Bon Jovi: Gibson's Top 50 Rock Bands & top 25 American Rock Bands of all time.


With today’s announcement of the Top 10, Gibson.com’s Top 50 American Rock Bands of All Time is complete. Below, you can check out the full list from top to bottom.

Plus, scroll down to see the readers’ Top 25 picks.

Top 50 American Rock Bands of All Time

1. Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band
2. Aerosmith
3. Nirvana
4. The Ramones
5. Metallica
6. Van Halen
7. The Byrds
8. R.E.M.
9. The Beach Boys
10. The Allman Brothers Band
11. Guns N’ Roses
12. The Doors
13. Eagles
14. Creedence Clearwater Revival
15. The Stooges
16. Lynyrd Skynyrd
17. The Velvet Underground
18. Pearl Jam
19. Wilco
20. Buddy Holly and the Crickets
21. The Grateful Dead
22. The White Stripes
23. Sly and the Family Stone
24. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
25. The Replacements
26. KISS
27. Big Star
28. Red Hot Chili Peppers
29. Foo Fighters
30. ZZ Top
31. Sonic Youth
32. Los Lobos
33. X
34. Pixies
35. Talking Heads
36. Booker T. and the MG’s
37. The Flaming Lips
38. Mountain
39. The J. Geils Band
40. Buffalo Springfield
41. NRBQ
42. Cheap Trick
43. The Strokes
44. Alice Cooper
45. The Lovin’ Spoonful
46. Kings of Leon
47. Elvis Presley and the Blue Moon Boys
48. Yo La Tengo
49. Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention
50. Green Day

Gibson.com Readers Poll – Top 25 American Rock Bands

The readers picked many of the same bands that made the final list – although certainly not in the same order – with Van Halen coming out on top. They made cases for higher placements for CCR, Wilco and Mountain and showed love for a few bands that missed out on the final tally, including Poco, Steppenwolf and Alice in Chains.

1. Van Halen
2. Guns N’ Roses
3. Allman Brothers Band
4. Creedence Clearwater Revival
5. Aerosmith
6. Wilco
7. Mountain
8. Poco
9. The Replacements
10. The Byrds
11. ZZ Top
12. Grateful Dead
13. KISS
14. The Ramones
15. The Doors
16. The White Stripes
17. Metallica
18. Nirvana
19. Steppenwolf
20. Talking Heads
21. Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band
22. Buffalo Springfield
23. Alice in Chains
24. Cracker
25. Foo Fighters

I don't quite get how Bruce & the E Street Band could be tops in one poll and not in another. But whatever.

Where's Bon Jovi?

With Gibson.com’s Top 50 American Rock Bands fully revealed, let the debate begin! We fully understand that we can’t please all the people all of the time and are preparing for the onslaught. What about Mötley Crüe, The Turtles and Alice in Chains? Isn’t Slash English? Buffalo Springfield had Neil Young and he’s a Canadian! How can you ignore Bret Michaels’ glory years with Poison?

Well, everyone who contributed to the poll – editors, writers and readers – can share in the blame. But, to redress the balance and open up more debate, we’re posting three bands that didn’t make the list, but probably should have. Or maybe not!

Bon Jovi

It’s hard to imagine – well, no, it’s near impossible to imagine – a top 50 American bands list that would exclude quite possibly, at least in terms of record sales (and probably concert attendance, too), the most successful American rock band of all time. The tale of the tape for Bon Jovi doesn’t lie: 130 million records sold worldwide (6 of their 11 studio albums hit either #1 or #2 in the States), 2,600 concerts performed before 35 million people, induction into both the U.K. Music Hall of Fame and the Songwriters Hall of Fame (for both Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora), as well as their first nomination from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Obviously, and unfairly, Bon Jovi suffers from an ’80s band “image hangover” (at least to those voting in this poll). Pity, too, because despite their image, Bon Jovi have always been the real deal. – Sean Patrick Dooley


Bon jovi: The review: Jon Bon Jovi

First I didn't write this.

Second I didn't write this.

Third, Bon Jovi is band not a man.  The fact that this article is titled Jon Bon Jovi pisses me off.

Forthly.  I did not write this review.

By Chris Wasser
Thursday June 30 2011

"This ain't no television show," says Jon Bon Jovi, he of the marching band jacket-wearing variety. "Get out of your seats!" he exclaims. Jeez Jon, no need to shout -- we're up, we're up. But then that's what you're good at, I suppose -- shouting and that. Excuse me? A bit harsh, you say? Well, you could hardly call it singing now, Jon.

Oh, foolish little man and his leather-clad buddies. It takes a lot more than so-called anthems to make a good stadium rock show. It requires power. Presence. Urgency. Not just a fist in the air and a wiggle of the arse. Indeed, the Bon Jovi live experience can be summed up quite quickly: band shows up, band plays songs, everyone cheers, band goes home. Along the way, there's some clapping and whooping and everything you'd expect from a typical American rock outfit (it's the Irish women that keep them coming back, apparently). But it's so contrived; so irritating; so completely forgettable.


Maybe it's because they're approaching the last few weeks of the tour, but did anyone else feel as though the New Jersey foursome were just playing to get it over with? That, for every moment a single Irish fan sang along with Jon, all the man could think about was getting the hell out of there?

Because that's what it looked like. At the beginning, at least. Sure, he and his friends loosen up somewhat in the middle (fine, I'll admit it -- the whole Bad Medicine meets Roy Orbison via Buddy Holly medley was kind of fun) but seriously, two-and-a-half hours is just too much.

Stand there (sitting is not allowed, remember?) and make a list of how many times Jon (49) sings about 'living his life' the way he wants to. Within 30 minutes, you'll lose count. Maybe even the will to live. But no, this lot have "more hits than a heavyweight fighter" (his words, not mine). Yep, they can go all night.

This was hardly a riveting, or even memorable, concert. Who knows? It could be that, after 28 years, they're just going through the motions, looking forward to getting home soon. Perhaps it's like this all the time. Either way, round two kicks off tonight. Best of luck. To the fans, that is.

Bon Jovi: Jon on Extra Part Dos (w/video)

June 30, 2011 | Candid Confessions

As his "Circle" tour is underway in Europe, rocker Jon Bon Jovi opened up to special correspondent Laura Whitmore in part two of "Extra's" exclusive interview.

Bon Jovi is a rock God on the road, performing for about 3.6 million fans, but at home, he's just a dad. In differentiating between the two very different roles, the singer said, "I remember a quote that actually Bono said. He said, 'After the tours are over I stay in a hotel for a week to come down from that thing before I can walk into the kitchen and not expect the kids to applaud.'"

When the father of four does have some down time at home, he spends it with his family. Bon Jovi said his kids convinced him to play Rock Band with them... and of course he sang one of his own songs! He recalled, "Took the microphone, sang sitting down and... I failed. I go, 'Oh really?' and I stood up and looked at the TV and I said, 'Let's go again!' Failed again. So I said, 'Everyone goes to bed - turn this silliness off!'"

The megastar and philanthropist spoke of his charity work as part of President Obama's Council on Community Solutions, which aims to tackle poverty and homelessness. "Over the years we've built 260 houses," Jon revealed.

Jon is also busy with his own foundation, The Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to bringing about positive change and helping the lives of those in need, "one soul at a time."

"I've been traveling around the country for 16 months, putting together a report, to both deal with the unemployment issue as well as the homelessness issue and feeding people, because the truth is, there's a lot of hard-working middle class people who are having a hard time making ends meet these days."

The generous rocker added, "Life is more than about singing and playing."

Bon Jovi: One, Two, Three, Fourteen

An Open Letter to Jon Bon Jovi.

Dear Jon,

I know you will never read this.  And I'm ok with that.  I had a shitty day at work and I am going to take out all my frustrations on you via a letter you will never read.

I am not going to explain to you how long I have been a fan or how much your music means to me personally.

I am going to tell you why the "Establishment" doesn't take you seriously.

Playing cover tunes is fine.  Everyone likes a good Rolling Stone's cover, or Bruce, or Bob Seger, or whatever.

But U2?


I understand you're in Ireland, but seriously?

You understand that they (U2) are your peers right?  You guys broke within a few years of each other your seminal albums (Slippery When Wet & Joshua Tree respectfully) were released within a year of each other.

But somehow U2 is in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, and you probably won't get in until A) you and Richie have an awful public feud leading to You & Richie not speaking to each other for years and Jann Wenner thinking "Hmmm I can sell tickets to see a reunited Bon Jovi back together" which is when you get inducted into the Hall of Fame or B) Pigs Fly out of the voters asses and you get inducted.  In reality A has a higher chance of happening.

Oh and Bono is a respected philanthropist who's been nominated for the Nobel Peace prize.  His work has been far reaching and touched millions, if not billions all over the globe.

You got into the New Jersey Hall of Fame and built some houses in New Orleans, Philadelphia and Camden, New Jersey (which if New Jersey had an armpit Camden is it).

Bono 2, Jon 0

So I can't understand your thinking playing U2.

U2 has the biggest tour on Earth right now, their spaceship is AMAZING.  The Circle can't compare, since you only have a half circle and Bono has a full circle (I've seen both so yes I can make this comparison).

Bono 3, Jon 0

Ok, but you can still sing, Bono does spoken word "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For".

Bono 3, Jon 1

Hey, you're on the board right?

By playing U2, you said, 'U2 is better than us'.  Maybe not literally but figuratively.  U2 will not play Bon Jovi at the New Meadowlands Stadium when they play there in a few weeks.  They'd play Bruce over you.  You are not on their level.  Bruce is someone the look up to.  Bon Jovi.....  yeah not so much.

Bono 4, Jon 1

Speaking of which you played 4 nights at NMS not one single Bruce song yet 2 nights in Ireland and you're playing U2.  I don't know what kind of pain medication you're taking with your wine, but stop.

There are other Irish bands you could have played.  Like Thin Lizzy, remember back in 1989 you did a cover of the 'Boys Are Back in Town' and Jon you personally did several kick ass versions of 'Jailbreak' on the Destination Anywhere Tour.

To put it in more understandable terms, The Rolling Stones and The Beatles never covered each other.  Why should Bon Jovi cover U2?

If Ireland has the greatest concentration of "die hard Bon Jovi fans on Earth" don't you think they would have appreciated more Bon Jovi tunes?  If they're as die hard as you say they are they would know rare stuff off the box set, anything off the album Bounce, throw in a little Dirty Little Secret.  But instead you 'covered' a U2 song.

If people want to see U2 they'll see U2, those people at the RDS today paid to see Bon Jovi but for some unknown reason you want to be Bono.

Since he's up 4 - 1 I'd want to be Bono too.  But I'd rather see Jon Bon Jovi.

I hope this has given you food for thought, and I sincerely hope your surgery goes well. 

Much love and some respect,

Bon Jovi: Jon gets a slice of pizza in Dublin

SNACK: Jon Bon Jovi dropped in for a pizza before rocking the crowd at the RDS

By Neil Ginty

Thursday June 30 2011

ROCK legend Jon Bon Jovi took some time out from his Dublin concerts for a slice of pizza.

The Bon Jovi frontman was in the middle of his preparations for the Irish leg of his Circle World Tour in the RDS when he decided to pop across the road for a slice in a Ballsbridge restaurant.

Getting ready to wow 60,000 Irish fans is hungry work. But luckily for Jon, chef Luciano, from Bell & Bellucci, was on hand to personally ensure the singer got the very best.

The restaurant is just across the road from the RDS.

"We were delighted to see Jon himself come into the restaurant, and even happier to serve him one of our exceptional pizzas," Luciano said.

The band are in town to play two concerts. The first took place last night.

There was a threat of rain before the New Jersey band rocked Dublin last night, but the sun came out just in time as they took to the stage.

Some 30,000 fans saw the band play the first of their two gigs in an arena more accustomed to horse shows and Leinster rugby matches yesterday.

The rockers will be belting out a 28-year back catalogue of their classics again tonight.

Pizza was about the extent of superstar demands the rockers made for their concerts this week.

There were no diva-like requests in the run-up to the shows with Bon Jovi so laid back that they were happy to use the Leinster rugby team's changing rooms rather than bring in their own luxury trailers.

The band's popularity never seems to decline in Ireland with Wednesday's show sold out and tonight's very close to the same, although there are some tickets still available from Ticketmaster.

Ireland is thought to have one of the largest proportions of diehard fans

Bon Jovi: Bon Jovi Wow Fans In Dublin

This person must be writing from the future.... or it's another edition of Factual inaccuracies abound.

As part of their current tour...

June 29 2011 - Bon Jovi concluded their current UK and Ireland tour when they played to a sold-out audience in Dublin last night.

The band, fronted by Jon Bon Jovi, played a selection of hits from their back-catalogue including 'Living On A Prayer', 'Keep The Faith', 'Bed Of Roses' and 'Have A Nice Day'.

The New Jersey band also played a number of tracks from their 2009 album 'The Circle', which included 'We Weren't Born To Follow' and 'Superman Tonight'.

Bon Jovi recently headlined this year's Hard Rock Calling festival in London. You can see pictures from their Dublin show below.


Bon Jovi: The 'Trailer Trash Springsteen' plays the RDS

I cannot stop laughing at the line in this story calling Jon the Trailer Trash Bruce Springsteen (speaking of Bruce read his eulogy to Clarence Clemons HERE, classy.  Jon should save this to 'PLAGARIZE' from for when he has to Eulogize Richie, I KID I KID).


THEY’RE A relic from the days of hair metal, and they haven’t changed their sound – or their leather trousers – in decades, so what is it about Bon Jovi that keeps the punters coming back for more of that bad medicine? Seems you don’t need giant claws or multiple costume changes to stay on top. You just need some good old-fashioned workingman’s rock’n’roll.

The Bon Jovi juggernaut rolled into town for the first of two nights at the RDS Arena. Last night’s gig was sold out – there are still tickets available for tonight if you want to catch a dose of the band’s past hits such as Livin’ On A Prayer, Bad Medicine, Wanted Dead or Alive and Blaze of Glory.

Bon Jovi may be flogging the same old rock sound since the 1980s, but it’s a formula that still works – at least on the live circuit. The band from New Jersey don’t have much in the way of gimmicks, but they are now the second-biggest pop act in financial terms, just behind U2 and just ahead of Elton John. They haven’t had a hit to equal their 20th century heyday, but that doesn’t matter to the fans – their latest Greatest Hits has notched up another worldwide hit.

As Jon Bon Jovi insists four songs in, his band are “not old – just older”, though they’re still susceptible to the same old pitfalls of the business. In April, guitarist Richie Sambora, still recovering from his breakup with his wife of 16 years, actress Heather Locklear, bowed out of the tour and checked into rehab, temporarily replaced by Canadian guitarist Philip Xenidis. Sambora’s all better now, and at the RDS he showed the form that has made him one of rock’s iconic guitarists. Drummer Tico Torres and keyboard player David Bryan were present and correct, with bassist Hugh McDonald and guitarist Bobby Bandiera completing the line-up.

After a warm-up set by Dublin band The Riptide Movement, joint winners of a competition to be Bon Jovi’s support act, the main band came on in cloudy but mild conditions, and proceeded to whip up their trademark storm. “Two nights and 1,000 songs to get through,” quipped Bon Jovi, wearing a red military-style jacket that made him look like a member of the most kickass salvation band around. You Give Love A Bad Name, Born to Be My Baby, It’s My Life and Blaze of Glory saw him keep his promise to deliver hit after hit. As the crowd raised their arms aloft to the band’s all-American anthems, it became increasingly clear why these guys keep pulling the crowds in. They’re a walking, talking, singing, axe-wielding, gun-slinging slice of the American Dream, evoking a lost era of fast cars, fast women and even faster guitar solos.

Bad Medicine brings an added dose of nostalgia as the band break into a medley that includes Van Morrison’s Gloria , Buddy Holly’s Not Fade Away and Roy Orbison’s Pretty Woman . “I’m just getting warmed up!” warns Bon Jovi. Over the next couple of hours, the band turns up the heat and blows more than a few clouds away.

He may be unfairly described as the trailer trash Bruce Springsteen – he’s never been a critics’ favourite – but last night Bon Jovi proved he’s still one of rock’s heavyweights, even if he failed – once again – to knock this critic out.

Dear Irish writer's the band was called THEM Gloria was not recorded by Van Morrison as a solo act.

Bon Jovi: Jon on Extra (w/Video)

I took the video and uploaded it to youtube incase Warner Brothers who distributes Extra put a block on the video.  :(  It's at the bottom of the page.

June 29, 2011 | Music

Rocker Jon Bon Jovi sat down in London with "Extra" special correspondent Laura Whitmore to talk about the band's mega world tour, Richie's return to the stage, his upcoming knee surgery, and Tom Cruise in "Rock of Ages."

Bon Jovi has been traveling the world on the band's "Circle" tour since February 2010 -- one of the top-grossing tours, banking $150 million (grossing more than tours by Kanye West, Justin Bieber and Katy Perry combined) and playing to over 3.6 million fans! Being at the top was definitely Jon's goal when the band started playing gigs in the early '80s. Jon explains, "Make no bones about it. When I was a kid I wanted to be a Rolling Stone. That's the level you get to live in three decades later and you deserve to have those things said about you."

Getty Images

Life on the road has not been without the bands ups and downs. Guitarist Richie Sambora left the tour in late April 2011 to enter a rehab treatment facility, but the band continued with their scheduled dates throughout North American and Europe. Sambora returned in early June and Jon told Whitmore that he's thrilled to have Richie back. "It's always good to have Richie at my side. He's doing great. There's dark clouds in everybody's worlds and he came through them. He's doing well. He's happy, he's healthy and he's focused."

Getty Images

The band has been rocking for over 27 years, and is truly dedicated to their live performance. After crossing the globe and reaching 15 nations, the band has yet to cancel a show on this tour -- and an injury to the front man definitely will not hold them back! Jon suffered a painful knee injury on June 17th while performing in Helsinki Olympic Stadium. "It was raining we were outside. It was nothing that abrupt... it just sort of gave out and tore." Jon tells to Whitmore he'll be undergoing surgery later this week in Dublin, adding, "Fortunately, we have a week off. So the doctor claims I'll be alright for Istanbul 8 days later." Although he'll go on with the show, he's not worried about his knee, joking, "I can't dance anyway, so it's not gonna hurt anybody.'

Tom Cruise and Bon Jovi Are Pals

Another performance Jon is anticipating is Tom Cruise in the movie adaptation of "Rock of Ages." Tom turned to Jon for advice. "He and I actually went out and he was very intense about 'how do you do this?' I said, 'Relax man, you're Tom Cruise, you can learn how to sing a song, don't worry about it!'" He added, "Knowing Tom Cruise from a far, everything that he does, he does to 11... a little rockstar analogy with a wink."

But will the movie star be able to transform to a rock star? Jon definitely thinks Cruise has what it takes. "I'm pleased, I'm curious. But I'm confident that it will be on the "Extra" clip -- Tom Cruise singing 'Wanted Dead or Alive' will be in the trailer -- I'm pretty confident in that." Jon is definitely not worried that Cruise will try to emulate his stage performance or characteristics. "I don't think that he's gonna be worried about duplicating my things -- it'll be an amalgam of stuff. In the meantime, I think it's pretty neat."

Will he go and see the movie? "I don't' know about that. I lived it, I don't need to see the movie. I was there the first time."


Bon Jovi: Richie's new girlfriend????

Thanks to everyone on Twitter for talking about this. Don't know if it's true or not. But I'm sure Richie has appreciated a good Brazilian or two in his time. (Am I talking about a person, a nut, or a hair waxing done to a woman's nether region? You decide).

Richie Sambora was living an affair with Yasmin Mitri.

Richie Sambora and Yasmin Mitri

Richie Sambora, lead guitarist of the band Bon Jovi, was living an affair with the Brazilian Yasmin Mitri. The guitarist has dated beautiful actresses as Heather Lockelear and Denise Richards, former wife of Charlie Sheen. Yasmin is in Sao Paulo, has 24 years, has worked as a model and currently lives in London, where he follows the career of actress.

Bon Jovi: Auction for a cause

Six specially customised guitars featuring rock stars past and present will be helping raise money for charity.

Brighton artist Jan Irvine was commissioned by Hard Rock Cafe Europe to be the official illustrator for the Hard Rock Calling concert in London, which started yesterday and finishes tomorrow.

Stars taking part include Rod Stewart, The Killers and Bon Jovi.

Ms Irvine drew the performers throughout the three day concert and her portraits, along with the Fender guitars, will be signed by the stars themselves and put on display.

All proceeds will go to the music therapy charity Nordoff Robbins.

This is the second year Ms Irvine has been asked to illustrate the concert.

In 2010 she drew Stevie Wonder, Paul McCartney, Elvis Costello and Jamiroquai among others.

Bon Jovi: Just great at Ashton Gate

Tuesday, June 28, 2011 Bristol Evening Post
ASHTON Gate stadium was transformed into a rock arena for one night as Bon Jovi swept through a greatest hits set in front of thousands of adoring fans.

An estimated 23,000 music lovers filled the pitch and three sides of the football ground last night to watch the American veterans play their second concert at the stadium.

It may have been a damp Monday night, but the band's supporters were sent into rock heaven as the multi-million selling four-piece belted out one crowd pleaser after another.

Fans thrust their arms into the air, danced and sang along as the New Jersey outfit performed their best-known anthems including Bad Medicine, It's My Life and You Give Love a Bad Name.

After shows at London's Hyde Park on Friday and Saturday, Ashton Gate, where Bon Jovi previously played in 2008, was the last UK date of their worldwide The Circle Tour.

Members of the audience lapped up every minute as Jon Bon Jovi put on an energetic performance, dashing to each end of the stage to wave to jubilant fans singing along to every word in the Dolman and Williams stands.

There was a roar from the crowd when the singer emerged up a flight of stairs and onto the stage at 7.30pm, shortly after his band mates Richie Sambora, David Bryan and Tico Torres.

Dressed all in black with a trademark leather jacket, fans cheered as the frontman's familiar face appeared on three big screens, including a huge curved screen behind the stage.

Camera flashes glittered across the sea of people on the pitch before the band launched into their opening song.

Clearly enjoying himself, Jon Bon Jovi dispensed with his leather jacket before telling members of the audience in the stands, "This ain't a reality TV show, baby, get up out of your seats."

By the time the opening notes of You Give Love a Bad Name rang out, almost everyone was on their feet, throwing their arms towards the stage in unison and clapping their hands.

The band later showed they were no one-trick ponies by throwing in a cover of Roy Orbison's Pretty Woman into an extended version of Bad Medicine, leaving the crowd in raptures.

Among the Bon Jovi devotees at the gig were Scott Grant, 41, from Nailsea, his friend Michael Thresher, 43, from Long Ashton, and Scott's nephew Max Thompson, 16, from Chippenham.

Sporting a Bon Jovi tour T-shirt Mr Grant, who has seen the band live eight times before, said: "I've got all the albums and I've been watching them since the eighties.

"Richie Sambora is the main appeal – he's a brilliant guitarist."

Mr Thresher, a motor mechanic, said: "They're just a great rock band, play great tunes and have a great singer. And it's pretty much the original band."

Sitting in the Williams stand were Nicola and Colin McGee, 41 and 42, from Trowbridge.

Dressed in a specially-printed Bon Jovi T-shirt and a cap, Mrs McGee, said: "I've followed them since they started and went to the Hyde Park concert on Saturday.

"I like their style of music and the fact they appeal to people of all ages – from children right up to elderly people."


Bon Jovi: Jon has a summer gig lined up

Last Updated: 3:28 AM, June 27, 2011
Posted: 2:53 AM, June 27, 2011

This summer's Apollo in the Hamptons benefit will be headlined by Alicia Keys and soul legends Ben E. King and Bettye LaVette. The second annual Apollo in the Hamptons bash will be held at Ron Perelman's sprawling East Hampton estate on Aug. 20 and co-hosted by Jon Bon Jovi. More talent is expected to sign on in the coming weeks. Last year's inaugural bash featured John Legend, Mary J Blige, Sam Moore and Bon Jovi. It raised almost a million dollars for youth education and mentoring programs.


Posted on: Tue 28 Jun 2011

Bon Jovi rocked Ashton Gate for a second time in three years in front of more than 21,000 fans tonight.

The legendary rock band, recently named the biggest live act in the world, thrilled a lively crowd in the balmy Bristol heat.

Playing all their classic hits as well as some more recent songs, even drifts of rain couldn't dampen the fans' spirits.

Some rockers had camped out in a nearby park overnight in readiness for the show, and they enjoyed support acts Goldtrip and Vintage Trouble before the main event of Bon Jovi's appearance at around 7.30pm.

You Give Love a Bad Name and We Weren't Born To Follow were early crowd favourites and It's My Life soon had the crowd participating.

We Got It Goin' On couldn't be any more appropriate as lead singer Jon Bon Jovi, struggling through a knee injury suffered in a recent Helsinki show, had the crowd eating out the palm of his hand.

Blaze Of Glory, In These Arms and Keep the Faith brought further cheers before the band entered an encore.

Classics Someday I'll Be Saturday Night, Wanted Dead or Alive and Livin' on a Prayer proved a fitting way to end another superb Ashton Gate concert.

Chief executive Guy Price said: "It's was a spectacular night and it was fantastic to see so many thousands of people coming from all over the enjoy the legendary Bon Jovi at Ashton Gate.

"It's brilliant that Bristol can put on an event like this and we look forward to so much more in the future in the new stadium."

Setlist in full

  1. Happy Now
  2. You Give Love a Bad Name
  3. Born To Be My Baby
  4. We Weren't Born to Follow
  5. Just Older
  6. It's My Life
  7. We Got It Goin' On
  8. Raise Your Hands
  9. Captain Crash & the Beauty Queen From Mars
  10. Bad Medicine / Pretty Woman / Treat Her Right
  11. Blaze of Glory
  12. Living In Sin
  13. In These Arms
  14. Who Says You Can't Go Home
  15. I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
  16. Runaway
  17. Have a Nice Day
  18. Keep the Faith
  19. Encore
  20. Someday I'll Be Saturday Night
  21. (It's Hard) Letting You Go
  22. Wanted Dead or Alive
  23. Livin' on a Prayer

Bon Jovi: Bon Jovi Live Review (Manchester)

Most cringe worthy line of this story: . To see a quartet with a combined aged of more than 100 performing with such energy is amazing and the songs were brilliant.  What do you say about the Rolling Stones then?  That Keith Richards who should be dead and has been drinking formaldehyde the last 30 to years to retain that look of walking corpse....  Mick Jagger still struts around stage like a preening peacock, abet a peacock that is pushing 70 and could use a walker?

Sometimes these "journalists" piss me off.

Oh I'm not posting the pictures that accompany this article, since they're not from this show, #1 Jon's hair is too long & #2 in the group shot he's not wearing his knee brace.

Rachel Boothroyd doesn't mind getting wet at Old Trafford

Written by Rachel Boothroyd. Published 20 minutes ago.

”I CAN’T believe it. 45,000 crazy fans are dancing away on a wet rainy night in Manchester. I’m the luckiest man in the world.”

And with that, Jon Bon Jovi made the whole of Old Trafford forget about the weather on a cold Friday night in Manchester.

“It’s like having a shower with tons of people,” he said. He’d probably know, given his antics in the 80s.
Bon Jovi were playing the cricket ground as part of their marathon world tour to support their Greatest Hits album, although the man himself insisted it ‘isn’t a goodbye tour or a nostalgia tour.’

That didn’t stop them rattling through their back catalogue though – racing through 23 songs from six different albums across 27 years. Every hit had the crowd singing along and waving their hands – or smartphones – in the air. There can’t be many people out there who don’t know the words to ‘You Give Love a Bad Name,’ ‘It’s My Life’ and of course the anthem that is ‘Livin’ on a Prayer.’

The only disappointment a couple of songs I didn’t know, so vast is their arsenal of rock. I still enjoyed ‘Captain Crash and the Beauty Queen from Mars’ and ‘Raise your Hands’ though. As soon as ‘When We Were Beautiful’ came on I was back to belting out a tune with everyone else.

Our seats were towards the back of the ground, so when I wasn’t singing, I could sit back and appreciate the sight of thousands of fans waving their hands in mass synchronisation. It is an amazing site and you could tell how much Bon Jovi himself appreciated it. “It’s like having a shower with tons of people” he said. He’d probably know, given his antics in the 80s.

The rest of the band was surprisingly quiet throughout the whole gig. Perhaps they were feeling the chill. Richie Sambora’s guitar solos were still immense though, and showed he doesn’t need to be vocal to be talented.

Overall , it was an amazing concert. To see a quartet with a combined aged of more than 100 performing with such energy is amazing and the songs were brilliant. Our programme might have gone damp with the rain, but the event certainly wasn’t a damp squid.


Sunday June 26,2011
By Rob Garrett
BON JOVI occupy a strange place in the pantheon of modern music. Ridiculed by the rock establishment for their blow-dried mullets and no-brains choruses, they were never quite young or soft enough to make it as a rock n’ roll boy band.
Instead they found a niche as the rock fan’s guilty pleasure, and pop fan’s bit of rough rock. A niche perhaps, but a very large one. The New Jersey rockers are one of just a handful of bands who can not only headline Hyde Park, but can keep a 50,000-strong crowd on their feet and in song for three hours.

While 100 miles away Coldplay gently lulled Glastonbury’s mud-soaked Saturday night, Bon Jovi took to the stage at its polar-opposite in the festival world, brand-heavy Hard Rock Calling. It would be tough to find a better fit of band and gig; Bon Jovi made for the open air, they duly left no hit-shaped stone unturned. There were the eighties anthems on which they made their millions – You Give Love a Bad Name, Lay Your Hands on Me, and of course, Livin’ on a Prayer – alongside newer songs shrewdly modelled on the same aching chord changes and life-affirming lyrics, like It’s My Life and Have A Nice Day.

To enjoy this music, like an action movie or a whodunit crime novel, you need to check your suspension of disbelief at the gate. But there were perhaps two moments when the line to self-parody was crossed – a painful piano and vocal cover of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah, and the decision to bathe the back of the stage with images of Martin Luther King during the faux-politics of We Weren’t Born To Follow.

Jon Bon Jovi’s “we’re going to be here until the cops drag me off” routine felt very tired on the 49-year-old’s lips, while out in the crowds all the talk was of “him”, not “them”, after a quarter of a century fans still mistaking the band’s eponymous front man for a solo artist.

As an incessant torrent of sing-a-long choruses bled into squealing guitar solos and formulaic ballads, a veteran of five Bon Jovi concerts taps me on the shoulder and confides: “I don’t know this one, but they all go the same.”
This was music lacking in all subtlety or imagination, and after three carefully-executed encores it was clear spontaneity was never an option either. To the band, no doubt vanishing on their private jet, it was just another stop on another world tour.

But as a pre-packaged experience of rock n’ roll fast food it hit the spot. Nearly 50,000 people came together for this celebration of the predictable and, leaving the royal park strewn with a sea of empty beer cups, their lives were left in some way touched.


3 of 5 REALLY??????????? That show was 4.5/5 (No Never Say Goodbye)

Bon Jovi: Bon Jovi ignore trappings of stardom ahead of RDS gigs

By Mark Hilliard
Monday June 27 2011

THEY are dubbed the hardest-working band in the world, and yet Bon Jovi seem to be anything but hard work.

Preparations got under way yesterday for the New Jersey rockers' double performance at Dublin's RDS this week.

But just days before their arrival, there have been no superstar demands, no requests for brown M&Ms or a particularly rare brand of sparkling water.

In fact, Bon Jovi are so laid back they've even opted to use the Leinster rugby team's changing rooms -- no luxury trailers required here.

"They have no airs or graces about them at all; they are the nicest people you could meet," shrugged a crew member tasked with looking after the band.

It's just not very rock and roll.

In advance of their back-to-back, 60,000-capacity shows, a crew of around 60 people have begun building the steel stage.

The Irish gigs are set to be particularly special and not just because frontman Jon Bon Jovi says he has "always wanted to be Irish".

With Wednesday's concert sold out and Thursday on the verge of following suit, Ireland is thought to have one of the largest proportions of diehard fans.

"Per capita, I would say so," said site coordinator Tom Speiser.



ROCK aces Bon Jovi nailed Hard Rock Calling with a storming three-hour set and announced: “This is better than Glastonbury.”

Despite having an injured leg after slipping during a recent show in Finland, frontman Jon Bon Jovi gave the most incredible performance in London’s Hyde Park.

And bandmates Richie Sambora, Tico Torres, 57, and David Bryan, 49, were on equally rocking form.

I joined the band on Saturday night at their plush HRC aftershow party in London’s decadent Savoy.

Still smiling despite having to wear a leg brace throughout the show – and in the bar – he told me: “I kept my energy up. That’s what I get paid to do. I really enjoyed it and we keep going.

“Tomorrow is a day off then the tour rolls on.

“We really appreciate the UK support.”

Clutching a glass of iced white wine he grinned: “This is what gets me through the pain.”

After last year’s London residency, it’s clear there’s a lot of love for the Jovi in Blighty. Thousands of fans sang along to their hefty back catalogue of hits, including It’s My Life, Bad Medicine and the epic Livin’ On A Prayer.

Richie Sambora fired out some incredible guitar solos.

And at the aftershow the 51-year-old told me: “This is better than Glastonbury and the mud.

“Why play a festival when you can sell out 70,000 of your own crowd? It was awesome, real energy. I love London and could totally live here.”

On stage, Jon, 49, vowed: “We’re gonna be here til the cops drag me off.”

And fans certainly got value for money.

No wonder Bon Jovi are one of the highest grossing live acts in the world.

Their stamina certainly helps you keep the faith that rock 'n’ roll is alive and kicking.

Bon Jovi: The butt grab now seen round the world.

Thanks to rijo1893 Great job!

Richie's Hip Thrust is back @ 1:02 and then @ 3:12 Jon turns Richie around, lifts his (Richie's) jacket up on his back and then Jon squeezes Richie's ass.

Bon Jovi: ICYMI Hard Rock Calling

Here's the entire show on youtube.  Thanks to WhoDaresRocks for the upload.

Bon Jovi: HRC Review

Fan prayers answered as Hard Rock keeps the faith with Bon Jovi

June 26, 2011
By Johnny Penwarden

Bon Jovi rock Saturday night in Hyde Park...
Arriving at Saturday’s Hard Rock Calling during Kinks’ frontman Ray Davies crowd-pleasing set, there is no doubt who the fans are here to see.  With an earlier line-up that forced even the most knowledgable music fans scurrying for their online biogs, many fans opt to arrive in the two hours prior to Bon Jovi’s headlining performance.  As Davies finishes his set with fan favourites All Day and All of the Night and Waterloo Sunset, the queues for entrance stretch through Hyde Park on a glorious day that bears a marked contrast toFriday’s soggy start to the weekend.
With no hope of making it across the arena to catch Imelda May performing on the Pepsi Max Stage, thousands of fans jostle for prime viewing position in the June sunshine.  Despite their halcyon days coming a decade and a half ago, Bon Jovi have attracted a large number of younger fans.  Teeny boppers and grizzled rock veterans alike come bedecked in their Bon Jovi tour T-shirts, clutching posters, inflatables and cowboy hats.  With such a huge crowd, surely this gig will get loud?
Jon tackles the setting sun with his aviators...
Sadly not.  At least to begin with anyway.
When Jon, Richie, David and Tico (and Hugh) hit the stage, the crowd cheer, but in a very polite, British way, offering a stark contrast to the drunken revelry that accompanied Springsteen’s concert here last year.
In a red flavour of his trademark military jacket – a nod to London? – and mirrored aviators, Jon Bon Jovi launches into opener Raise Your Hands to general equanimity from the huge crowd.  Not until second songYou Give Love a Bad Name do the mass of fans finally find a voice, singing along in a fervour.  Then (relatively) quiet again for the band’s third.
Fairweather fans for a fairweather event?  It would seem so, as any track that made it onto the crowd’s worn copies of Cross Road (with the inclusion of international hit It’s My Life) is greeted with rapturous support, and any lesser known song is treated with majority bewilderment.
Worship at the Church of Bon Jovi
But this is something Bon Jovi must be used to.  Despite this concert forming part of the tour of their album, The Circle, the band perform what is undoubtedly a greatest hits set.  Only two tracks from the recent album make it onto a setlist that heavily favours older, better-known songs – much to the delight of the crowd.
Playing to their strengths makes the Hyde Park gig better and better, and as the sun goes down the crowd starts to warm.  By the time Bon Jovi have finished their main set with Keep the Faith – a set that includes a Pretty Woman detour during Bad Medicine and a gentle cover of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah – everyone is singing and dancing around like true converts to the Church of Bon Jovi.
Those few hoarse from singing along with every song are replaced by their neighbours when Jon returns to the stage in his eveningwear (a leather jacket) for an encore that includes Wanted Dead or Alive and Livin’ On A Prayer.  Further encores give us Always, These Days and finisher I Love This Town.
The crowd are still baying for more when the band leave the stage for the final time, furiously waving ‘F*ck the Curfew’ banners to entice the band back.  All to no avail, despite Jon’s early promise to “play until the police drag us away”.
Heat of the night: the band return for three encores...
Still, with over three hours of rocking, the Hard Rock Calling crowd pours out of Hyde Park satisfied, and Bon Jovi leave London in a blaze of glory…
Bon Jovi’s Hard Rock Calling setlist:
  1. Raise Your Hands
  2. You Give Love a Bad Name
  3. Born to Be My Baby
  4. We Weren’t Born to Follow
  5. Lost Highway
  6. It’s My Life
  7. In These Arms
  8. Blaze of Glory
  9. Lay Your Hands on Me
  10. Captain Crash & the Beauty Queen From Mars
  11. Bad Medicine / Pretty Woman
  12. Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen cover)
  13. When We Were Beautiful
  14. I’ll Be There For You
  15. Who Says You Can’t Go Home
  16. I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead
  17. Hey God
  18. Have a Nice Day
  19. Keep the Faith
    Bon Jovi rock out to huge Hyde Park crowd...
  20. Dry County
  21. Wanted Dead or Alive
  22. Someday I’ll Be Saturday Night
  23. Livin’ on a Prayer
    Encore 2:
  24. Always
  25. These Days
  26. Blood on Blood
    Encore 3:
  27. I Love This Town

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