet radio has a series with different artists talking about what makes music intimate and natural to them.

Jon has a 4 part series you can see here:


Since I don't know if this will work worldwide here you go:

Bon Jovi: More pictures from Thursday night's NYPD gala


Bon Jovi: A Summer Soundtrack..... REALLY?

 My comments and my personal Bon Jovi summer soundtrack at the end.

A Road Trip Mix

Elizabeth Coffee

With today being the unofficial start of summer in the United States, Bon Jovi lovers are seeking out the sun and surf as their favorite band is on a brief hiatus from their tour. The days of
the mix tape are long gone, but if you want to create a line-up on your ipod or Mp3 player or whatever other technological device allows it of the best summertime/road trip Bon Jovi tunes, here are some recommendations from the band's collection of eleven studio albums. In order of American release, these are the Bon Jovi songs that capture the essence of summer. On the list, you will find one selection from each album plus a bonus song for the traditional total of twelve songs.
  • "Runaway," Bon Jovi (1984)
  • "In and Out of Love," 7800 Fahrenheit (1985)
  • "Wild in the Streets," Slippery When Wet (1986)
  • "99 in the Shade," New Jersey (1988)
  • "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead," Keep the Faith (1992)
  • "Damned," These Days (1995)
  • "One Wild Night," Crush (2000)
  • "Everyday," Bounce (2002)
  • "Have a Nice Day," Have a Nice Day (2005)
  • "We Got It Goin' On," Lost Highway (2007)
  • "Love's the Only Rule," The Circle (2009)
  • Bonus: "Summertime," Lost Highway (2007) -- duh!

Of course, this list is going out to Jovi World where the inhabitants are known to have strong opinions about lists such as the one above, so please feel free to chime in below about songs you think should be here instead. Just remember the rules: only one song per album, and said songs should capture the essence of summer, not necessarily be the best songs from the albums.

My More Awesome than hers mix tape would consist of the following:
  • Get Ready
  • In and Out of Love (LIVE) the 12 minute and change version off the 7800 Special Edition
  • Raise Your Hands
  • Bad Medicine
  • Starting All Over Again (off the Japanese version of KTF)
  • Hearts Breaking Even
  • Captain Crash and the Beauty Queen from Mars
  • Bounce
  • Dirty Little Secret
  • Put the Boy Back in Cowboy
  • Thorn in my Side
  • The More Things Change
  • BONUS A Live Version of Shout!! (Hey-eh Hey-eh)

Bon Jovi: More about last night at the NYPD Gala

Um, interesting bit all the other stars mingled with star struck guests but one person was left out....

By Amanda Gordon - Jun 3, 2011 1:25 PM ET

Ron Perelman slipped on the shiny black jacket, turned around to show off its gold “NYPD” letters on the back, and raised both arms in triumph, to whoops and hollers.

The chairman and chief executive officer of MacAndrews & Forbes Holdings Inc. was on the stage of the Waldorf Astoria ballroom last night as the honoree of the New York City Police Foundation’s 40th anniversary gala.
Backed by firms like JPMorgan Chase (which recently donated $4.6 million for technology modernization), and individuals such as Mark Kingdon, president and founder of Kingdon Capital Management LLC, the foundation supports NYPD initiatives such as Crime Stoppers and the International Liaison Program, which sends officers abroad to share their expertise with other police forces.

Perelman, who has supported the foundation for two decades, wore the NYPD jacket for the duration of the event, which he spent mingling at a table covered in dark blue satin and decorated with white hydrangeas in a gold box.

Across from him sat Jon Bon Jovi, in a shiny gray suit, sipping tea before his performance with the New York City Police Band.

Perelman played the drums alongside Bon Jovi, whom he described as “one of my closest friends in the world.”

Other friends of Perelman’s on hand were Michael Douglas, director Penny Marshall, Steve Guttenberg, Kevin Jonas and Chevy Chase, all of whom politely abandoned their chicken and sweet pea risotto to pose for photographs with star-struck guests.

New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly (who sat next to Bon Jovi during dinner) took the stage to present the Hemmerdinger Awards for Excellence to Criminalist III Katharine Ferrante, Sergeant Herve Guiteau, and auto mechanic Norman Kara. A police helicopter crew, composed of Special Operations Division Detectives Fernando Almeida, Steve Browning, Chris Condon, Michael Sileo, and William Stevens received the Chuck Barris Foundation “Cop of the Year” award for rescuing two West Point cadets from a ledge on Storm King Mountain.

Chase had a blanket compliment for all New York City police officers. “I’ve always loved New York cops,” he said standing near the bar at the cocktail reception earlier in the evening. “They have a sense of humor, they’re slovenly, but you know that they can save your life in a second.”
The event drew 700 guests and raised almost $2.3 million. Bloomberg LP, the parent of Bloomberg News, was a sponsor.

I wonder if Jon gets anything for free from Revlon...

Bon Jovi: Protecting Jon Bon Jovi from reporters.....

Dude you always have time for the Times.  The Grey Lady doesn't always knock.

Published: June 3, 2011

The only thing that kept us from an apoplectic fit on Thursday night was our fear of the following headline: “Reporter Arrested at Policemen’s Gala.” And despite our Nocturnalist correspondent’s calm, cool demeanor, it seemed it almost happened.

Yana Paskova for The New York Times
From left, Jon Bon Jovi, Raymond W. Kelly, Ronald O. Perelman and Chevy Chase at a party for the New York City Police Foundation.

 Publicists had said we could have a moment on the red carpet with Jon Bon Jovi, at a gala celebrating the 40th anniversary of the New York City Police Foundation held in the Waldorf-Astoria’s Grand Ballroom. But facing a tsunami of fans, the musician walked away.

We chatted instead with the police commissioner, Raymond W. Kelly; Penny Marshall; and Regis Philbin (who delighted with his use of the third person when we asked him if he planned to do “Dancing With the Stars”: “Why does Regis have to do that at this point in his life?” he yelped.)

Heading for the powder room, we actually crossed paths with Mr. Bon Jovi (whom the evening’s M.C., Charlie Rose, referred to several times as “Jon Bovi,” while the crowd laughed awkwardly). We asked for an interview. “I’d rather not,” he said.

As we headed back to our seat, we were stopped by a keg-shaped man blocking our path.

“You’re leaving,” said the man, who did not identify himself. We’d “ambushed” Mr. Bon Jovi, he said. We introduced ourselves and explained that what he called “ambushing” was, in fact, asking nicely for an interview — that is, doing our job.

“Right,” he said, still blocking us from the ballroom, where, behind him, Chevy Chase posed with fans.

After some bargaining, he let us get our purse (we needed our MetroCard) and demanded that we show our press pass for the event. None had been issued.

Our chin-high captor called us a liar, and shuffled us into a side room. He “didn’t want to make a scene,” he said. (Thoughts flashed across our mind: Were we going to be searched? And more importantly, if so, were we wearing clean undergarments?)

We began to sweat.

But inside the anteroom, there was the event’s P.R. team, who freed us with a word and confided that they had no idea who the stout little man was. At a police party, we could really have used a police detail.

Here are some other pictures:

Bon Jovi: Bon Jovi's hair is Cymotrichous

Last Night at the national Spelling Bee a young woman from Pennsylvania won with the word Cymotrichous. Watch as they use it in a sentence.

[sahy-mo-truh-kuhs] –adjective
having wavy hair.

You learn something new every day.

Thanks Teale


Bon Jovi: And he washes dishes.....

Thanks Jen.

Don't have the date, don't know where they came from.  All I know is food service comes easier than construction to Jon (see the WSYCGH video if you can stand it the one where the build the house in Philly, not the one with the dog)

Bon Jovi: Croatia....

I have never been more excited for a concert in Croatia!

Actually Bon Jovi has never played Croatia and they're excited, we're excited.  What it's been a few weeks since a concert.

After the Lisbon show it's going to be HELL around here.

Anyway, Croatia you're excited about Bon Jovi, and I share your excitement.

Croatian Times
Bon Jovi is set to rock Zagreb's Maksimir stadium on 8 June, the daily Vecernji List writes.
Dubbed the ambassador of American rock n’roll by the Croatian press, Bon Jovi will perform in Zagreb as part of his worldwide "The Circle Tour."

As he has never before played in the region, the concert is likely to attract large crowds, daily Vecernji List writes.

For ticket information, visit www.eventim.hr.

Do you know who's opening for Bon Jovi in Croatia? Is the band called Danger Danger or Pero Galic?  Google Translate confused me.

Danger Danger - Bon Jovi opening act at the Maksimir 8th June

- We have always hoped that we after 20 years of work to get awards, and to this honor, which will open many new opportunities - Pero Galic was enthusiastic, 

Having listened to recordings of Adastra, Cote G4 and general danger, as the finalists of "Battle of Bands" RTL Exkluziv tabloid, Bon Jovi Management decided that the eighth June as the opening act that will ignite the Maksimir tens of thousands of people will be Županjska hard rockers, we learn in Lupi promotion, the organizer of the concert.

- Since we now know the details yet to be common danger, which I definitely live up to the task, from 18:40 to perform 19 hours - said Marina Mazić Mayor from Lupe.

The band delighted the government, regardless of what they secretly expected to be elected.

- We have always hoped that we after 20 years of work to get awards , and to this honor, which will open many new opportunities. We are fully prepared, both physically, mentally and technically - is delighted Pero Galic, frontman županjskih hard rockers. It is believed that the entire stadium singing "Once night", "In vain the sun shines" and other hits banda.

- I'm not sure if any of Croatian bands had a chance until now to play in front of so many people, but we guarantee a lot of sweat and the atmosphere to fever pitch - frcale the emotions of the singer for the band that will surely hear and outside Beautiful Our.

Although Adastra sorry that they have not chosen, as a true friend and fan of Županja Jerko Marić frontman is happy for them.

- Congratulations to them! Surely they deserve because they are better priced than many other band and singers who often have more undeserved airtime. I will go to the concert safely and enjoy the danger and the General Jovi - says Maric.

Mark Osmanović from G4 Cote says he expected this outcome, and he was very glad because of the general danger, you will also like to watch and cheer from the audience.

General Jovi!! This is the only Danger Danger I know:

I miss the 80's.

Bon Jovi: Scalp Massage? Jon?

I chuckled when I read this one.  Scalp massage has been used for years to promote better circulation in the scalp and promote new hair growth.

I'm not saying Jon is going bald or anything but if you look at Matt & Tony, Mrs B probably has the baldness gene on her side of the family.  I'm sure Jon does whatever he can to keep his hair healthy and seemingly thick (spray on hair in a can anyone?  I'm joking).

Anyway when does this tour start again?  Just think of what we have to look forward to in August.

By cpearlman
Created May 27, 2011

We interrupt this holiday weekend with a beauty tip from Jon Bon Jovi. The sex-symbol rocker turned film star has an amazing tip for thinning hair that's spreading like a California wildfire.

It's also free.

John, now 49, believes that a daily gentle scalp massage will save your locks. And it turns out the experts say it's true. A great way to prevent thinning hair is a do-it-yourself scalp massage that gets your circulation going and stimulates your hair follicles while making your hair shinier and promoting new hair growth.

Here's how:

Wash your hands.

With your squeaky clean fingers use a firm touch and make small circles all over your scalp, forehead, and temples.

Go from the top of your head, down your forehead and over to your temples. Work your way down your face until you reach the bottom of your neck. Remember to work your way from the front of your head to the back.

You can do this daily for 10 minutes. It's even better if you put on some nice soothing music. Or you can give a shout out to Jon Bon Jovi and blast "Livin' on a Prayer."


Bon Jovi: I don't open the door, I kick the f*cking door open


Thanks Lisa (@blazeofglory2) the You Tube Queen for the heads up.

Oh and that is my Favorite Richie hat.  I love it.

Bon Jovi: More about the business of Bon Jovi

I understand the whole VIP package thing. BUT, and this is one of several but's for me:
  1. Bon Jovi is the only act with a VIP price point this high that DOES NOT CONTAIN a meet and greet.  Every other act from Britney Spears to Aerosmith has a VIP meet & greet where you meet the artist/crazy person/band (or with Aerosmith you meet Steven & Joe).  I'd rather get a meet & greet than a folding chair.
  2. Anyone who has bought fan club tickets knows they would be easy (and are easy) to scalp on the secondary ticket market.  You show up to the Backstage tent at 3:00 or 3:30 get your tickets and meet your buyer.  The only way you prevent the secondary ticket market from reselling those seats is by escorting those folks directly to their seats in the arena.  From there you cannot go back outside.
  3. Since you sell all these seats in 2's the front rows are lined with men who are there with their wives and not there to see Bon Jovi.  (You can tell because they stand there doing the white guy head bob with a beer in one hand and the other on their wife/girlfriend.  I just want to run up to those guy and be like HE'S NOT GOING TO TAKE HER!!  Oh and to those men just because Bon Jovi is from New Jersey does not mean you have to dress like some sort of homage to the "Guidos" from the show Jersey Shore.  I mean if you look like you just took a shower and you showered 4-8 hours ago you need to rethink your look.  Jon Bon Jovi has never looked like a "guido", in fact until Jersey Shore that term was an insult.)  Next tour Bon Jovi try selling those seats in 1 seat or 2 seats, cause there are a lot of die hards who might be able to pony up $1500 for 1 seats but not $3000 for 2 (and then finding someone who has the $1500 for the extra ticket is hard).

The Business Journal - by Mark Kass
Date: Tuesday, May 24, 2011, 9:33am CDT

Mark Kass
Email: mkass@bizjournals.com

The first clue that you get that Bon Jovi is much more than a legendary rock band is when one of the group’s crew members said lead singer Jon Bon Jovi is the group's “CEO.”

“Jon is a fascinating business man who has built this band into an operation that is run like a business,” said Mike Savas, who handles VIP experiences for the current Bon Jovi tour.
Savas was talking several hours before this past weekend’s show in Milwaukee, a concert that would draw a sell-out crowd to the Bradley Center, even though Bon Jovi has performed in Milwaukee seven times since 2003.

There are very few bands that work harder than Bon Jovi. In the past year, the band has played 74 shows in 15 nations, grossing $203 million in ticket sales and $20 million in merchandise.
Most bands have a manager that runs the group and the tour. But Jon Bon Jovi is the group’s leader on stage and off, Savas said.

“He recognized that he knew the industry as well as anyone else and wanted to determine the direction of the band,” he said.

One of the things Bon Jovi recognized in recent years is that scalpers and ticket brokers were making all the money from the front row tickets at the band’s shows. To keep that revenue, Bon Jovi has put together several VIP packages that include the front row seats.

The band added six rows of seating close to the stage with 200 seats that are separated from the rest of the crowd. The prices for the first row tops out at about $1,500, which includes pre-show hospitality, parking and gifts, and allows fans to take home a custom Bon Jovi chair that they sat in at the show.

“Rather than the money going to the scalpers, it goes to the artist, which is the way it should be,” Savas said.

In all, Bon Jovi shows have up to 20 different price points, including special packages. Admission tickets in Milwaukee ranged from $127.50 down to $17.50.

Many other major artists have followed Bon Jovi’s lead and are now selling VIP packages.

The Business Journal was given exclusive access by the Bradley Center and Bon Jovi for the day to chronicle the business of putting on a major rock concert from how the tour transformed the Bradley Center for its show to how it maximizes its ability to earn revenue through VIP packages.

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