Bon Jovi: David Bergman proves that Jon is alive and Kim Jung Il is dead.

David Bergman posted a nice little article on his website about debunking the Jon Bon Jovi death hoax, which you can read here: http://davidbergman.net/blog/i-proved-that-jon-bon-jovi-is-not-dead/

But then Mad Magazine licensed David's image to create this HILARIOUS parody:

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

By The Editors

Dictator Kim Jong Il fell victim to a death hoax this week, but have no fear the midget despot is doing just fine. To quell speculation, he tweeted a holiday photo of himself alive and well. Also, in an official statement, Kim Jong Il expressed his sympathy to the family of rocker Jon Bon Jovi, who was reportedly found in a coma in a New Jersey hotel and not breathing.

Hell Looks a lot like North Korea indeed.


Bon Jovi: When Tommy and Gina met Angry Birds

To quote Gwen Stefani  "This shit is bananas..."

dj doc aka mashdoctor – angry birds on a prayer

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dj doc aka mashdoctor – angry birds on a prayer
Angry Birds OST VS Bon Jovi

well, this was not forgotten
we were simply not brave enough to post it till now

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