Bon Jovi: Jon flips the bird in Vienna

You can take the man outta Jersey but you can't take the Jersey out of the man.

@ 2:03

Have a nice day

Bon Jovi: Happy Saturday

It's hot out there (at least here in the States it is).

Here's a hot ticket from 1987.

Bon Jovi Live in Cincinnati.

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Happy Saturday!


Bon Jovi: "Secret" 9-11 concert in NYC?

HBO would produce NYC show on eve of 10th anniversary

Friday, July 22, 2011
New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is in secret negotiations with HBO to produce a historic Bon Jovi concert in Central Park the night before the 10th anniversary of 9/11.

Sources say John Sykes — the former head of VH1 who produced the 1999 charity event “Eric Clapton & Friends in Concert” — is spearheading the effort to organize the star-studded show.

It is believed HBO would pay to produce the multimillion-dollar event, as well as for security and cleanup, in return for the rights to cable-cast performances by Bon Jovi, John Legend and a dozen other top acts.

However, a rep for the cable network denied the behind-the-scenes wrangling last night.

The Central Park tribute to the fallen would be a prelude to the ceremonies the following day at Ground Zero, where the families of the nearly 3,000 victims will hear the names of their loved ones read out loud.

On Sept. 11, exactly 10 years after two jetliners were crashed into the Twin Towers, the 9/11 memorial — two waterfalls in the footprints of the destroyed skyscrapers — will officially open.

Don Mischer, the veteran producer of Oscar and Emmy award shows and previous 9/11 memorials, is lining up such talent as classical cellist Yo-Yo Ma for the audience at Ground Zero.

Bon Jovi: ICYMI

Letterman is on tonight with a repeat if the November show with Bon Jovi. Not the whole show they aired on cbs.com but the performance on The Late Show. 

Check your local listings for your CBS affiliate. Letterman usually on after the late news (11:35 EST)

Bon Jovi: Jon Held up the Greek Flag in Athens

Posted on 21 July 2011 by Penny Koutourinis

Lead singer of Bon Jovi, Jon Bon Jovi, holds up the Greek flag during his song

Last night Bon Jovi kept their word and sang at OAKA Stadium in Athens in front of 80,000 screaming fans.

Considering the temperature at OAKA was at its highest, lead singer, Jon Bon Jovi, with a new look, short hair, smiled continuously and was full of positive energy. He welcomed his Greek fans in Athens and sang for them for three hours.

One hundred thirty million album sales and one of the most successful rock bands, have been on tour across Europe and all their concerts are “sold out”.

During the concert Jon spoke of his understanding that our country is having a very difficult time financially and how beautiful Greece is.

At one stage he took a Greek Flag from a fan in the front row and held it up high. He then held onto to it whilst he sang the song “Who Says You Can’t Go Home “.

During the song “Bed Of Roses” someone from the audience threw flowers on to the stage.

Next to Jon, on stage, stood the other members of Bon Jovi, guitarist Richie Sambora, keyboardist David Bryan, drummer Tico Torres, as well as current bassist Hugh McDonald, the band’s lineup has remained mostly static during their history, the only exception being the departure of Alec John Such in 1994.

They performed timeless songs like “Bed of roses”, “Lay your hands on me”, “Faith”, “Blaze of glory”, “You give love a bad name”, “Runaway”, “Born to me my baby “, , “I’ll be there for you”, “It’s my life”, “Have a nice day”, “Bad Medicine”, “Romeo’s Bleeding”, “Wanted dead or Alive”, “Always” and finished with “Living on a prayer”.

In the end he said “Goodnight, thank you” in Greek and spoke flattering words to the Greek audience that moved everyone.

Bon Jovi: Countdown to Lisbon Contest

I already entered and you can too.

July 21, 2011
The Bon Jovi Live 2011 Tour is beginning to wrap up as the final show in Lisbon, Portugal draws near. Now is your chance to see Bon Jovi live while you still can - visit BonJovi.com/Tour to get your tickets today!

July 24, 2011--Bruges, BE
July 27, 2011--Barcelona, ES
July 29, 2011--San Sebastian, ES
July 31, 2011--Lisbon, PT

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Each contest period runs from 12:00am -11:59pm WEST (Western European Summer Time) every day for 10 days. The contest will run from July 22nd through July 31, 2011.


All questions regarding this contest should be submitted to Bon Jovi Customer Support: bonjovi@support.sparkart.com

Bon Jovi: Jon in Vienna

Jon is quite the jet setter. I'm sure he felt very safe with his "bodyguard".  LOL

Bon Jovi and his band reside in the posh Imperial Hotel.
Surprise appearance by Jon Bon Jovi (49) yesterday in front of the Hotel Imperial in Vienna. While a dozen fans even after the dark vans kept a lookout, which should barrow it from the airport to the hotel, Jon walked around 16.02 clock in a good mood from the revolving door and wrote a few autographs.
Completely undetected, he had landed with his brand-new Bombardier CL-600-2B19 Challenger 850 private jet in the night Coming out of Athens in Vienna. Even just after two clock yesterday morning checked out Bon Jovi at the Imperial one.

To 16.02 clock we went with saucy leather jacket and wearing his cap on a sightseeing tour. On foot and without a bodyguard (!) - Up to the Schwarzenberg Platz. It's quite possible that he met on his return at 17.15 clock in the lobby, another celebrity guest: Even Helmut Elsner lodges currently at the Imperial Hotel ...


Bon Jovi: Ok Magazine Paparazzi shots of Jon

The hat Jon  is wearing is the name of the Yacht C2.

The C2 is allegedly owned by Ron Perelman, the one who was honored in NYC about 2 months ago and both Jon and Michael Douglas were there.

Man candy anyone?



Bon Jovi: Jon out to dinner with the Zeta Jones Douglases and more

Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta Jones, Jon Bon Jovi and Brett Ratner enjoy dinner at Tetou restaurant with friends. Douglas joked around with a wad of euros whilst Catherine smoked an electronic cigarette. Wise choice considering her husband's recent fight with throat cancer. At one point Brett Ratner pretended to pick his teeth with a black credit card whilst Bon Jovi took a picture.

Brett Ratner who's only money making films are those Rush Hour flicks with Jackie Chan.  He better beware, Jon now has his credit card number on film and he could use that to, I don't know, buy a kindle.  That better be an Amex black card, that's a $2500 a year annual fee card he's got between his teeth.

Jon has a camera....  If only we could see what's on that SD card....

Bon Jovi: Jon & Richie soak in some history

Here's Richie at the Acropolis Museum in Athens:

And here's Jon on a boat in his shorts reading Jon Meacham's American Lion: Andrew Jackson in the White House 

And Jon if you put the death sticks down for like a week or two you'll have saved enough money for a Kindle.

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