Bon Jovi: Jon on the set/location

That movie New Years Eve is still filming it's 10,000,000 storylines, yes there are just as many storylines as there are fans of Bon Jovi on Facebook.

So here are a few of Jon looking Resplendent in Red, or is it Ravishing?

(I personally along with many of you like him better in Blue, but I am not the wardrobe person, although there is one kind of suit I would dress him in....  the birthday kind.  Oh wait, he's already wearing it....*naughty*)

Thanks @Jovigirl_fm for the heads up.


Bon Jovi: On this day in music...

According to Gibson Guitars, this day in music many things happened today:

Quincy Jones was born.
Some record executive signed Pat Boone over Elvis.


1983, Jon Bon Jovi formed the band Bon Jovi.

Happy 28th Anniversary guys! There is no traditional anniversary gift for 28 years, but you can give Orchids, so maybe a nice suggestive Georgia O'Keefe print to your favorite band member might be appreciated.

But seriously. Thanks for 28 years!!!!

Bon Jovi: Win, Win

A film is being screened at Sundance (the big indie film festival in Park City, Utah) called Win, Win (or Win/Win I saw 2 different spellings) and according to this article, Jon Bon Jovi is credited in the credits for part of the musical score.

....While the plot devices are in part derived from high school wrestling, "Win Win" never becomes a hackneyed sports movie. Really, most virtues of McCarthy's "Win Win" lie in its moderation and resistance: It approaches the cliche and calmly steers away from it, although never into new territory. The audience is spared a triumphant sports montage, and there is no adorable indie score to accompany witty dialogue (although Jon Bon Jovi is credited in the soundtrack). But tactfully avoiding the predictable isn't enough to tell an original story, and ultimately, the film seems as if it were made with only mild didacticism in mind.

When I checked the movie's website there was no information on the soundtrack, Amazon isn't even selling it.  So is it a new track or an old track?

Keep your eyes open, and if you see anything drop me a line.


Bon Jovi: 10,000,000 Facebook Friends Can't be Wrong

So yesterday Bon Jovi reached 10,000,000 Facebook friends!

I guess in anticipation of this they took this picture:

Why is Jon pointing at the camera like his finger is a proverbial loaded gun???

And Jon posted this video. 

In case you're not on Facebook, that's what's going on.

Bon Jovi: Richie in New York

These are about 2 weeks old, but I had only seen one of them.  Here's a slew of Paparazzi photos of Richie in NYC (on 3/1/10).


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