Bon Jovi: New Tour Photographer pics up

Thanks Bon Jovi for the heads up on FB, some new pictures are up at: http://bonjovi.tourphotographer.com/

Like this one:
& this one:

Bon Jovi: You were always on my Mind

I've seen shots of Jon from this event and I could never understand why he looks so.... I don't know... Stoned.

Now I know why. Willie Nelson will do that to you (God Bless Him).

Bon Jovi: 30 Day Bon Jovi Challenge Day 8

Bon Jovi: 30 Day Bon Jovi Challenge

Your favorite song from New Jersey

I love New Jersey, its probably my favorite album, but the song I probably spent the most time listening to and that my adolescent 13 Year Old dreams (this was back in 88 - 89 after all) were centered around this song.

I remember how the video was considered so SCANDALOUS back then and now you compare it to the stuff you see when MTV actually plays videos, its like what was the big fucking deal? I used to wait til 9 PM and turn on my little 10 inch TV and watch the video, they always played it right after 9 PM so it wouldn't be seen by impressionable "Uts".

Oh course this was also when Jon was doing these interviews that he wasn't ever going to get married, blah blah blah.

I've seen this live a few times and I still get chills at the first few opening bars.


Bon Jovi: 30 Day Challenge Day 7

Bon Jovi: 30 Day Challenge

Day 7 - Your favorite song from Slippery When Wet

 I guess since Wanted is my favorite song EVER, I'll pick something else off slippery when wet, the only Bon Jovi song I 'Raise my Hands' to if you catch my drift (cheap theatrics don't work with me, I give the State Bird during WSYCGH):


I know everyone thinks Prayer and stuff but honestly I listened to Slippery on cassette for so many years the B side with RYH, WL, IDFY, NSG, WITS, was 1 song better than the A side (blah Social Disease is like the lame grandma of Bad Medicine.)

Bon Jovi: Baby you can drive my car....

A Little Beatles reference there in the title.

So there's a car on eBay motors you might be interested in.  Here's the details:

The next item up on the block is a little piece of Rock and Roll drama and history. A 1987 Mercedes-Benz 500-Series 560 SL has been listed as previously owned by rocker Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora and Heather Locklear. This classic black on black Benz was originally a wedding present from Bon Jovi to the then couple but as of 2005, the couple had permanently split. The auction of their wedding gift may be a symbolic final end to their relationship. However, the good news could be the new owner will get an ‘87 Benz with only 37,906 miles on it (there’s always a silver lining).

And here's the listing from eBay (it has pictures including the title registered to a Mr Richard Sambora on Harriet St in Woodbridge NJ 07095)

"Celebrity Owned - Jon Bon Jovi - Richard Sambora 1987 Mercedes Benz 560 SL"

This Near Pristine 1987 Mercedes Benz 560 SL Was Originally Purchase By Jon Bon Jovi As A Wedding Present To Richard Sambora & Heather Locklear. Richard Sambora Is The Lead Guitar For Bon Jovi. Documented And Originally Titled In Sambora's Name.
Selling For A Good Friend Who Is 3rd Owner. The Car Only Has 37,906 Original Miles And Has Never Been Driven In Rain Or Snow. Always Garaged.
The Car Is Black On Black With Both Tops {includes hard top stand}. Incredible Custom Sound System. All Original Manuals. New Tires With Less Than 500 Miles. Original Chrome Mercedes Wheels.
The Car Runs, Drives And Handles Excellent. Needs Nothing. This Car Is Truly Like New And Will Next Year Be A 25 Year Old Classic. This Car Would Be A Fantastic Investment And Will Only Increase In Value As The Years Roll By.
Please Email Me With Any Questions And A Phone # If You Would Like To Talk With Me Personally. Please Check My Feedback. I Only Sell High Quality Special Interest Vehicles. Please Note: Ebay Has Been Having Problems With Fraudulent Second Chance Offers. If You Get A Second Chance Offer For This Car, It Did Not Come From Me. I Conduct Business Over The Phone Or In Person. Thanks And God Bless.

Ok, first of all Jon gave Richie & Heather a used car as a gift??? WTF?

Jon is officially OFF my I'm going to invite you to my wedding even though I will probably never get married but in case I do you're invited list.

Second why would you give someone a used car as a present?   "Gee Dot now that we're having baby number 2 maybe I should get rid of the Harley and the Convertible."

I think this was Jon's car.  So he gave Richie his car. 

That Cheap Bastard! 

I mean a there are so many things he could have given them, a blender, knives, vaginoplasty (hey she was married to Tommy Lee for how long, we've all seen snippets of the video,  there had to be some stretching, Vaginoplasty would have given her that Madonna-esque Like a Virgin feeling) a dinner ware set.

That's how you tell the consigliere you love him, with a used car.

BTW Marnie you need to scope out this car, it's in Coeur d' alene, Idaho, where ever that is?

Bon Jovi: If they were an NFL team....

The Bleacher Report does the following: Comparing Eight NFL Playoff Teams To Rock N' Roll Bands

And who do they compare Bon Jovi too?

J-E-T-S JETS! JETS!! JETS!!!  (But their description isn't very nice)

Bon Jovi represents the crap of New York/New Jersey just like the Jets represent the crap of the NFL. Not not say that either is bad, but they are both the ugly brothers of the extremely classier and more-loved New York Giants and Bruce Springsteen. Bon Jovi has made a lot of money, but it is rare when you come into contact without anybody who actually likes the band.  (Um, I come into contact with so many of you every day, this loser has something against Bon Jovi obviously - DB).

The Jets have made their name as a rambunctious and cocky group of players that nobody is really sure have any talent except for a few (Darrel Revis, David Harris). They are as cocky as they come and revel in the fact that they are less-loved then their contemporaries.

Both band and team also have the privilege of being fronted by men that have are extremely overrated. Jon Bon Jovi has made a name as a rock n' roll star, but he is not anymore of a rock n' roller then any Joe walking on the street. The same can be said for Mark Sanchez, a terrible quarterback who wouldn't be in the league if his team didn't draft him 5th overall and put all that first round money in his man purse.

Ok, who's going to take pictures of Jon's feet a la Rex Ryan.  That whole foot fetish thing is a sexual thing so the foot fotos will lead to other areas...

And Mark Sanchez's Mexifro is way better looking that Tom Brady's grow out to prevent people from seeing his receding hairline.  Of course I remember another number 12 who set the world of Professional Football on fire with his long wavy locks of hair.

Yeah, I'm talking about "Broadway" Joe Namath.  He did win the Super Bowl for the Jets (and as I always reminded my Dad when the Giants would win, in 1969!)

The author also compares the Patriots to the Beach Boys for being consistent but also being a bunch of nut jobs.  Yeah that kind of fits Belichick, with the ripped sweatshirts and the bad sportsmanship (when the Patriots lost to the Colts he just seemed like he didn't want to shake the infinitely more classy Tony Dungy's hand, grow a pair Bill, since you seemed to have lost them since you were the Defensive Coordinator of the Giants, maybe they froze off during your AWFUL years in Cleveland).


Bon Jovi: More US dates????

I'm already broke.

Allegedly more US dates will be announced on February 1st.

Increase your credit lines and start working OT!

My Source on this is @kauffrey on twitter, and I don't know who Karen's source is!  But thanks for the heads up!

Thanks Karen!  This came from Matt's mouth on the BSJBJ forums:

Under the thread Upcoming Tours - FLORIDA.  Which could mean that/those Orlando shows may come to fruition after all.  HOORAY!

Who wants to go to Disney World with me!

Bon Jovi: 30 Day Challenge

Bon Jovi: 30 Day Challenge

Day 6 Favorite song:  Please rise for the playing of our National Anthem. 


Bon Jovi: 30 Day Bon Jovi Challenge Day 5

Bon Jovi: 30 Day Bon Jovi Challenge

Day 5 Favorite photo of Richie


Bon Jovi: So why was Jon Bon Jovi a TT on Twitter?

Thanks to @belleperes who's a Bon Jovi super fan from Brazil for posting this article.  The translation from Portuguese courtesy of Google Translate.

By Kel Vila├ža | On 11/01/11

After the scare on Twitter with the tag "Die Jon Bon Jovi, among Trending Topics Brazil (the most talked about issues in Brazil), fans of the band used the momentum to make the tag" Jon Bon Jovi "to enter in Trending Topics Worldwide (most talked about issues in the world), in order to ask the band Bon Jovi were present at Rock in Rio

The fans persisted with the campaign to ask Bon Jovi , exceeding in number of forum posts Unofficial Rock In Rio 4 - I'M GOING!. Even the campaign of GUNS N 'ROSES (almost 35 000 posts 30 000 posts Bonjovianos against the Gunners), which was consolidated as the largest and most consistent in Social Networking, was small in the face of demands from fans for Bon Jovi .

Community Rock in Rio 4 - I'M GOING!:
http://www.orkut.com.br/Main # Community? cmm = 100843139


Community Official Bon Jovi at Rock in Rio 2011:
http://www.orkut.com.br/Main # Community? cmm = 107143720

Are taking advantage of the latest news about the band, as the conquest of longest tour of 2010 with "The Circle" tour, to create a climate of optimism about the possible coming of Bon Jovi to the festival. They currently have the support of the blog Outbreak Bonjoviano and the violinist who opens the band's concerts, Lorenza Ponce (@ lorenzaponce) retweet this message-related campaign.

http://osurtobonjoviano.blogspot.com/2011/01/entrevista-com-fernanda-fonseca.htm ...

The self titled caravan "Keep the Faith" with the slogan "I Believe" (homage to the band's music) is increasingly attracting followers who are wearing the shirt of the campaign for Bon Jovi at Rock in Rio

The name adopted could not be more appropriate. KEEP THE FAITH. ROBERTO MEDINA should start thinking about giving this gift to the fans and bring the band to Rock in Rio

To all you Brazilian fans and your awesome TT skills (TT for those of you not familiar with Twitter means Trending Topics) can you do this again on March 2!! 

And Bon Jovi, you should go back to Rio and play Rock and Rio in Brazil, not in Spain.  The fans would REALLY appreciate it!

Bon Jovi: Rock's in a hard place

Nice article from the Telegraph about the alleged death of Rock.  They've been saying this for 20+ years when the NKOTB became really popular that there goes the death of rock.

I like to believe, to quote Monty Python, Rock isn't dead, "It's just restin...."

The charts are ruled by rappers and 16 year olds (*gag* Miley Cyrus was bad enough, now Justin Beiber).  And don't even get me started on the full on ear drum assault that this summers NKOTBSB tour will have (I know some of you are going to those shows, have fun staring at Donnie Walhberg's severely receded hair line and think about how much hotter his bother Mark is).

So have a read.  Do you think rock is dead?  Oh and this is also a gratuitous excuse to post a picture of Lars Ulrich....  A story about an experience at my first Metallica concert a few years ago after the article.

Last year, only three of the top 100 songs were by rock bands. Neil McCormick salutes the end of an era .

Heavy metal thunderer: 47-year-old Lars Ulrich of Metallica Photo: REX FEATURES

By Neil McCormick 9:50AM GMT 12 Jan 2011

Is rock dead? The claim has been made before, usually prematurely. But evidence is mounting that we are witnessing the last gasps of the guitar-based genre that has towered over the popular music world since the 1950s.

As I pointed out last week in a blog – “How rock died (and nobody noticed)” – rock music, in any of its varied forms, has almost completely disappeared from the charts. This excited some controversy, with stories appearing elsewhere both issuing death certificates and defending rock’s survival skills.

Jim Morrison was probably the first to coin the phrase as far back as 1969, repeating, “Rock is dead” over and over in a widely bootlegged jam. In fact, the genre outlived the singer.

There were plenty who said rock was a spent force during the age of Seventies disco before punk brought distorted guitars back with a vengeance. Despite the rise of new wave, indie and stadium rock in the Eighties, the creative credibility of guitar music was seriously challenged by the pop, hip hop, electro and techno movements of that decade.

Yet power chords rang out again for grunge and Britpop in the Nineties, and rock seemed to be the music genre that would not die. Fifty years after its rebellious birth, rock somehow rattled on as the sound of the counterculture in the 21st century by going back to garage basics, with the Strokes and the rebirth of indie. As recently as 2009, unreconstructed hairy rockers the Kings of Leon had the eighth-bestselling album in the world with Only By Night and a UK number one hit single with Sex on Fire.

 But a year is a long time in pop music. In 2010, there were only three songs even loosely identifiable as rock in the whole of the UK’s top 100 bestselling tracks. To add insult to injury, the highest placed of these (at number 25) was a 30-year-old re-release from American AOR band Journey, Don’t Stop Believin’, which has taken on the status of a camp karaoke showtune following its adoption by The X Factor and US teen TV drama Glee.

Rock’s pathetic three per cent of the charts was down from an already rather sickly 13 per cent in 2009, and 27 per cent in 2008. Turn that into a hospital graph and the prognosis would be terminal.
Rock fared a little better in the album charts, accounting for 27 per cent of the UK’s top 100. But, before you get too excited and start jiving around the room to Danny & the Juniors’ Rock and Roll is Here to Stay, the figures bear closer examination.

Album sales are themselves falling dramatically, declining seven per cent (that’s physical and digital), while single sales actually increased by 5.9 per cent. Young consumers, in particular, interact with music culture through single downloads (or at least that part of the younger generation willing to pay for music at all). The crucible in which tastes are being formed is club-based, hip-hop inflected urban electronic music and the karaoke MOR culture of TV talent shows (witnessed in Glee club hits and the retro-styled success of artists such as Michael Buble and X Factor contestants).
What the young listen to now will shape the music of the future. And this is where questions of rock’s continued relevance really strike home.

The biggest-selling guitar-based band in Britain last year (at number 10), and, indeed, in the whole world (number 16 in the United World Chart), was Mumford & Sons, a young folk ensemble featuring mandolins, accordions and string bass. I suspect even they don’t see themselves as the saviours of rock. Yet they connected to listeners of all ages, perhaps because their rustic approach offered something genuinely fresh, even novel.

Clearly there is still a lively rock culture flourishing in clubs and bars, popular with students and finding its focus at mass summer festival events.

But when was the last time a rock band rose to dominate that audience with something simultaneously accessible enough for the mainstream market and bold enough to restake rock’s claim to be music of innovation and adventure? Arguably it was Radiohead, before they retreated inward, leaving the more commercial aspects of the music to be exploited by anthemic bands such as Coldplay and Keane.

Last week’s NME featured two young rock bands on its cover, the Vaccines and Brother, both proclaiming themselves ready to take on the world. Yet everything about their retro styling suggests rock knows it is in retreat.

The Vaccines play garage rock that doesn’t employ a chord sequence or sound effect that post-dates 1965, while Brother have modelled themselves on Oasis and appear to be pinning their hopes on a Britpop revival. Sales of NME magazine itself are at an all-time low (below 35,000 copies per week). I’d say their chances of making a game-changing impact are about as good as NME’s last candidates for rock saviours, the Drums. And there was no sign of them at all among 2010’s biggest sellers.

There were, in fact, no rock bands in the top 15 bestselling albums in the world last year. Not one. The big successes (which, despite apocalyptic claims of collapsing trade in the music business, still each notched up more than five million sales) were pop diva Lady Gaga, rap superstar Eminem and teen dream Justin Bieber. The Kings of Leon’s latest album, Come Around Sundown, came in at number 17 (with 1.7 million sales).

Still, a couple of million sales are not to be sniffed at. Any proclamations of the death of rock have to contend with the sight of tens of thousands of people regularly waving phones aloft in arenas to the hits of their youth.

Bon Jovi were the highest-earning live act last year, bringing in £130.07 million in ticket sales, ahead of AC/DC, U2 and Metallica, with Lady Gaga the sole representative of the new pop culture.

Yet the veteran nature of the big concert draws is indicative of a dividing line. Jon Bon Jovi is 48, and the majority of his audience is not much younger. Concert tickets for big entertainment events are expensive, which tends to favour the spending power of an older generation. According to a recent report on the live music industry by Deloitte, a full 40 per cent of the frontmen of the top 20 highest grossing live acts in the US will be 60 or over next year. As retirement beckons, who will replace the veterans on the front line? And what kind of music will they be playing?

We are, I suspect, witnessing a transition akin to the last days of jazz or swing, albeit scaled up to account for rock’s stadium-sized reach over 50 years of mass entertainment. If it is a death, it will be a long and slow one, with occasional remissions when a genuinely talented young artist harnesses the genre in an original or invigorating way.

There are great rock bands around now, and a lot of amazing music continues to be made. But the same could be said if you are a jazz fan, yet it is impossible to argue jazz has had any significant influence on pop culture since the Fifties.

At some fundamental level, the rock narrative is exhausted. Its musical palette has nothing new to offer, and, arguably, that has been the case for a decade or more. What is perhaps most remarkable is that rock has lasted so long, propelled by the visceral thrill of the electric guitar, the primal energy stirred up by three chords and the truth, and a parade of fantastic characters driven to wring every nuance from a multifarious genre.

Even as pop, urban and electronic music supplant rock in the tastes of the young, future stars have their work cut out matching the cultural, social, spiritual and creative impact rock has made on the world.

So I went and saw Metallica for the first time during the St Anger tour a few years ago and at the very end of the show Lars was getting out from behind the drum kit and he was drinking some water, and Metallica's stage is in the round so they're surrounded on all sides by fans (and usually the ends with more space where the hockey goals are set up is where the mosh pits are).  There was this guy on the short side in front of us (we were in the first row of the second tier aka Club Level at the St Pete Times Forum, and we were inhaling second hand wacky tabacky smoke all night) and he had his mouth wide open and was trying to get Lars attention and kept pointing into his mouth.  Lars sees him takes a HUGE gulp of water and positions himself atop his drum kit and shoots water into the guys mouth water fountain style.  The water shot out of his mouth and in a perfect arc went directly in the guys mouth.  I wasn't sure if this was the most disgusting or the most rock and roll thing I have ever seen in my life.  My friend and I we weren't sure should we be grossed out, or jealous.  The girl in my says "Eww" yet the rock fan in me says, "THAT'S THE COOLEST THING I'VE EVER SEEN and I'm really jealous". 

Although how do you tell your friends, Lars Ulrich spit in my mouth last night?

Bon Jovi: Oprah in Australia airing...

Check your local listings and set your DVR's.

THE highly-anticipated and much-publicised episodes of the Oprah Winfrey Show filmed Down Under will air in Australia and the US next week.

Oprah's Ultimate Australian Adventure was filmed last month, after Winfrey flew 302 audience members to Australia and toured the country, from Queensland's Hamilton Island to the Sydney Opera House, where she filmed two star-studded episodes.

Her 12,000-strong audience was treated to appearances by Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, rapper Jay-Z, actor Russell Crowe, rockers Bon Jovi and Bono and actor Hugh Jackman, who famously injured his eye when he entered the stage on a zip wire.

Her adventures will air as four hour-long episodes on Wednesday January 19, Thursday January 20, Friday January 21 and Sunday January 23 at 7.30pm on Network TEN.

The episodes will also air in the US next week from Tuesday, January 18.

During her stay, Winfrey enjoyed a barbecue with Australian celebrity chef Curtis Stone on the Great Barrier Reef, visited Uluru and met Prime Minister Julia Gillard in Melbourne's Federation Square.

She climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge and set sail on the harbour with Crowe. Winfrey declared herself an unofficial ambassador for Australia and expressed her love for the country.

Her show is broadcast in 145 countries around the world and her visit is expected to reap benefits worth tens of millions of dollars for Australia.


Bon Jovi: Concert in the Hamptons???

Yeah I have my crystal ball and I foresee this happening.

Where the hell is my sarcasm font.

The Hampton's are hell to get into any time between Memorial Day & Labor day, I doubt the seasonal residence would appreciate a rock festival taking place almost in their back yard.

Monday, January 10, 2011, by Ian Ratner

Come mid-August, "Sag Harbor motel owner Chris Jones and screenwriter Bill Collage" plan to organize and throw a two- to three-day music festival at the Ocean View Farm in Amagansett. (The farm's also on the market for about $20 million.) 

When petitioning for a mass gathering permit, the planners mentioned that the event could include around 20 acts, draw 9,600 visitors, and raise thousands of dollars for local charities. Sounds fun, especially since acts like Jon Bon Jovi and Billy Joel were mentioned.

Problem is, an event like this can overwhelm a small town, and some residents are anything but willing to put up with it. They say the festival-goers will "go on a rampage through Amagansett," destroying the host farm and scaring off the area's "typically affluent summer visitors." During a board meeting, one citizen even said the proposed festival "reeks of a Woodstock acid flashback."

The person who spoke of the acid flashback was probably at Woodstock.

Of course this article does mention one of the 2 good things from Long Island, Billy Joel, the other good thing is Ina Garten

Bad things about Long Island, my ex-sister in law & the Islanders.

Bon Jovi: 30 Day Bon Jovi Challenge

Bon Jovi: 30 Day Bon Jovi Challenge

Day 3 - Favorite picture of Dave

This is difficult because I'm not a Dave picture collector.  But here's one
There you go

Bon Jovi: Jon & Richie interviewed by MTV Australia

Look at Jon's pants, you will also see them in the IBTFY video, the BOG video.

Richie is as high as that proverbial ivory tower.

Good times people.


Bon Jovi: 30 Day Bon Jovi Challenge Day 2

Bon Jovi: 30 Day Bon Jovi Challenge

Day 2 - Favorite photo of Jon

This is from Interview Magazine in 2005

My friend Kathy (aka @yosimitesam7 on twitter) took this picture out of the magazine and made me my now infamous Jon Bon Jovi Platter:

Of course she took off his pants and put him in tidy whiteies (which any long time fan knows Jon goes commando [allegedly]).  The plate is wrapped in saran wrap so it doesn't get anything on it.

Bon Jovi: Just Because

I remember this one from the Vanity Fair article in 2000.

Tidy whities...  It's almost eerie he looks like an alien subspieces.

Yes you can take my up in your UFO and test me, what you want to inseminate me.  And I'll like it... don't doubt if I do....

(Ok I have just veered off into the ridiculous and it's only 10AM.  GREAT!) 

Bon Jovi: Just wanted to share...

Although Jon has had my heart for 25 years I saw this and went *thud*.  So this is for all you Richie girls out there....

I guess based on the wedding ring on his finger this was pre-divorce.  I have to balance this post with some Jon.  I know...  LOL

Happy Sunday ladies.

Bon Jovi: Richie Sambora Broken Promises & Discipline

Ok, these are not the titles of some S&M themed Fan Fic, these were 2 songs Richie recorded for Stranger in This Town but they didn't make the record.  (But we all know broken promises leads to discipline....  so.  *heading off to gutter town*)

Broken Promises was deemed too similar to "Raise Your Hands" by the record company and therefore not released and Discipline (which was co-written by Desmond Child) became the title track on Desmond's 1991 solo release titled, Discipline.

Here's the version Desmond put on his album (which although its out of print you can buy a used copy pretty cheap on Amazon.com)
Link Here

Bon Jovi Widget