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I already sent my question, and no it wasn't Will you stop playing Who Says because everyone hates it.

Bon Jovi: "We also bring down the garbage"

Google Translate again with the win.

Olivia Mettang, dated 28/06/2011 17:52 clock

Las Vegas - In a month, the U.S. band Bon Jovi in ​​Mannheim as a guest. We have spoken with David Bryan, Richie Sambora and TICCO Torres in the spring at the Four Seasons Hotel in Las Vegas.

Fit skirt and a city like Las Vegas so artificial at all together?

Richie Sambora: Sure. We regularly give concerts in Las Vegas. The MGM Grand Hotel has a very large stadium, many fans see the place. Many even come here from Los Angeles to see us. In addition, Las Vegas is a great city, which is becoming more family friendly. One can even indulge here quite a weekend, relax and just have fun.

Can you imagine, in a few years to appear here every night, in the style of Celine Dion?

Richie Sambora, David Bryan, TICCO Torres (unanimously): No, absolutely not. We would find far too boring.

Your tour this year is anything but boring, she leads you through the U.S., to Canada and to Europe. What does the German audience?

David Bryan: We were a couple of times in Germany and the German fans know already a bit. It continues to surprise us, remind us how much the German fans to our audience at home in New Jersey. This year we want to make the evenings as personal as possible so that the fans remember that a concert in Germany for us is like a home game.

Are there any special memories of concerts in Germany?

Richie Sambora: I remember those rainy show in Dresden, which was actually one of our greatest concert experiences. The great thing was that it was raining like crazy. I mean, it was really awful, and 60 000 people did not seem to mind. No one has left. And the first thing Jon did was to go forward, where the roof ended up in a bucket to pour water over your head and shout: "I am with you" Since we have also gone out and with other people become wet - as an experience you simply must make together.

On 16 July you're playing in Mannheim. Is the set list look different than in the U.S.?

Richie Sambora: Absolutely, because we always change something. The show tonight will be different than for example the next show. After all, we have quite a few songs to choose from! Variety is important-especially when many nights in a row on the same stage plays: When we played last year, twelve nights within a month at London's O2 stadium, we would have even almost managed to play all our songs once.

And the most important of all these songs, "Livin on a Prayer", right?

David Bryan: Well, yes, "Livin on a Prayer" plays where we come from all four: the working class. We are working-class kids and somehow we are, our families and friends are all a bit like Tommy and Gina. The song can be applied to many of life's truths.

Richie Sambora: There was a stylistic change it but really only when our album "Keep the Faith". As we have grown up, and with us our text: to include a sudden it was important for us to political issues and cultural considerations. It went from there to just more about what moves the world.

What do you do when you're not touring?

Richie Sambora: Well, we take care of the children they bring to school and pick them up again. We make the budget, bring on down the garbage, things like that. We enjoyed it very much. On stage we are rock stars, but we are also fathers. I want my daughter just as often it's about me.

And when they take time for your individual projects? David Bryan, yes you have a career as a Broadway story in mind ...

David Bryan: Oh yes, my Broadway career. The musical, where I worked, we will soon be touring in America and we want to show it later in London. As soon as I find time, I care that we can perform the piece in Europe. Creativity is just excellent news!

Richie Sambora: We do this tour after a very long musical break, so that David can tinker with his play. It is therefore important that all this time had come to our show!

Bon Jovi to play on Saturday 16 July in Mannheim. The evening begins at 18 clock.


Bon Jovi: Video of Jon from Germany

Don't know how recent the video is. Beware the picture below Jon's video is NSFW.


Bon Jovi: Getting Set Up In Dusseldorf

By Isabelle De Bortoli - last updated: 13/07/2011 - 02:30
Hundreds of boxes on the stage of aluminum beams. They contain lights, microphones, amplifiers, video technology and above all: 800 miles of cable. In between working some 100 members of the crew - every motion count, while a truck drives up to the other in order to deliver more of the black boxes, which are needed for one of the largest and most spectacular live shows in the world: Bon Jovi playing tonight at the Esprit Arena.

In order to concerts beginning everything is ready, the crew is working accurately and simultaneously at many sites. In 15 meters, the workers attached to the headlight mounts that put the band in the right light and create effects. 300 pieces will be there at the end of the day. Simultaneously, the electrician provides the proper connection of power cables. The truck with the instruments - but only for seven guitars Jon Bon Jovi and David Bryan on keyboards four - will drive up later.

"We have three to four days to build the stage," says Mike Savas from Bon Jovi tour management, while he does the work on the podium in appearances. "To ensure the high number of appearances, touring we but with seven different venues throughout Europe: The gig in Bucharest on Sunday was also on a different stage rather than this building here in Düsseldorf, just like the show on Thursday evening in Zurich there. We just parallel to another setting. "

So in the spirit arena everything is ready on time, working the international crew - made up of the American Bon Jovi permanent crew, local volunteers (so-called "Stage Hands") and employees of the arena - from early morning until late at night. "Today, at 14 clock makes the team a live check, checked sound, lighting, video," says Mike Savas. It takes only five hours, Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Samboras guitars set correctly. "Bon Jovi themselves make no sound check. The band is at 18 clock in the arena, will eat, relax and focus on the gig."

In the center of the world tour 2010/2011, which runs under the slogan "Greatest Hits" is a huge video screen - one of the largest that was ever built, according to Mike Savas at the Tour of an artist. "We have only two trucks with video art there," says the tour manager.

He himself was impressed not only of immense technical complexity of the Bon Jovi show. "I love the energy of the band, with whom they have for 25 years on the stage. I'm touring with other groups and have experienced anything like this before. If screaming fans to the back transfers to the band, Bon Jovi more turn up, then that's a great experience. They are truly the best live entertainer I know. "

Remaining tickets for the Bon Jovi concert this evening are in the Esprit arena at the box office. Start: 19 clock.

Bon Jovi: More Stuff from Romania

Romania is like a treasure trove of Bon Jovi News.  This is my favorite, lets NOT read into it.

July 11, 2011,

Saturday evening, after having landed in Romania, Jon Bon Jovi had fun at the Aquarium restaurant in the capital. There band was expected a few models with which they drank wine and ate seafood.

The artist has enjoyed the company of ten models / photo: cancan.ro

Among the models that provided good mood to spend time in honor of Jon Bon Jovi was the Alexandra Badescu , according cancan.ro .

"It was a simple dinner, no dancing no one spent, I had dinner with 10 girls. That the" carefully chosen "does not work, there was no casting, are my friends I was invited by a friend staff that many times comes in Romania with an artist calling me and have dinner together, now that
it was Bon Jovi believe that any man in this country that has the opportunity to come down with legendary artist goes. I was One was staff was a simple dinner were jokes, he was curious to know about Bran Castle, the Dracula story, some discussions were relaxed, a normal person who asked about a small country, were made some jokes that have a surprise that many people will come. I do not think he expected such a number of people had the opportunity to take pictures with him, "he told Reality TV for Alexandra Badescu.

Star and his band colleagues ordered Italian dishes, fish and seafood and drank wine varieties.

Jon Bon Jovi has Asint well in the company of ten models. Those girls have been carefully selected to include blonde and brunette, brown, red, for all tastes and of course the models were close to the ideal size.

So basically the promoter hired a bunch of "models" to have dinner with them.  Like what Gene Simmons does did if you watch Family Jewels.  (yeah for Shannon for finally putting her foot down).  The story I had yesterday said after they had dinner Jon went back to the hotel (the Marriott slumming it Jon?  LOL) and left the "models" behind.

Yasmin Mitri was not in the group of models. 

(Damn Jon could have chosen Richie's next girlfriend.  LOL)

There's not a Four Seasons or a Ritz Carlton in Bucharest?

Here's another:

05 Jul 2011 8:27 p.m.. Author: Andreea Dancu

One is Jon Bon Jovi! But his desires are law for those who bring everything with his band in our country. Great artist wants to be provided with a golf cart, and ENT doctor.

There are only four days to mega concert band Bon Jovi, held on Sunday, in Constitution Square in Bucharest, and preparations are in full swing.

Since yesterday, working on mounting the stage and stands, to be ready by Saturday, when the stars will go to Romania. The band's private plane will land on U.S. airport "Henri Coanda" around noon and will be escorted to the hotel by police.

Those from Bon Jovi to come after her personal chef who will cook their favorite dishes. For this, the organizers must provide a fully equipped and furnished kitchen, 80 chairs and 50 tables.

Moreover, because do not want to walk even a foot, rock stars have asked six golf car, that car will be transported from the scene.

Throughout the concert, I want to have a doctor nearby for guitarist Richie Sambora aurist recently emerged from alcoholism.

Start the fun is given on 10 July, at 21.00, when Americans will go up on stage. According to organizers, the band will perform with the house closed, although the cheapest tickets cost 186 lei 4.

Published: 12 Iulie 2011 cot Buvnitz

Milut and Ana-Maria Gavrila Flueras had the opportunity to participate in a small arena concert tour Bon Jovi in Bucharest as well as behind it.
About the equipment used, staff and site personnel of the band scenes you can find the video below. Enjoy!

See more from MHTV on rocktube.us


Bon Jovi: Jon dines with fans in Romania

10 Jul 2011 7:07 p.m.. Author: Andreea Dancu
6 comments | Add comment

There is 20 years old, but even so the girls refuse to meet with him. Quite the contrary! Bon Jovi, because on it he was surprised at the meeting Saturday night with not one but five girls.

Saturday at noon arrived in Romania. He was escorted by police to the Marriott, where he was staying, then went out to ride with other members of the band.

The singer was staying at the Marriott Hotel

To not be surprised by journalists, the Americans left the hotel on the exit used to supply. From there they went to the restaurant bullet Aquarium, where they had a private party, where ladies were present in appetizing forms.

Two of them have waited at the door, and three have reached hasty or taxi, or with some Mercedes sedans.

The three girls were late for a meeting with the star, reaching the restaurant after him

Photographers Click! surprised him Bon Jovi with all five girls at the table. They have kept company singer, 48 years, throughout the series.

Instead, blonde and brunette in the picture was punctual and came before the star

After laughing and dining together, beautiful dream is over for them. Bon Jovi, the band with his colleagues, he took goodbye to them and returned to the hotel. Private party held until after midnight.

Before the four hours of great concert, reporters Click! have managed to get backstage. Staff accompanied the band Bon Jovi have done a tour of secenei.

The equipment was brought in 37 trucks

We were shown the tools that were already arranged on the stage, guitars by Bon Jovi, and his microphone. In addition, I met people from buttons and got even kitchen.

Backstage, have served more fruits, and Mexican food

The table was made. Many fruits, vegetables, meat Italian and Mexican dishes were prepared especially for singers.

They waited 12 hours to enter the concert

Constitution Square was taken by storm in the early morning. Jon Bon Jovi's fans were eager to get to the concert and stood in front of dozens of hours of access gates.

Chip is one of them. He came to market at 08.00, although his idols up on stage just after 12 hours.

"I burned everything, but it does not matter. I'm a fan of Bon Jovi 20 years and want to be first to switch gateways, " the young man told us, 32 years, who bought the ticket at Diamond Circle area where tickets have cost 800 lei.

The concert came to 55,000 spectators. Întârziaţii had no where to buy tickets. The concert was held with the house closed.

"Good evening Bucharest, Romania Good evening!"

"Good evening Bucharest, Romania good evening! Brothers and sisters, we gather here to be one! Show me what you can, all the 50,000, " she screamed into the microphone last night Bon Jovi.

Unlike other big names who have performed here, U.S. troops beginning to show in 20.00 fixed with a Bon Jovi coming from under the stage, dressed in black pants and blue shirt.

The first two songs, "Raise your hands" and "You Give Love a Bad Name", were even more heated atmosphere, followed by the famous hit "It's My Life" song he pulled round of applause from fans.

Bon Jovi: Food for Thought on Tuesday

Jon Bon Jovi said it himself back in April 2007:

"Different people, different reasons . . . It's all a big soup. Everybody adds a little ingredient . . . You can't be a rip-off of one guy . . . You take a little piece of that and a little piece of this and a little piece of the other thing, and then that's what makes you and how you get to be here for 25 years."

(For context and to read the entire passage, click here.)

It certainly seems sometimes that when you listen to Bon Jovi's music that you've heard it somewhere before. Maybe it's a lyric, or the melody, or a guitar riff. (And to be fair, it doesn't happen only with Bon Jovi's music; it's common when listening to any number of musical artists.) 

So who are the "influences" JBJ refers to in his statement? Here are some possibilities:

Is it just me, or does anybody see?

The beginning of Bon Jovi's "Undivided" and the beginning of Weezer's "Hash Pipe" sound the same.

The beginning of Bon Jovi's "Something to Believe In" is just a slower version of the beginning of Simple Minds' "Don't You Forget About Me."

The story in Bon Jovi's "You Had Me From Hello" is the same story that was told earlier in Eric Clapton's "Wonderful Tonight" (i.e. It's the same damn song with a different melody):

It's late in the evening; she's wondering what clothes to wear.
She puts on her make-up and brushes her long blonde hair.
And then she asks me, "Do I look all right?"
And I say, "Yes, you look wonderful tonight."

(Bon Jovi)
At the mirror you fix your hair and put your makeup on
You're insecure about what clothes to wear
I can't see nothing wrong
To me you look so beautiful when you can't make up your mind
It's half past eight, it's getting late
It's OK, take your time

We go to a party and everyone turns to see
This beautiful lady that's walking around with me.

(Bon Jovi)
When we walk into a crowded room it's like we're all alone
Everybody tries to kidnap your attention
You just smile and steal the show 

You could take out the lyrics of Joan Osborne's "One of Us" and put in the lyrics of Bon Jovi's "Two Story Town."

And while talking about that song--doesn't it seem awfully similar to Tom Petty's "One Story Town"? Consider:

(Tom Petty)
I'm for standin' up, I'm for breakin' free
I don't want fate handed down to me
Yeah I'm for movin' on, try another town
Time ain't changin' nothin', take a look around

Oh, I'm lost in a one story town
Where everything's close to the ground
Yeah the same shit goes down
Nothing turns around
It's a one story town

(Bon Jovi)
It's just the same old sights
And the same old sounds
I want to take my car and drive out of this two story town
It's the same old shit (alternative: ship) going around
I'm going down, down, down, down, down
In a two story town 

In video world, Bon Jovi's "You Want to Make a Memory" video is merely a re-make of Shayne Ward's video for "No Promises."

Something to think about:

These are only samples of the many similarities between Bon Jovi's music and others' music. Are the similarities a good or bad thing? That's for you to decide. But do consider this: A fan-made website devoted to Bon Jovi, Dry County, lists as one its facts that "Jon passionately hates the former Go Go's singer Belinda Carlisle." According to the site, Jon said, "That bitch just copied our song 'Livin' on a prayer [sic] and turned it into a[n] overly sweet, nagging song: 'Heaven is a place on earth'. When I tried to point that out to her one day, the bitch just laughed at me." There is no reference for this supposed quote, so who knows if it's true? The same site also lists as a fact that JBJ auditioned for Footloose, something JBJ has denied. 

If it is true, though, that JBJ did get angry about Carlisle's song, wouldn't that be hypocritical of him in light of the fact that he has also copied other musicians?

Just sayin'.


Bon Jovi: Happy Birthday Richie

Here's a great way to celebrate Richie's day from the good folks at Gibson:

The World According To... Richie Sambora

Michael Leonard
Richie Sambora turns 52 on July 11. Typical of a guitarist in a band that was 2010’s top grossing live act, Sambora will have to squeeze in any celebrations between Bon Jovi mega-shows in Romania and Germany, halfway through the band’s current Circle tour. “My daily planner is the size of a Bible, man!” he recently quipped.  And 1959 wasn’t just the year of Sambora’s birth, it was also the year of his most treasured guitar, a sunburst ’59 Gibson Les Paul.
In 28 years of Bon Jovi rockin’, Richie Sambora has experienced many ups and a few downs A member of the Songwriters Hall of Fame since 2009, Sambora is always a generous and witty interviewee, as happy to talk about songcraft, heroes and inspirations, the Bon Jovi “family”, technique and his love affair with the guitar as much as his own considerable talents.
Here are some choice quotes from a guitar-man who has seen a million faces and rocked them all…

On learning to play the guitar…
"I was 14 years old when I decided to teach myself. Some kids are talented at things like sports; well, I had to work really hard at sports, even though I pulled it off OK. Musical instruments, though, were always easy for me because of my ear. I have a good ear. If I hear a song on the radio, most of the time I can go into the dressing room and within five minutes, I know it."

On whether he ever gets bored playing Bon Jovi’s numerous hits…
"No, no, no. Rock 'n' roll is a contact sport,” he told Musicradar.com. “The rush is to take it in front of 70,000 people and have that happen. That's what makes it great. It's like having sex with your clothes on - it's the best thing you can possibly do.
"It's the adjoining of the band and the audience that makes it still really good. And you know what? They're really good songs. Both Jon and I are pretty proud of them. We've discussed it, and we say, ‘Hey, people wanna hear those songs? We're gonna give it to 'em.’ That's it."

On the skills of Jon Bon Jovi…
“Jon is an amazing front man. Every night I walk on stage with him and I just go, "Wow, this guy is just amazing!” He can make a place with 70,000 people feel intimate. It's a very special thing. There's not many people who know how to do that.”

On the Bon Jovi songwriting method…
“With Jon and I, the songwriting always starts with a conversation, how we're feeling and what's going on with our families or in the world,” he told Star Bulletin. “It's been that way from day one - we sit in the same room with two guitars and a tape player. It's very old-school. Inspiration? There's a story on every street corner, my friends. All you have to do is open your eyes.”

On what makes a great musician…
“I’m open to whatever the song calls for. I can play acoustic, I can play blues, there’s a little bit of Al Di Meola in me too,” he told Guitar magazine. “You’ve got to try and have broad and balanced tastes. Being a great musician is like being a great scholar: to be a great scholar you’ve got to read a lot books. Same with music – listen to lots of different musics, draw from different things. Even listen to stuff you think you don’t like – it will help you decide what you don’t want to do.”

On his love of Les Pauls…
“I first had a Univox Les Paul copy because I couldn’t afford a real one,” Sambora told Rolling Stone. “For my first Les Paul, I worked as a janitor at a hospital for six weeks and I finally made enough money, 500 bucks, to buy my first Les Paul. And I went down to a place called Lou Rose Music in Edison, New Jersey, and got him to sell me my first Les Paul. And I had it from the time I was 17 all the way until I was 23. I was in Bon Jovi. And we were rehearsing, and we didn’t have a lot of money. And we were rehearsing in Perth Amboy, New Jersey, and it got stolen. It was my first professional guitar.
“All my heroes were playing Les Pauls, I thought it was the most powerful guitar. It was sexy. It’s got the most output. You plug it into a good amplifier, you’re going to get more out of it. That’s my staple when I go to a session, my ’59 Les Paul. I’m lucky enough to have two of them. When you put that rhythm pickup in and clean it up, there’s so much dexterity in the Les Paul. It has so many different sounds. You listen to guys like Jimmy Page, the textures they use… the tapestry that was created with a Les Paul was just singing.”

And on his admiration for the man Les Paul…
At The Les Paul Tribute concert of 2008; Sambora remembered: “He gave me this special white Les Paul - he wound the pickups himself - for my birthday, first time I met him [during the recording of Bon Jovi’s New Jersey]. I play everything from heavy metal to blues to jazz on it. He just hit it right on the head when he designed the Les Paul. I like it better than most girlfriends I've had. Without him, none of us would have a job."

On crafting his underrated solo albums, Stranger In This Town (1991) and Undiscovered Soul(1998)…
“For Stranger in this Town I wrote everything in this “stratospheric” [vocal] key for myself,” he told Guitar in 1998. “It was still good, but I felt that I sounded like an 18-year-old boy. For Undiscovered Soul I wanted to sound like me. I did more vocal training for Undiscovered Soul, made sure I sung a lot. Same with the songwriting. I wrote 30 songs to get to 12 on Undiscovered Soul. Songs are like houses: the more you live in them, the more they’ll tell you what makes you happy… and whether it needs a few repairs or a whole new roof. I have a few houses, so I know!”

On living rock’n’roll 24/7…
"I'd have to say it’s been mostly hard work, with a little bit of luck as well,” he told reporter Anne Raso. “You live rock 'n' roll, man, it's not one of those 9-to-5 jobs where you leave it. Even if you go home, you're still a rock 'n' roller. It's a lifestyle. You brush your teeth with it before you go to bed and you wake up with it in the morning, 'cause it's hanging on your shoulder. You gotta give it 100% devotion and then some. And if you don't think you've got that much dedication in you… well, you should choose another career."

On his true addictions…
“I’m a firm believer in a simple rule,” he told Guitar magazine. “A man can never have too many pairs of sunglasses or too many guitars.”

Last year 2 of my very good friends and Richie fans went to the show in Saratoga Springs, NY. They had a great time and spent the night front row right in front of Richie (they told me Jon was jealous throughout the show cause they kept taking pictures of Richie.

I wasn't there but some other intrepid person was and taped it. So here's the audio bootleg from Richie's birthday show last year.

Saratoga Springs NY 7/11/10


Happy Birthday Richie!


Bon Jovi: Sets Constitution Square on Fire

Ok this is Translated from Google, which doesn't do the best job, but its free.

Sunday July 10, 2011 - 8:44 p.m. 1816 hits

Bon Jovi concert in Bucharest fire
Andreea Dancu
The band's concert in Bucharest Bon Jovi began in Constitution Square, at 20.00, making the emergence of the band under the stage in a hot atmosphere.
UPDATE Spectators have left behind a sea of trash: beer and soda cans, plastic cups, newspapers, bottles and many cards.

UPDATE 23.05 pm Tefnut staff, has begun dismantling the stage.

UPDATE fans dancing on the rhythms of rock 'n roll of the song "Twist and Shout", which is part of the concert ended after 3:00 absolutely fantastic.

"For 30 years I expect to be with you. Thank you I expected " , Bon Jovi told the audience of 55,000 gathered in Constitution Square.

UPDATE Bon Jovi is back with "Always."

UPDATE party is in full swing. Constitution Square in a voice rings out "Livin 'On A Prayer." Viewers call in delirium. Jon Bon Jovi presented TURP and bad fans "Goodnight," a second time.

UPDATE "We will return to Bucharest soon" , promised Jon Bon Jovi, impressed by the hot atmosphere.

UPDATE After a pause of several minutes, Bon Jovi returned to the scene. Backstage changed for the third time. Now wearing a black sleeveless shirt. Sing the song "Drive Country". The new shirt is very sexy, unbuttoned the button halfway, to the delight of grassland, which chanted his name.

UPDATE Even if it's Sunday, lawmakers are at it to "work". Follow the concert the two balconies of the House of People. All the "debt" are subordinates Elena Udrea, which are perched on window sills and terrace Ministry of Development and Tourism.

UPDATE 22.00 Bon Jovi fans wished them "good night" and hysterical audience chanted his name.

UPDATE "Have a Nice Day" Bon Jovi wished fans, then it was the turn hit "Keep the Faith."

UPDATE Jon Bon Jovi and changed his shirt blue shirt with a black, during the song "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead."

UPDATE Richie Sambora and Jon Bon Jovi shake hands with the public.

UPDATE Today is the birthday of guitarist Richie Sambora and Jon Bon Jovi sang him "Happy Birthday" , with the 50,000 spectators present at Constitution Square. Then came the song "I'll Be There for You".

UPDATE at 21.20 "Bed Of Roses" resounds in Constitution Square, the lighters lit fans. Bon Jovi in the audience received a tricolor flag that says his name. He now plays on a walkway located among fans.
UPDATE "I can not help, I like old rock and roll songs," said Bon Jovi and shook the market with some arrangements of the song "Old Time Rock 'n Roll."

UPDATE "I am for the first time in Bucharest. I came to give the Heat album. I hope it's warm enough for you, " said Jon Bon Jovi, after four songs, the applause of fans ropotele. They followed the tracks "It 'sm y Life "and" Arms tissue. "

"Good evening, Romania! Brothers and sisters, we gather here to be one. Show me everything you can, all the 50,000 " said Jon Bon Jovi.

The first two songs were performed "Raise Your Hands" and "You Give Love A Bad Name".

Among the stars at the concert include Oana Sarbu and Robert Turcescu.

Concert in Bucharest of the band Bon Jovi tour is part of "The Circle", launched in February 2010. This tournament was declared the most profitable musical project of 2010.

Scene with a tour designed specifically for "The Circle" is 54 meters wide and 25 meters deep. On stage there will be a screen with a width of about 40 meters recorded in the spring scene.

Sound power plant to supply more than 15,000 watts and every concert they use generators that consume over 1800 gallons of diesel.

 And I wanted to add this photo, if you've been this close to Jon, HE WISHES he was this tall, seriously if he's 5'8" its a miracle (he's been lying for years saying he's 5'10", my Mom is 5'10", my Mom is taller than Jon Bon Shrimpi Jovi)

He's 20 meters tall.  AHHHH  It's like Godzilla!!!!  Run!!

Bon Jovi: A Little More on Bucharest

The band Bon Jovi arrived in Bucharest on Saturday after Friday night held a concert in Istanbul.

The legendary band will leave after the show Sunday Romania in Bucharest. During the European tour, the band played in 23 cities. Bucharest and Dresden are city-premiere of the band Bon Jovi. preparations for the concert in Romania started early. 

Since Friday, over 200 people tour the production team working on mounting the stage of Constitution Square . In the opening concert of the band Bon Jovi will play Romanian troops QuantiQ and stillborn . Public access is permitted as of 16:00, the concert set to conclude at around 23:00. 

Romanian Gendarmerie has announced that over 450 policemen will ensure public order in this concert. 

Thus, the police will ensure public order in the carrying out of the concert, but also tracks the arrival and departure of participants. Bon Jovi Concert in Bucharest - see details of the event organizers say the concert on Sunday, so far have sold about 50,000 tickets.

Bon Jovi Widget