Bon Jovi: Happy (Bootleg) Saturday

With Hurricane Irene menacing the eastern seaboard of the US (Yes it's finally a good time to be in Florida during Hurricane Season!) I thought maybe some inspiration would be good this weekend?

Song numero uno:

Bad Medicine from Munich
Yes kids this is the version that contains that cover of the Scorpions classic "Rock You Like a Hurricane" (which Jon only seemed to know the chorus of.... Hmm).

Keep the Faith also from Munich

Keep the Faith from Shepards Bush on the Bounce Tour

Also I leave you with this video, a great version of Keep the Faith  from the album OH Happy Day

Happy Saturday! Stay Safe my friends!


Bon Jovi: David & Tico interview from 1993

The looked so young...
                                         So Young
                                                           So Young

Bon Jovi - Raw Power - Bon Jovi on MUZU.TV

Bon Jovi: Jon at Patriots practice

I uploaded the video to Youtube since the Patriots won't let you embed.

After watching that I am wearing my Dad's NY Jets hat (the one that wasn't buried with him) and my Joe Namath Jets jersey.

At least we know that Jon will root for the Giants this weekend.

I guess TC doesn't let JBJ into Florham Park.

 Someone has been enjoying lots of home cooked meals and wine.

Bon Jovi: Video of Richie at Camp Pendelton Part ??

Well, at least we know he played "Livin on a Prayer"


Non Jovi: Music for a strange shaking day

First Colorado then Virgina. Weird.

Stay safe where ever you are.

The same song done by Martika


Bon Jovi: Amazing shots from Music Radar

A few of my favorites:


Bon Jovi: Udine the video

Ok, so I was feeling generous and uploaded them.

Bon Jovi: Richie being Dad

Awww.... So cute.

Richie Sambora tagged along to dinner with his 13-year-old daughter Ava and a friend in Woodland Hills, Calif. on Sunday night (August 21).The trio ate at Maria's Italian restaurant.

The rocker is one proud papa! Besides being a model Ava is starting a movie career. She has landed a role in Judd Apatow's film This is Forty.

He recently spoke about his teenager getting into the spotlight.

"There's some trepidation as far as me being a little scared about it, but I'm happy for her and she's really happy and she's going right into it, man," he said.

As for her modeling assignments, there is one thing he's worried about.

He laughed, "Lingerie! I think it would be a little bit too much. I'm still pretty cool at the moment, but that corner is coming real soon.

Bon Jovi: Udine Video

I found these links this morning and the always awesome Amit was able to download a few minutes and upload a sampling to Youtube.

Part 1 can be downloaded HERE

Part 2 can be downloaded HERE

Bon Jovi: Apollo in the Hampton's

The Wall Street Journal has this nice article on the Apollo in the Hamptons event. You may need to subscribe to read it.

EAST HAMPTON, N.Y. —There were a lot of people monitoring the entrance to the Creeks, Ronald Perelman's East End property, on Saturday night. A handful of women in pretty dresses confirmed names on a list, while a few other folks, wearing white polo Creeks shirts, did car inspections.

"Roll down all your windows," said one of the guards at the checkpoint. All of them? Really? "We need to make sure there's no one else in your car."

Getty Images
Alicia Keys performed a trio of tunes for the Apollo Theater benefit that was expected to raise $1.5 million.

There was something a teensy bit paranoid about this, sure, but maybe it was warranted. Last year's summer Hamptons party to benefit the Apollo Theater—the first—featured intimate performances by Mary J. Blige and John Legend and, on the menu, some of the best fried chicken you've ever tasted. It was definitely an unmissable affair, even if you had to sneak in "Cape Fear" style, i.e. underneath a vehicle, or roll up to shore from Georgica Pond in a blow-up kiddie raft.

Of course, it's always special to try to get a glimpse of Mr. Perelman's art collection or the eccentricities of his home. This visit, we noticed multiple landline telephones on his deck, each accompanied by a Creeks notepad, a fresh writing utensil and a pair of reading glasses. (You never know where you'll want to sit, one assumes.)

Getty Images
Jon Bon Jovi, Bettye LaVette and Ben E. King performed at the Apollo benefit.

A lot of the same crowd from last year attended this year's fund-raiser, including Carey Lowell and Richard Gere (in a pair of New Balance 993s), Jon Bon Jovi, Dick and Laura Parsons (Mr. Parsons was even wearing the same Hawaiian shirt as the year before) and Penny Marshall, who attempted to stay away from the main attraction on the buffet. "I'm trying to diet," Ms. Marshall said, "but you can't do that with this fried chicken."

There were a bunch of newbies too. No doubt many of them had heard what a terrific event this is, including Pete Peterson and Joan Ganz Cooney, Pharrell Williams, the director Brett Ratner, the executives Ron Meyer and Terry Semel, and Ira and Inga Rennert.

"What is this evening about, Ronald?" Mr. Rennert asked Mr. Perelman when he arrived.

Getty Images
Businessman and investor Ron Perelman with Citigroup Chairman Dick Parsons at Mr. Perelman's East Hampton home.

"Well," Mr. Perelman responded, "the Apollo is a performing arts center, and tonight is about raising money for the refurbishment of the theater, and for the education programs there. I promise you'll see a great rock show. One of the best of your life."

"Money back guaranteed?" Mr. Rennert's daughter, Nina Davidson, laughed.

"Money back guaranteed," Mr. Perelman said. (Top tier tables were $100,000; the evening was expected to raise $1.5 million.)

No need for any talk of refunds. This was, indeed, a performance of epic proportions. But first, Mr. Perelman and Mr. Parsons kicked off the talent show in the barn at the Creeks by inviting Mr. Williams and Jimmy Buffett on stage to sing "Happy Birthday" to Mr. Perelman's father, Raymond. He was turning 94 years old on Sunday, chocolate Parve cake with a single candle included.

Getty Images
Jamie Foxx performed as himself and as Ray Charles.

"Well, we hope you brought your earplugs, because we're about to rock on," Mr. Parsons said.

First up was Ben E. King. Then came Bettye LaVette, who spoke about reading Jet magazine as a young woman and dreaming of moving to Harlem to play at the Apollo. Mr. Bon Jovi was on next. He did his very own rendition of "Dancing in the Street" and "Twist and Shout."

"Nobody gets to come for meals here for free," Mr. Bon Jovi said. "I've got to sing for my supper."

Following Mr. Bon Jovi came a roof-raising Jamie Foxx, who performed both as himself and as Ray Charles.

"Anytime I get to the Hamptons, you know what I do," Mr. Foxx said, drifting into "Gold Digger," a theme song for the East End if there ever was one. "Come on, Colin Powell, sing along with me." Later, as Mr. Powell was getting into his Lexus, Mr. Foxx stopped him: "I just wanted to say hi and I hope you had a good time." Mr. Powell, like everyone else, said, yes, absolutely, he had a good time. This was probably an understatement.

"I was enjoying myself so much backstage watching Jamie, that I almost forgot I was supposed to come on stage and sing too," said Alicia Keys, who did a trio of tunes before Mr. King, Mr. Bon Jovi and Ms. LaVette closed the night with a larger-than-life "Stand By Me." "Rooms aren't usually this fun," Ms. Keys said.

Mr. Perelman said he hopes to raise $2 million at this benefit next summer. But even his staff asked him: How would he be able to top Mr. Foxx, Ms. LaVette, Ms. Keys, Mr. Bon Jovi and Mr. King?

"Next year we're going to have Elvis," he said. He didn't appear to be kidding.

Bon Jovi: Access all Areas: On The Road with Bon Jovi

Music Radar has a nice pictorial about backstage on this past tour.  It looks like everything was done on the European Leg prior to Jon's surgery as the Blinged out skull head cane makes an appearance.

Check it out:

Access All Areas: On the road with Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi:We now know the where but not the when.... Allegedly

In Today's NY Post Cindy Adams provides us with the alleged location of Jon's 50th Birthday party.

Yes I say alleged because once he knows everyone else knows the venue may change.


Per Cindy Adams in the NY Post

Jon Bon Jovi is planning next year’s 50th birthday at Da Tommaso.

Bon Jovi Widget