Bon Jovi: Jon Recovering in Iceland?

Once again I don't speak Icelandic.

Thanks to Google Translate.

American rock singer Jon Bon Jovi is on Iceland. He dwells in a tower suite at the Hotel City with his family, according to sources Fréttablaðið. Bon Jovi came to the country this weekend, but he recently underwent surgery on the knee and to stay in the country for a week while he recovers. He snæddi lunch at the restaurant silver Mid City at noon yesterday and attracted considerable attention matargesta. Sources Fréttablaðið reportedly after was heard out Bon Jovi had eaten of silver has commissioned numerous tables. The restaurant will be because this meeting tonight and tomorrow, but otherwise, no doubt, but people hoping to be able to beat the sight of god.

On the fifth time yesterday was Jon Bon Jovi stroll out of Icelandic children accompanied by an unknown person. He was reportedly in attendance, "dressed as an Icelander" in jeans, a gray shirt and big sunglasses Flen.

Jon Bon Jovi is 49 years old and one of the most popular singer in America. He is married æskuástinni, Doro Theu Hurley and they have four children, the Stephanie Rose, Jesse James Louis, Jacob Hurley, and Romeo Jon. His band, Bon Jovi, formed in 1983 and has sold more than 130 million albums worldwide. The band is best known for slagarana It's My Life and Livin 'on a Prayer and You Give Love a Bad Name, but they sound a ófáum Icelandic dads in transit varies trúbadora.

And there's proof, these woman had their picture taken with him:

Childhood girlfriends gobbling Beta and Bjorn met Klara rock god Jon Bon Jovi During last Saturday was, as he sat there and got the refreshments. Newcastle relaxed now in this country but he is recovering from knee surgery. The friends talked with the striker and had to let you take their picture with him.

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