Bon Jovi: Concert in the Hamptons???

Yeah I have my crystal ball and I foresee this happening.

Where the hell is my sarcasm font.

The Hampton's are hell to get into any time between Memorial Day & Labor day, I doubt the seasonal residence would appreciate a rock festival taking place almost in their back yard.

Monday, January 10, 2011, by Ian Ratner

Come mid-August, "Sag Harbor motel owner Chris Jones and screenwriter Bill Collage" plan to organize and throw a two- to three-day music festival at the Ocean View Farm in Amagansett. (The farm's also on the market for about $20 million.) 

When petitioning for a mass gathering permit, the planners mentioned that the event could include around 20 acts, draw 9,600 visitors, and raise thousands of dollars for local charities. Sounds fun, especially since acts like Jon Bon Jovi and Billy Joel were mentioned.

Problem is, an event like this can overwhelm a small town, and some residents are anything but willing to put up with it. They say the festival-goers will "go on a rampage through Amagansett," destroying the host farm and scaring off the area's "typically affluent summer visitors." During a board meeting, one citizen even said the proposed festival "reeks of a Woodstock acid flashback."

The person who spoke of the acid flashback was probably at Woodstock.

Of course this article does mention one of the 2 good things from Long Island, Billy Joel, the other good thing is Ina Garten

Bad things about Long Island, my ex-sister in law & the Islanders.

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