Bon Jovi: Interview with David

Thanks Mabel.

This one goes out to all the David Girls.

You can download your own copy here

Bon Jovi: DAMNED Happy Weekend

Mmmm this could be the best version of Damned ever. Jon sings "If lovin' you is wrong I don't want to be right" in the middle from Luther Ingram (Barbara Mandrell & Lee Ann (We Ain't Strangers Anymore) Rimes made re-makes but Luther did the original).

Thanks to the always Youtube Savvy Lisa for bringing this one to my attention.

And Jon if you want to perform this in Atlanta or Orlando that would be absofuckinglutely fanfuckingtastic.

Bon Jovi: Richie & Nikki on Rachel Ray

Just saw this pop up on twitter:

You can find out when Rachel Ray is going to be on in your area HERE

I hope Rachel says YUM-O towards Richie, at least once that would be awesome!


Bon Jovi: The NY media talks about the burglary

From Fox 5 in NY & my 9 also in NY (the non cable Non Fox home of the New York Yankees!)  (thanks @Wanted_3262)

Bon Jovi: Destination Anywhere

From some VH1 contest in the 90's.

I like Destination Anywhere, the album, the movie is all sorts of awful (IMO).  I always think its a shame the only song from any of the solo records that gets played live (be it Jon, Richie or Dave) is Blaze of Glory.

One of my favorites when I was working in retail after graduating from college at a store that was neither a barn nor sold pottery was Janie, Don't You take Your Love Too Town, my manager worked for another retailer and had all the tapes they played in stores and they had this selection of tracks, and Janie was on it.  Every once and a while when our District Manager was far away and had no chance of stopping by she would put it on.  I still remember having no customers in my area and cleaning glassware and singing JANIE DON'T YOU TAKE YOUR LOVE TOO TOWN.  People who I worked with would come back and be like WTF?  I was like it's Jon Bon Jovi!

Bon Jovi: Interview from late 2010 in Germany

I just like the part when Jon talks about playing Rock Band near the end.  :)

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