Bon Jovi: Keep the Faith an Intimate Evening with Bon Jovi

Someone in Youtube land posted the entire show!!!

Thank you You Tube User Hey God

Happy Saturday/Sunday!

Bon Jovi: Japan Interview Circa 88-89


26 minutes!!

Some great stuff in this video from Japan circa 88-89.

Holy crap, they were so young (so young so young...)

and Richie was so funny.

Thanks Amit!!

**EDIT** Just finished watching this, watch Jon's progression from young kid having fun as a rock star to the portion where they interview them at the end of the SWW tour he looks like hell run over by a steam roller. And then the New Jersey interview where he's starting to be the Jon we know today practiced and polished but then there are glimpses of what he used to be.

Bon Jovi: 30 Day Bon Jovi Challenge Day 29!!!

Bon Jovi: 30 Day Bon Jovi Challenge

One more day! I did this every day and posted unlike some people who skipped a day (Marnie I'm looking in your general direction).

Day 29 - Reasons you love Bon Jovi

I love the music

I love the positivity and hopefulness

I love the melodies

I love the harmonies

I love lamp. (That's an Anchorman reference)

I love the fact Alec isn't in the band anymore.

I love Tico

I love David

I love Richie

I lust after Jon, and his ass.

But most of all I love the music.

Bon Jovi: No Apologies.... Ok, maybe a few....

So here's the No Apologies video...  Geez do they even try with the video format anymore? 

The sad thing about this is the mix of clips from different shows in Australia and Jon is so choreographed.  He does the same hand motion at the same point at every show (I mean obviously I knew this but you know here's the video proof).  They cut away at different points to go to a different show (different outfit, different show) and his hand is extended or he's pointing...

The other thing is the mirroring of the Video, Richie is where Bobby is and then Richie is back on his side of the stage (chained with wires like a lion in a cage, or OK a better description sex panther.... Insert Anchorman Joke here).  And Jon's hair is parted on the left and then on the right (what was the bald spot showing?  Oops sorry Jon!)

Is this better than the 3-D crap fest of What Do You Got?  I don't know at least with that video I wondered if they were going to blow up Jean Benoit (NCIS reference, the actress in the video played the woman who's father was the arms dealer and Tony went undercover and dated her, she then blamed Tony for murdering her father the next season, he was actually killed by the CIA?  I think or was it Director Shepard?  I've never been sure....).

So if you haven't seen it here it is. 


Bon Jovi: 30 Day Bon Jovi Challenge Day 28

Bon Jovi: 30 Day Bon Jovi Challenge

Day 28 - Cities/places you've seen Bon Jovi

Tampa, Fl - 6 Times

East Rutherford, NJ - 4 Times

Charlotte, NC - 1 Time

Auburn Hills, MI - 1 time

Gulf Shores, AL - 1 time

Tickets purchased (Kinda sorta at Fan Club stand)

San Antonio, TX - 1 Time

Las Vegas, NV - 1 Time

For these two dates I can't wait....  :)

Bon Jovi: Bon Jovi rocks them al

Another article with Excerpts from the Presser where they said what I won't say about the hiatus....

By Steve McElwee - For the CDT
Friday, Feb. 04, 2011

It’s pretty amazing that Bon Jovi has been together recording and performing since the first Reagan administration. What’s even more impressive is that they haven’t perished to the pratfalls that claimed a lot of their 1980s hard-rock contemporaries, nor have they been relegated to the often desperate and demeaning rotation of reality TV and county fairs. If anything, Bon Jovi is more popular now than they were during their initial glory years a quarter of a century ago.

“There is a lot of new faces out there, two or three generations of people since we started,” drummer Tico Torres said. “From the beginning, we’ve always toured as many continents as possible, and that gives you longevity because a lot of times when it’s not working in a certain area, you go away from that area and you build up. By touring so much, you get a lot of new fans.”

Bon Jovi will kick off a 2011 world tour with a stop at Penn State next week. In spite of performing together since 1983, the musicians say each tour stop becomes a unique concert experience.

Having solidly established themselves as American rock royalty, Bon Jovi is coming off the top grossing concert tour of 2010 (their second in three years) and they are kicking off their 2011 world tour, which runs through July, at the Bryce Jordan Center next week. Despite typically playing in larger cities, the band is looking forward to playing in a college town.
“Our production team is getting everything together and everybody gets a great show,” guitarist Richie Sambora said. “And you know what? Honestly it’s very, very spontaneous and fun and it’s a special thing.”

Even though they have played thousands of concerts over the years, the band is still able to infuse their energy and charisma into a set and they make sure that every single one of their shows tops whatever they did the previous evening.

“There’s not a moment that this band walks on stage together and doesn’t give 120 percent,” Sambora said. “You know, everybody’s out there really trying their hardest so it’s just going to be an interesting show.”
While usually categorized as an arena band, Bon Jovi has strived to make every single concerts as personal as possible. It’s as if they are playing their endless set of hits specifically for the fans.

“I love the energy and the fact that Bon Jovi makes a stadium intimate, big screens so people can actually see you sweat, see how hard you’re working,” Sambora said of the band’s giant high-definition video screens that will adorn the stage. “Even if you’re at the back seat of the stadium and you’re the 66,000th guy that’s back there, you’re seeing it.”

“And the personal antics that we do as musicians. Jon knows how to make a big crowd intimate and we have a half-circle that goes out into the audience where we do acoustic stuff together,” Torres added.

“The guy’s extraordinary,” said Sambora while discussing their dynamic front man, Jon Bon Jovi. “It’s like when I walk on stage with him, I’m going, ‘What’s next?’ All of us do the same thing and we don’t rehearse that much, so it’s very, very spontaneous and that makes it fun for us and keeps us fresh.”

For a band that has been performing together for such a long time, it only seems natural their creativity might go stale, but aside from Bon Jovi being able to entertain an audience, they also keep things interesting for themselves. “We play off each other and that’s what we have, that’s what a band is,” Torres said. “Unless you come see us 10 nights in a row or even three nights in a row, you won’t notice it. Because we play different every night, it’s something that you look forward to because you spend a lot of time in the hotel room away from home, and you’re looking forward to those three hours on stage where you could just do your craft and enjoy yourself.”
“And jam,” Sambora added.

“And jam. And that’s what makes it fun for us,” Torres said.

Bon Jovi will kick off its 2011 world tour at 7:30 p.m. Feb. 9 at the Bryce Jordan Center, University Park. Call 865-5555 or visit www.bjc.psu.edu for more information.


Bon Jovi: You can win tix to NY fashion week and see WTB!!

With New York Fashion Week just around the corner, it’s close to impossible to score tickets to see the world’s top designers present their work on the runway.
That’s why we’re excited to present an amazing offer exclusive to FashionStake members—From now until we hand out the last ticket, anyone who makes apurchase of $50 or more on FashionStake.com will receive two tickets to one of Elle Magazine’s STYLE360 shows
at New York Fashion Week at Metropolitan Pavilion South.
We expect these tickets to go fast, so get yours now!  Unfortunately we won’t be able to provide transportation, but we would love for you to join us if you can make it to NYC.
Because we only have a limited number of tickets for each show, we won’t be able to guarantee the show of your choosing— but we’ll try our best to accommodate you.    Tickets will be given out first come first serve, so the sooner you get in the better chance you have to get tickets to the show you want.  After completing your purchase, please email us your name and your top three picks to NYFW@fashionstake.com and we will send you a confirmation.  Emails must be received by Thursday, February 10th.
Not a member?  Join the democracy now and get your tickets to New York Fashion Week!
The STYLE360 schedule is as follows:
Tuesday, February 157:00pm — Boy Meets Girl
Wednesday, February 1612:30pm — SACHIKA
5:00pm — bebeBLACK
8:30pm — Indashio presented by Trident Vitality
Thursday, February 1710:00am — Malan Breton Collection
2:00pm — EMU Australia
6:30pm — WTB by Richie Sambora and Nikki Lund
For more information and the full schedule, check out Elle’s STYLE360 site. All shows will take place at Metropolitan Pavilion South, located at 125 West 18thStreet.

Bon Jovi: Richie & Nikki dress the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.

No offense Richie but we know what happens when you dress women:

At lease they'll look better than they normally do (says the Giants fan)

by Lynn Hoppes

Richie Sambora, getting ready to board a plane from Los Angeles to the Super Bowl city of Dallas, wanted to talk football.

"Who is going to win the Super Bowl?" he asked.

"Aaron Rodgers vs. Ben Roethlisberger is going to be a great battle," he answered himself.

"Who has the experience to win?" he said rhetorically.

Sambora, the lead guitarist of legendary rock band Bon Jovi, was so excited to head to Dallas on Thursday night to be part of the spectacle of Super Bowl weekend.

And he's really looking forward to Friday afternoon when he and his partner Nikki Lund have their clothing line -- WTB (White Trash Beautiful) -- modeled by the Dallas Cowboys' cheerleaders.

"Of course, I'm extremely proud," said Sambora, who started the line in spring 2010. "You will have gorgeous girls wearing our fashion. These girls are going to be showing the clothes like art. It's going to be wonderful."

WTB is anything but white trash. It's a contemporary fashion line consisting of distressed leather separates, dresses, evening gowns and more. The WTB Collection already has found celebrity fans including Carrie Underwood, Miley Cyrus and Kellie Pickler. A men's line will debut this spring.

What's with the title of White Trash Beautiful?

"I was walking around my house with this title in my head and I couldn't figure out what to do with it," Sambora said, "so I thought 'women's fashion line'. I met this brilliant woman named Nikki and we took it from there."

Lund, who already has a clothing line called Eccentric Symphony, said when Sambora came calling, she wasn't going to say no.

"He is a humble and amazing man, and it really was quite easy for me to say 'Yeah, let's do it,'" she said. "We're knowledgeable together on a lot of things and he's taught me a lot about football. He explained what a first down was!"

Back to the Super Bowl, Sambora continued the conversation:

"It's going to be a great game. I can't wait to see the stadium," he said. "Some of the players are my friends. It's going to be a wonderful weekend."

Bon Jovi: 30 Day Bon Jovi Challenge Day 27

Bon Jovi: 30 Day Bon Jovi Challenge

Day 27 - Would you ever consider getting a Bon Jovi-inspired tattoo? Explain

I don't have any tattoos I am TERRIFIED of needles. I also like to look at artwork in a museum, not on my body. So probably not. But I have considered getting a NY Yankees tattoo. But that gets shot down the thought of needles. UGH.

Bon Jovi: Happy Thursday

I love this version of In These Arms.  This is the video version of This!!! which I posted Tuesday.

Jon is in his movie star mode (short hair waxed chest, I don't know what was sadder for me in 92 when he cut his hair or in 96 when he waxed his chest).

They should do more "acoustic" sessions.  I never understood why they didn't do better venues (like performing arts halls where the acoustics would be better than a hockey arena), and maybe they're smaller but you can charge more for the tickets for such a "intimate" setting.

So enjoy this video version of "In These Arms" from Yokohama 1996

Bon Jovi: Bon Jovi displaces some Lady Lions?

Those Lady Lions are the Nittany Type from State College, PA, AKA Penn State Univerity.  The writer must have a copy of HAND since he references 2 songs (and one is the WORST BON JOVI SONG EVER).

By Andrew Robinson
Collegian Staff Writer

Appropriately enough, a song by the latest big-name occupant of the Bryce Jordan Center may best summarize the Lady Lions’ schedule over the next week.

“Welcome to wherever you are.”

With a severe winter storm working its way across the Midwest and with Bon Jovi set up in the main gym of the BJC, the Penn State women’s basketball team is adapting its practices and travel plans this week. The Lady Lions left for Michigan early, giving the team a full extra day in Ann Arbor for their game Thursday night.

“You know how kids like snow days, well our kids got a snow day,” Penn State coach Coquese Washington said during her teleconference this week. “They’re enjoying the snow day.”

The same weather that prompted Washington’s team out of State College a day early also affected the men’s basketball team. During the Big Ten coaches’ conference call Tuesday, the weather was a frequent topic as well, with Purdue, Wisconsin and Northwestern scheduled to host games Thursday night.

But Jon Bon Jovi and his band have been the answer to the question, “Who says you can’t go home?”

With Bon Jovi’s set taking up the main gym until Feb. 9, the Lady Lions and men’s basketball team have had to practice in the much smaller South Gym, but the Lady Lions have the benefit of two road games this week.

“It’s not too bad for us because we have the road games,” Washington said. “We’re going to be in the South Gym, we’re going to practice on the road. It’s not too different because we only have one home game in that stretch.”

Though the Lady Lions decided to play it safe and leave early, Iowa, who plays at Purdue on Thursday is confident in their travel plans. Iowa coach Lisa Bluder said during the teleconferece that the team’s travel arrangements had not been changed due to the storm and she didn’t expect any problems.

“They say that the plan that we have laid out right now is perfect for the weather,” Bluder told reporters at her press conference Tuesday. “We are supposed to land at their airport at [7 p.m. on Wednesday] and it’s supposed to open up at 6. So if everything goes according to plan, we have a pretty good one in place.”

While big winter shows are nothing new in State College, the length of Bon Jovi’s occupation is something Washington hasn’t experienced during her tenure as Lady Lions head coach.

“It’s not really happened to us for this long of a stretch but it’s just one of those things that happens,” Washington said. “Again, because we’re playing on the road most of this time, not being able to practice on the main arena floor is not going to have a terrible impact on our team I don’t think.”


Bon Jovi: 30 Day Bon Jovi Challenge Day 26

Bon Jovi: 30 Day Bon Jovi Challenge

Day 26 - A photo of a member of the band's tattoo

Hmmm who's arm art is this????  LOL

Bon Jovi: WTB Show in Dallas

Some pre BIG GAME festivities in the big D.  I wonder who wlse might be there besides Richie....

Published 01 February 2011 11:40 PM

Jerry Jones' three kids and their spouses are hosting a Friday afternoon party for a pal that is a guaranteed celebrity draw. Charlotte and Shy Anderson, Lori and Jerry Jones Jr. and Karen and Stephen Jones have booked the entire Mi Cocina in Highland Park Village for a fashion show.
Bon Jovi lead guitarist Richie Sambora and his design partner Nikki Lund will show their clothes line, White Trash Beautiful.

With ice lining every runway in Dallas, the Jones spawn were reluctant to talk about the celebrity-laden guest list that is expected.

But consider this: Charlotte and Shy Anderson are pals with Sambora's onstage partner, Jon Bon Jovi. If you've got Sambora and Bon Jovi, then an A-list of movie stars is likely to follow.


Bon Jovi: Snowed in? Here's something to warm you up

I don't know why everyone is bitching about the snow.  It was about 80 here in beautiful sunny Florida.

Oh I'm psychic I could hear everyone subliminally send me messages like, "Go F*ck yourself b*tch, I hope a hurricane hits you this summer..."  Hey Hey people I lived in that, I shoveled snow, I am aware of how cold your fingers get from a little wet snow.

So anyway to get those good happy vibes back here are a few hot things:

Bon Jovi - Yokohama 1996

Sweet Merciful Jesus if DAMNED doesn't get your blood moving, your not a real fan....  I'm just saying.  This is also the show where they did an acoustic set with In These Arms.  It's great quality.

What else could warm you up?


I can do that. Enjoy!

Bon Jovi: 30 Day Bon Jovi Challenge Day 25

Bon Jovi: 30 Day Bon Jovi Challenge

Day 25 - Your favorite Bon Jovi logo



Yeah a Florida date pretty much confirmed.

May 15th in Orlando!!!!!

The (overpriced) Fan Club trip from My 13th - May 16th is up @ http://www.bonjovi.com/travel

I'll see you there (in Orlando not the Fan Club trip)!

Bon Jovi: 30 Day Bon Jovi Challenge Day 24

Bon Jovi: 30 Day Bon Jovi Challenge

Day 24 - Your favorite Bon Jovi lyric

"It's all the same, only the names will change."

From Wanted Dead or Alive. It's to me like saying Same Shit Different Day.

Bon Jovi: Do you know what Richie Sambora looks like?

Do you know what Richie Sambora looks like?

This guy obviously doesn't.

The figure in question is Clay Guida.

This is the Richie McFarlane figure

Here is Clay:

Here is Richie:

I'm not seeing a resemblance. 

Either way Happy Monday!


Bon Jovi: 30 Day Bon Jovi Challenge Day 23

Bon Jovi: 30 Day Bon Jovi Challenge

Day 23 - A photo of your favorite Bon Jovi merchandise

I have so much that when 20/20 did their sit down interview with Jon I joking said to my Dad (and maybe it wasn't so jokingly) I paid for that house.

I love the shot glass set I got at the NMS last year.

I have all of my tour programs framed and hanging up (although out of all my tour programs my most beloved one is the Pink Floyd one from their last and probably final tour in 1994 for the Division Bell).

I have framed my poster from Giants Stadium in 2001.

My Keep the Faith poster from 1993 is still on my bedroom wall.

My Bon Jovi t-shirts from the 80's, they are still in good shape.

I have a bunch of vinyl singles, Runaway, You Give Love a Bad Name, Lay Your Hands on Me, etc.

I would have to say my probably most prized possession is my Vinyl Copy of New Jersey on picture disc.  The New Jersey Album cover was the B side and the picture from inside the liner notes was the A side. I saved up for MONTHS (I was 13 at the time) to get it hoping that someone else wouldn't go into Record Record in Pompton Lakes , NJ and buy it before me.

Bon Jovi: Gibson creators 'thrilled' by Alabama Jammer guitar

Hmmm does the author know something that no of us, probably including Richie knows???  Former Bon Jovi guitarist???  For Shame Christine Kneidinger get your facts straight.

Other than that little piece of Miss Information, a nice article on the guitar Richie played in Gulf Shores during Whole Lotta Leaving....

Published: Sunday, January 30, 2011, 9:00 AM
By Christine Kneidinger, al.com

The Alabama Tourism Department's "Alabama Jamma," a customized guitar serving as the official symbol of its 2011 The Year of Alabama Music campaign. (The Birmingham News/Martin Swant)

The journey has begun for the Gibson-manufactured Alabama-shaped guitar. It's circulating through the Alabama music scene in honor of the Alabama Department of Tourism's "Year of the Music" campaign- and it's off to a pretty impressive start.

Since the Alabama Jamma's debut in 2010, the state shaped Les Paul-esque guitar has graced the fingers of musicians such as Bo Bice, 311 and even former Bon Jovi lead guitarist Richie Sambora. It was even set to be featured on "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno," but didn't make it due to scheduling conflict.

If the laundry list of musicians to play the guitar in 2010 is any indication of what's in store this year, Alabama Jamma is in for a wild ride.

If only guitars could talk.

In the video below, creator Mike McGuire from Gibson Custom Guitars gives inside look into the manufacturing process, how it was built and the materials they used to create of the Alabama Jamma.

Here a link back to another story on this same guitar that he used with some pictures I took.

Bon Jovi: Sharing Sunday

Here's a little something I found yesterday.  I renamed and numbered all the tracks for your listening pleasure in iTunes.

From Zurich, Germany on the I'll Sleep When I'm Dead tour back in 1993.

The great thing (or maybe the bad thing depending on how you look at it) about these older bootlegs is how when you compare them to today, Jon really hasn't changed the order of some of the more well known songs in almost 20 years.  Click on any of the songs below to go to the folder,

The track listing is:
I Believe
Wild in the Streets
You Give Love a Bad Name
Born to Be My Baby
I Can't Help Falling in Love with You (Elvis Cover)
Bed of Roses
Keep the Faith
I'd Die For You
Blaze of Glory
Lay Your Hand on Me
Sleep When I'm Dead
Blood on Blood
Bad Medicine
Shout! (Isley Brothers Cover but it's really based on the Otis Day & the Knights version from National Lampoons Animal House)
Help! (The Beatles cover)
Wanted Dead or Alive (w/Acoustic Introduction)
In These Arms
Living on a Prayer

Happy Sunday!

Bon Jovi: Opening for Jon's Birthday is...

It looks like an opening act has been announced for the Philly show, on March 2nd (AKA Jon's Birthday).  I know a lot of people going so.

The hard-rocking hometown heroes of Soraia have been added to the Bon Jovi bill March 2 show at the Wells Fargo Center.

Bon Jovi Widget