Bon Jovi: Jon on the cover of Rolling Stone?

The author puts a good argument out there, but I say RESIST JON!!! Those people obviously don't respect you or the band no matter how much time or money you spend on charitable endeavors, no matter how much money you raise for any Democrat, they will never like you.

Elizabeth Coffee, Yahoo! Contributor Network
Jan 1, 2011

Every hardcore fans knows it: Jon Bon Jovi has been on the cover of two issues of Rolling Stone, numbers 500 (May 21, 1987) and 545 (February 9, 1989).

The first one is a headshot: Jon wears a leather jacket which has slipped off of one shoulder; he sports bling on his fingers and around his neck, a furry rug on his chest, and a highlighted mane of hair on his head.

The caption declares him a "Hot Throb."

The second one is a full-body shot, Jon clad all in black: pants, sleeveless shirt, and cowboy hat. He is barefoot, and the Superman tattoo on his left arm is prominent. There is no jewelry, but he has the same mane of hair. A white horse behind him intensifies his goth-colored clothing. Whereas in the earlier photo, he was serious, in this one he is smiling. And this time, the caption declares him "Rock's Young Gun" (way before he had any association with the movie).

And after that? Nothing.

In 2010, the following people (among others) appeared on the cover of the US version of the magazine:

John Mayer
Shaun White
Jimi Hendrix
Black-Eyed Peas
cast of Glee
Robert Downey, Jr.
Russell Brand
Lady Gaga
Leonardo DiCaprio

Where, oh where, is Bon Jovi?

During the first forty years of its publication, Rolling Stone mentioned Bon Jovi in at least 671 articles. In the past decade, the band has been hotter than ever. At the close of the decade, they have the highest-grossing tour in the world.

The magazine has been the pulse of music, politics, and pop culture for the past forty-plus years; for credibility's sake, they need to put Jon Bon Jovi on the cover again--and soon, especially with his recent honor of being appointed to a presidential council. It is long--very long--overdue.

For those of you who were to young, or were not around when Jon did his two covers, here they are:


Bon Jovi: Jon Australia Fan Club Q&A

Thanks to shawnsgirl69 for recording the whole thing and posting it on Youtube.

Bon Jovi: BB King & Ricky Somboro

Here is the legendary BB King performing with a guy who he calls Ricky Somboro.

Someone should bring a sign to a show that says I LOVE YOU RICKY SOMBORO.

I'll be posting Random Videos throughout the day!

If it's not already 2011 where you're at I hope you have a great New Year!


Bon Jovi: As Expected...

And "Work for the Working Man" sounds in my head...

LOS ANGELES | Wed Dec 29, 2010 4:03am GMT

 (Reuters) - Bon Jovi may have recently been snubbed by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but the veteran band still ended the year as the world's top concert attraction, according to a trade publication.

The group sold $201.1 million (£130.6 million) worth of tickets, split almost evenly between North America and the rest of the world, said Pollstar magazine. Its success was noteworthy given that it was promoting a 2009 album that did not sell strongly.

Bon Jovi also shone even as overall sales slid in a tough economy. Pollstar said sales for the top 50 tours worldwide fell 12 percent to $2.93 billion. In North America, the top 50 tours dropped 15 percent to $1.69 billion.

Overseas tours are increasingly becoming more lucrative for musicians, especially as infrastructure improves across Asia and the former Soviet bloc, Pollstar said.

Indeed, hard rockers AC/DC came in at No. 2 and Irish foursome U2 at No. 3 after making all their money overseas. AC/DC grossed $177 million, and U2 $160.9 million. U2 was the top worldwide act in 2009 with $311 million, followed by AC/DC with $227 million.

In a field dominated by rock acts, flamboyant pop star Lady Gaga was No. 4 this year with $133.6 million. The "Poker Face" singer worked harder than any other musician in the top 10, playing 138 shows, two-thirds of which were overseas.

Bon Jovi, by contrast, played 80 shows. AC/DC (40 shows) and U2 (32 shows) took it relatively easy.

Metallica was No. 5 with $110.1 million from 60 overseas shows. Both Metallica and AC/DC last released albums in 2008, relying on their extensive catalogues of headbanging favourites to keep drawing fans.

The field was rounded out by Canadian singer Michael Buble (No. 6, $104.2 million), the "Walking with Dinosaurs" live family show (No. 7, $104.1 million), Paul McCartney (No. 8, $93 million), the Eagles (No. 9, $92.3 million) and former Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters (No. 10, $89.5 million).

Waters earned all his money in North America, where his acclaimed restaging of Pink Floyd's "The Wall" was the No. 2 draw behind Bon Jovi with $108.2 million. Among all-time North American tours, the Bon Jovi trek ranks at No. 9, Pollstar said. The Rolling Stones hold the record with $162 million from their 2005 outing. The publication has been collecting worldwide data for only two years.

The Dave Matthews Band was No. 3 in North America with $72.9 million. Buble followed with $65.7 million and the Eagles with $64.5 million.

Bon Jovi's previous best performance in North America was in 2008, when the band was fifth with ticket sales of $70.4 million. The New Jersey rockers, led by singer Jon Bon Jovi, were on the ballot for inclusion in the 2011 class of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees, but failed to make the cut. Critics have largely been dismissive of the group's catchy "soft-rock" tunes, even as the band has little problem selling out stadiums and arenas to its female-skewing fan base. Its 2009 album "The Circle" debuted at No. 1 in the United States, but ended up selling relatively poorly.


Bon Jovi: Amazing Art

I've posted this guy's work in the past.  And he just completed a 3rd painting of Jon.

Happy Birthday Boots, who ever you are!  What a great gift!


Bon Jovi: I want a Snapple!!!

I vaguely remember this video since EVERYONE in the NY/NJ area drank snapple in the late 80's Early 90's.

Although I was not able to get the $2 off since I bought Stranger in this Town the day it came out at Coconuts on Rt 46 in Totowa/Wayne, NJ.

I know you want a Snapple now too (thanks @SwissRichieGirl for sharing)!!


Bon Jovi: Back Door Santa? Which door is that?

I'm just putting this out there.  I know when I hear Back Door Santa that's the first thing that came to my mind (same thing with Back Door to Heaven.)

Yes I have a dirty mind.  But these same thoughts have launched a million Bon Jovi fan fiction ships.  So many of you are not only coming down into the gutter with me, but you're moving in down the street.

And I am the neighborhood welcome committee.

Welcome to the neighborhood.

James Greene Jr.

Christmas music: okay in small doses and generally inconsequential…unless a charity is somehow involved. Such was the case with 1987′s A Very Special Christmas, the Jimmy Iovine-produced Yuletide compilation that invited a smattering of pop stars like Whitney Houston, Madonna, and Sting to record holiday standards for the benefit of the Special Olympics. The altruistic exercise proved a big hit, raising garbage trucks of money for the SO and spawning six or seven sequel albums. This first entry was the best, though, just like any given movie franchise or potato chip or shot of heroin.

Look, I’m not saying I didn’t love Chris Cornell’s rendition of “Ava Maria” on 1997′s A Very Special Christmas 3, but…ah…okay, listen, I’ve made enough jokes at Chris Cornell’s expense this year. I should give the poor fella a break during the holidays. Merry Christmas, Spoonman!

So what did A Very Special Christmas Part One give us? A timeless, chicken fried performance of “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” from John Cougar Mellencamp. Madonna reigning it in for a cute and faithful run-through of Eartha Kitt’s “Santa Baby”. A U2 version of “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)”, the only known recording of Bono that doesn’t make me want to drive hot skewers through my eyes. And, of course, Bon Jovi’s Aqua Net-laced cover of “Back Door Santa”, the obvious weakest cut amidst all the cheery December din. Don’t get me wrong: sexually suggestive Christmas music has its place in society, but on a pop compilation attempting to raise money for the Special Olympics with Keith Haring cover art? Even as a kid, I recognized this tune about sneaking in some hot mama’s rear entrance was inappropriately placed.

On top of that, ugh, Bon Jovi, your friggin’ keyboardist! It feels like the trashiest hooker in Orange, New Jersey, is jabbing me in the ear with her stiletto every time I hear that WANK WANK WANK WANK WANKWANKWANKWANK on the digitized keys.

The irony, of course, is that Run-D.M.C. sampled the original Clarence Carter version of “Back Door Santa” for their Very Special Christmas contribution, “Christmas in Hollis”. The result (AVSC’s only original composition) was a completely non-sexual and staggeringly awesome hip hop Noel creation, a stone cold Xmas classic if ever there was one. The most satisfying Christmas present I received in 1987—aside from my Peter Venkman action figure—was hearing the deep record scratch in “Hollis” that intro’d Daryl McDaniels’ deliciously hard verse about eating collard greens, drinking egg nog, and busting “Chris-MAS CAROLS!”

But I digress. Validating the shittiness of Bon Jovi’s sleaze-tastic “Back Door Santa”: the song was swapped out for Jovi’s tamer “I Wish Every Day Could Be Like Christmas” on later pressings of A Very Special Christmas. No official reason was ever given, but I think we all could imagine an uncomfortable scene wherein Special Olympics officials and/or participants were listening to Jonny B croak thinly veiled metaphors about getting in his lady’s butt. Lord in Heaven above, Bon Jovi! No one wants to hear about your third input desires, especially on Christmas Day!

The sad part of this story? Jon Bon Jovi was recently appointed to some dippy White House Council for “community solutions” by our half-black president while the surviving members of Run-D.M.C. are currently spending their days slumming with folks like Jackyl. I can only assume Obama’s a secret fan of Bon Jovi’s other musical Christmas abomination, Christmas in the Stars (a.k.a. the Star Wars Christmas album). That 1980 embarrassment was actually the first pro recording young John Bongiovi ever appeared on.

Which begs one question: when will America see a Jon Bon Jovi/R2-D2 singing reunion? 2012? Hope so. That robot’s only got a few good years left in him.

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